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  1. "I can see the bone." *crickets* Yeah, they were pretty cold. It was almost like they thought she was just showing her hand bones to get attention,
  2. Yes, he was the one who already got himself in trouble with his tribe for going off looking for an idol on day one. To his credit, he did feel like a dumbass after he was told that it had been widely noticed by the tribe.
  3. Gingers never win and winners never ginge.
  4. Didn't Nick show her some attention? To my knowledge, that didn't turn her into a Sis or Holly.
  5. She did look good. Quite normal. She liked saying Hogg.
  6. Cliff seems to do whatever he does out of a combination of stupidity and arrogance. He has an unjustifiably high opinion of himself. I can't stand him and I hope he gets booted tout de suite. ETA: I forgot about the victim noises. Wah! If I don't go to the finale, my family won't be able to be there. Wah! I cashed in my retirement account and will be destitute. What??? Ugh. This season has not held my interest at all. I find myself going days without even checking HT. Bring on Survivor
  7. Spiderman's body is lying in a heap behind a dumpster somewhere near the CBS lot.
  8. One part Carmine Ragusa and one part SNL's Mango (gag...)
  9. Especially when part of what he was saying is that you always have to assume someone is listening. Dumbass.
  10. I was at a wedding reception Saturday and the tablecloths were just like Julie's dress, pink and all.
  11. No. I think I would have skipped the season entirely if they had brought anyone back. Fresh blood, that's what I need.
  12. Diverse, aren't they? At first look, they seem like pretty much all the same person. There was an ugly rumor that it was going to be a season of returning (ugh) showmances (ACK!), but that the poor response from the entire world caused a change. So it could be much, much worse.
  13. Ditto on the KY girl. I would be happy with either Kelsey or Eric winning.
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