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  1. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Aw, man. Some scary news from Kevin: I hope everything turns out ok.
  2. Tribe Swap!

    The tribe swap is too soon, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the new "we have to name our alliance" nonsense.
  3. Project Runway

    Word on the new team: https://themuse.jezebel.com/karlie-kloss-and-christian-siriano-have-joined-the-new-1829663762 Nina is the only one returning.
  4. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    She should have started with Dancer.
  5. BB20 House Discussion

    (Just figured out what TB&TB is) Since I posted that link, they've added a story about Scaleigh saying Bay miscarried in the jury house. Kaycee said she wants to go on the Amazing Race with Rachel.
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    The hamsters going on the Bold & Beautiful are Tyler and Brett!! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9915736/news And yes, zclue, that was the big secret. It might explain some of the over the top Julie compliments. It almost certainly explains why none of the drunken bathtub attempt to reel in Tyler was ever shown or mentioned on the broadcast show. Tyler's going to be disappointed. He mentioned it several times to other people and told them they should watch it when they get out.
  7. BB20 House Discussion

    The production leaker gave a few vote status updates as the voting went along. Tyler was leading by double digits all the way along. Brett was 2nd, Kaycee was 3rd, Hayleigh was 4th. They threw out a bunch of kik bot votes. They might have excluded Kaycee since she won. Or they might have included Hayleigh no matter what due to the big secret she revealed to Angela when she was trying to get a vote: her daddy is besties with Les and Hayleigh could help Angela get on other shows. Heh.
  8. BB20 House Discussion

    Does Scotty think that jumping around like a spider monkey makes him look cool? Ugh... Scaleigh. There was more time allotted to that mess than there was for Tyler and Kaycee to answer the jury questions. That 3 questions business needs to end. They should go Survivor style. Hayleigh was so lying when she said her thing with Faysal is the real thing. Also, she gave one last eye roll when Julie named Brett as one of the top 3 for favorite houseguest. Ha! I won't miss the eye rolls. Great season all the way around and a final 2 I'm really happy with.
  9. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    He did talk about starting his master race asap. Congrats to them.
  10. POLL: America's Favorite

    Brett x 10
  11. BB20 House Discussion

    Sam was "curb-stomped to the jury house." Heh. Good one, Broadcast Skippy. No segment on JC's HOH letter. The leaker said it was from a friend and JC's DR was so sad the production members were almost in tears. Andy Herren tweeted about Jeff visiting the final 3. He pointed out that Jeff has expressed "deeply homophobic views" on camera and 2 of the final 3 are gay. Good point.
  12. She didn't call Angela a miserable mean girl.
  13. BB20 House Discussion

    Casting commercial is a good sign for renewal.
  14. From one of Sam's post-eviction interviews: Why do you think Tyler didn't do more to follow through on your Final 2 deal? Sam: Because Angela has abs and they are both really tan. https://www.tvguide.com/news/big-brother-20-sam-bledsoe-exit-interview/ Heh. Interestingly, she says she would have taken Kaycee to Final 2 if she had the chance. Also, from another interview: I still see Tyler as a young man with questionable morals, but he is very good at playing this game. https://parade.com/702368/mikebloom/big-brother-20-sam-bledsoe-goes-from-bot-to-beat/