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  1. Their food budget might go down now, too. Rob dropped quite a bit of weight during the filming.
  2. Hahaha... No pictures?? I am drinking until my belly swishes. Heh. I'm also drinking gross hot water with ginger, lemon, and honey. Today is day 8. Last night I started to feel like I was getting sicker again, but this morning everything is under control and I don't feel too bad.
  3. Thanks, Shannon. It sounds like you've had a much rougher time than I have. Not being able to see your family when you've been so ill just sucks. (Hugs right back) Nixie, I'm so sorry about your friend. I hope she recovers soon. This virus is so awful and unpredictable.
  4. Basically, I'm treating it like I would treat the flu. Unfortunately, my headaches have been pretty severe, so she did have to prescribe something for that. I also asked her for something anticpating the worse cough I might get and she was good with that. Vagueness abounds in all the information about this virus. The symptoms are all over the place, and many are so non-specific you would have to be tested to know what's up. You might have a hangnail or you might have COVID. Good luck with that. The treatments are the same generic cold and flu treatments. Day six and I haven't gotten any worse. Fever is gone and I mostly just have some dizziness and weakness that's flu-like and the ever-present headache, of course. But today is the first day I didn't feel worse than the day before. I will lay around in bed watching crappy TV and sleep whenever. It would be a perfect time for BB.
  5. It was my primary care, who strongly feels I should be tested. Unfortunately, the answer she got from the state was that the criteria is: She is prescribing me anything I might need now or if my symptoms worsen, but the testing criteria here is pretty strict.
  6. I am currently on day 5 of symptoms. So far, I'm doing ok. Low grade fever started today and I have a mild dry cough. Generally not bad (yet), except some killer headaches. I'm not eligible for a test, though, because I can't point to a specific documented case I was directly exposed to and I'm not hospitalized. This despite having a serious underlying condition. So Friday the 13th I went to a small dinner given by that chef I know who was a judge last season on Top Chef. He was cooking Portuguese food and had a Portuguese wine maker in town providing the wines and I WAS planning a trip to Portugal in the fall. There were only 4 tables in the whole room, far apart. The tables were rectangular and set up for 6 people each. I had the seat in the corner farthest away from people. They brought the Portuguese guy and some rep from a wine distributorship to our table, because 2 people had cancelled. The rep was a woman who sat next to me and told stories of her enormous wealth for 3 hours before finally saying she's sure she had the virus, but was recovered. I asked when she had it and she said "a couple of weeks." I couldn't get her to be any more specific than that. Then she almost got strangled by me by saying, "We're all healthy here." I also went grocery shopping - at the cesspool known as Walmart. I really can't say which of those things gave me the virus.
  7. True, but your way, and apparently the way of fair play (pffft), has Elaine gone.
  8. I generally have very little tolerance for companies/people who drag their feet on issues like this. "Oh, no! What will the wimmens' lack of collective sense of humor do to that poor man?" But in this case, we saw Kellee tell the producer she didn't want them to address it. While I don't necessarily think she should have even been asked, she brought up a very true point, and one I've experienced more than once. The woman who reports the conduct, no matter the seriousness, can be and often is blamed for the repercussions. That's something that could have really damaged Kellee's game (if it hadn't already been all but over). I can see production not wanting to disadvantage Kellee if she said she wanted to handle it herself. As reprehensible as Missy and what's-her-name's actions were, I doubt it made any difference.
  9. It does suck and I was really hoping, after I cheered for Handsy Dan's ouster. that Jeff would announce Elaine was back in.
  10. But he has a wife and daughters! He's one of the best people he knows! Now at least I can stop saying, "Fuck you, Dan," every time he speaks.
  11. "I can see the bone." *crickets* Yeah, they were pretty cold. It was almost like they thought she was just showing her hand bones to get attention,
  12. Yes, he was the one who already got himself in trouble with his tribe for going off looking for an idol on day one. To his credit, he did feel like a dumbass after he was told that it had been widely noticed by the tribe.
  13. Gingers never win and winners never ginge.
  14. Didn't Nick show her some attention? To my knowledge, that didn't turn her into a Sis or Holly.
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