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  1. Spiderman's body is lying in a heap behind a dumpster somewhere near the CBS lot.
  2. One part Carmine Ragusa and one part SNL's Mango (gag...)
  3. Especially when part of what he was saying is that you always have to assume someone is listening. Dumbass.
  4. I was at a wedding reception Saturday and the tablecloths were just like Julie's dress, pink and all.
  5. No. I think I would have skipped the season entirely if they had brought anyone back. Fresh blood, that's what I need.
  6. Diverse, aren't they? At first look, they seem like pretty much all the same person. There was an ugly rumor that it was going to be a season of returning (ugh) showmances (ACK!), but that the poor response from the entire world caused a change. So it could be much, much worse.
  7. Ditto on the KY girl. I would be happy with either Kelsey or Eric winning.
  8. If anyone is still watching Top Chef and saw last night's episode with guest judge Abe Conlon, hey, I know that guy! I've known him since he had a day job working at Whole Foods and did popup events to try to get going as a chef. Now he's all Hollywood and gone is the man-bun. Heh. One of my most fun, interesting, and delicious dinners ever was a Halloween event, which was themed Little Sock Hop of Horrors and included costumes, attitude, and dancing. Each course of food was a high school class with a horror take, i.e. Biology class was a frog pinned down with arms and legs stretched out and some blood on the plate. No frog in the dish - each body part was some component of a delicious dish. His restaurant is Fat Rice in Chicago. We brought a foodie relative there a few years ago and he still says it was one of the best meals of his life.
  9. I couldn't resist. https://www.target.com/gift-registry/giftgiver?registryId=8a390b73adb943619f044444b46b2ae3&type=GENERIC&occasionType=HOUSEWARMING It's for a housewarming. Ultra strong toilet paper. 'Nuff said.
  10. I didn't like the blue one either. The sleeves were too long, wide, and yes, tlh9, oddly thick. And with the all the material on her arms, the hemline was too long. Maybe she's looking for a new career as a schoolmarm. And AVorlon, there will never come a time when I'm unable to find a criticism of Julie's outfit.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Possum, tlh9.
  12. Tomato don't understand irony, do they? They think they've been betrayed because their alliance members didn't stab one of their alliance members in the back like they were instructed.
  13. I don't buy the ficus story either. It makes no sense. It wouldn't have been that hard to throw that together for the veto comp. Who knows how long he was telling them he wanted out? They could have gotten him to delay his exit until they worked out a suitable (that's debatable) story. I think they also would have promoted the shit out of Mooch being a ficus if he was and he would have been giving all kinds of stupid DRs about it.
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