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  1. Please tell me that they were joking. I was just about to post that I think Alex actually is aware of Paul's current steamroll through the house, but if that was a serious conversation, I may be giving her too much credit. Until she has to do something to get rid of Paul, probably final 4-ish as Tsy said, this is working for her. A couple of other people probably aren't as blind as they seem to be, either. But between the complete imbeciles and the people riding Paul's coattails, they don't have the votes to do anything about it.
  2. Alex and her half-wit brothers, Jason and Josh, don't have any reason to get rid of Paul yet. He's working hard and taking out half of the house for them. They're in absolutely no danger from him and as long as he's there as a target, they're in no danger from anyone else. I've never understood the argument Cody tried to make and I've heard it before in past seasons: "I'm the only one who can take out Paul." What? Says who?
  3. I'm not looking forward to the day that Christmas tells Kevin he's like a second father to her. I wonder if she knows he's crushing hard.
  4. Mark tried to get Jason on his side about doing just that and I think he was expecting Jason to convince Alex. Jason didn't seem interested.
  5. Alex has been talking quite a bit to Jason and Paul about how Kevin hasn't done anything. Christmas brought it up, too. They say that Kevin expects to be a firmly positioned member of the group, always wanting to be included in the plans, but never contributing to developing or executing them. Paul sympathizes with them and gently encourages it, as he should. I don't think he's actively trying to get anyone to target Kevin yet, but Alex and Christmas are already laying the groundwork, so Paul would have to be an idiot to not keep that in his pocket for a few weeks from now.
  6. I think Paul would take Josh over any of them. Everything Josh has done, which isn't much, is credited to Paul, so I think that would be Paul's easiest path to victory. Cody would be risky. He wins comps, now it's him against the world, and some of them would rather be aligned with him than Paul anyway.
  7. I thought it was funny. I might not have had Jessica not been such a superior bitch to most of the house.
  8. Victor and Nicole are dating?? Is he deaf?
  9. Nazis?! *clap clap clap clap clap* I think this season is crazy far from having the worst hammies. I don't actively hate any of them this season, which is really weird for me. I can usually work up a good hate within the first couple of weeks. I think a lot of them are quite immature and there are some pretty whorey famewhores, but that's par for the course. I don't think any of them are actually bad people except maybe Cody, what with the violent temper and the sexism and the snot rockets and all. I even think Paul's "don't talk to the target" policy, while distasteful, is more about controlling any conversations that might include side deals rather than meanness. There's an ugly element of isolating the target, but again I think to make sure they stay the target.
  10. I wasn't especially surprised that no action was taken when Cody made out of the house threats against Josh. But I read on Jokers that he put a fist through a door during that dustup. And the action taken appears to be placing limits on what Josh is allowed to say to Cody. Josh says he isn't allowed to say anything at the eviction about sending Cody's girlfriend out the door. He suggested to someone else (Matt, I think) that they should say it instead. I found Cody's robotic demeanor entertaining. I like robots. But people who punch holes in doors and walls are seriously scary.
  11. Eh. It's on Jessica to make some effort to save herself. With or without Josh's help, she could have made some attempt to swing some votes. But that would have meant crawling out of Cody's butthole, holding her fee-fees in check, and playing the game. I think they're all right. She threw her own game away for Cody, She turned out to be more disappointing than FUG's annual twists.
  12. If she ever lowered herself to talking with the rest of the house, she might have seen that everyone except Matt is pretty sick of Raven. She could have had a chance to make deals and get Raven out instead of her. She's an idiot.
  13. Paul told Kevin that he told Jessica several times to stop sticking her finger up his butthole. And for whatever it's worth, the TMZ story says Paul and Matt both confronted her and she laughed it off.
  14. Did we find out what the consequence was for Jessica's temptation? Was it just the weekly safety competition that they were going to do anyway?
  15. I'm sure Paul saw what was happening. Josh wasn't exactly subtle about it.