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  1. I just turned on The Circle on Netflix. It's the first episode of the season and who do you think is on it? Brett!! I have no further information because I immediately came here. Heh
  2. I voted Terrance. He not only won HOH and veto and gained lots of intel and a fancy new alliance, the rest of the outside group will likely be ahead of him as targets going forward.
  3. I don't think adults should say festie bestie. Ever. I did like the way they chose and the strategy involved.
  4. I would rather see Pooch evicted because I can't stop myself from thinking Turner and Pooch every time someone says one or both of their names.
  5. They must have taken her magic marker from her before she entered the house.
  6. Is Paloma the one who poses spokes-model style every 30 seconds? She can die in a fire. I would probably vote to save Brittany,
  7. He's got an unfortunate Matt Damon thing going on.
  8. I didn't watch the show at all, but I clicked on the link above. The picture of David is... odd.
  9. That was some spectacular awkwardness when the winners came out to confetti and all the people who didn't even get up to congratulate them. Fun.
  10. Those hammies must have really strong stomachs. I can't believe they didn't send him home for that, if not for his superior attitude and nonsensical never-ending speeches. He might be hot if he had a bag over his head and tortilla and his mouth taped shut, but that's probably a lot to ask.
  11. I've read on other sites that Derek F told Brent he doesn't have the votes. I can't confirm that, but Derek F seems to shoot his mouth off about everything, so I wouldn't be surprised. It might not be the blindside I was hoping for. My radar about all the hammies this year was way off. I couldn't have been more wrong in my first impressions of most of them.
  12. Yeah, he's convinced me he is a douchbag now.
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