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  1. Kaitlyn Herman - Uses crystals (meth variety).

    It's people like Kaitlyn that make me sure Scottie's whole "never been kissed" thing is a production concoction. For every awkward goofball out there, there's a Kaitlyn.
  2. I don't believe he's never been kissed. It came out so quickly and openly that my spidey sense tells me that's the part FUG told him to play. It all seems very contrived. Not that he's in any way kissable, but there's always somebody who will stoop to anything/anyone.
  3. Uh... ice cream scoop? What... what is scoopable there? I'm so grossed out, but I don't even understand.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    Baby Dancer moved up a notch in my estimation after he told Sam she needs to knock off the victim noises. He's growing on me. Hey-o! Beighleigh did, too, when she told Scrappy Do what a loser he is for giving himsel a nickname (she also called him Swaggy D). Crawling under the covers with him knocked her back down. I kind of want Sam to be evicted and win the chance to come back. I'm hoping she's capable of winning a comp. I'd like Steve to hang around until I decide whether I like him or not. Oh, who am I kidding? I know I'll hate him, but I want the chance for the hatred to take hold.
  5. POLL: RoboSam

    I like robots and want more of them in my daily life. I'm pleased with this punishment.
  6. I'm routing for him, too. He seems to understand the game and have good people instincts. And I'm very thankful that he took out Beighleigh so nobody has to be subjected to the HOH-itis you just know she would have,
  7. The flight attendant schtick, although certainly prompted by FUG's people, has already made me never want to hear her speak again.
  8. And she's safe. Along with Douchebro. Swaggy couldn't have belonged to a worse group of 4.
  9. My SLOWOLD self can't see him without thinking of that creepy 90s dancing baby. Yuck.
  10. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    If they don't have Josh sobbing over learning that the comatose mother of his baby is really the twin he never knew about, they've missed a golden opportunity.
  11. General Reality Shows

    I remember that the wine labels went in the kitchen of a non-drinker - a pastor I think. The most awful thing about Hildi's so-called designs was that she had absolutely no qualms about applying them in the most damaging way. Remember all those thousands of flowers on the bathroom walls? If I recall correctly, those were nailed on, so not only would it take forever to get them off, the walls would be full of holes. The fireplace one was the one where the wife left the room crying after the reveal and she still had her mic on, right?
  12. She told Josh and Paul to take each other to final 2 and in her speech, she didn't even ask him to take her. But Dr. Will interviews her and she says some shit about Josh promising final 2 to her and wanting him to stick to his word. She said that was a factor in her vote for Paul. I must have missed something. All that "don't take me, I'm done" was just a poor attempt at manipulation?
  13. Yeah, her response when Paul went to her and told her that he wasn't going to use the POV on her because he thought it was better for his game was to pout and insist that she would have thrown her game away for Paul and Jason would have thrown his away for her. Heh. ETA: Just watched Dr. Will's interview with Alex and her whole problem is the idea that Paul was talking shit about her behind her back and wasn't really her friend.
  14. What a bitter hypocrite. She was all about the blindsides and lies when she was on the other side of them. I really expected better from someone who calls herself a gamer.
  15. POLL: Who do you think WILL win BB19?

    Josh made some funny comments to himself/the cameras last night. He said he will take Paul to the finals if it is his choice because Christmas doesn't have blood on her hands. But the weird part was he said that Paul has just gone along all season without doing much of anything or having much real impact. Josh believes he (Josh) orchestrated some of the evictions, including Alex. Heh. It sounded a couple of weeks ago like Josh, with the obvious help of the DR, got Paul's game, but nope. He doesn't see it.