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  1. Oh, man. What are the odds? If anyone has been following the saga of the hedge fund short-sellers being beaten at their own game, this might bring up scary questions. The subreddit at the heart of it all (or at least one of them), which shows a long list of opportunities like GameSpot and AMC, is this:
  2. In case anyone misses Cowboy, here's your chance: https://myiclicktv.com/big-brother-michael-cowboy-ellis-set-to-appear-on-mtvs-catfish/ "He toyed around with becoming an actor or a rodeo clown." Heh.
  3. Finally, Nicole entertained. Standing there during the final comp waving what I can only assume were flies away from her stinking pits with an especially ratty rat's nest on her head and her mom's (??) 1980s jacket was pure gold. The tears and post-eviction barely suppressed rage were even better. Don't they usually announce the top 3 AFP vote-getters? Did they not mention Janelle because she was pre-jury or were they trying to avoid an even better meltdown from Nicole?
  4. Big thanks to @angelmi for your dedication and the totally warranted low-key contempt you manage to insert into some of your posts. I don't know how you managed to stick it out with this hideous season.
  5. Janelle. And even more Janelle since Paulie talked shit about her for not supporting the Da'vonne for AFP campaign.
  6. Yep. And Enzo is such a dope that he's still hoping Cody and Nicole don't have a final 2.
  7. They should be, but they're all too busy trying to make Cody think they're the goat for him to take to F2.
  8. Nicole could make it up to him by inviting him to her wedding. She says she hasn't.
  9. One of the reasons for the increase in wall yellers is the new way the game is being played. Nobody likes to watch a season where one group steamrolls their way to the end and the others don't do anything to stop it. I think people are getting frustrated with this kind of game play and trying to wake up some people and tell them to play. I definitely sympathize. The interference with the game only bothers me a little, since production help anyone they want and steers the game in ways I consider worse than yellers. I wouldn't do it myself because the people who roll over and die so Nicole can pretend she's winning a popularity contest are too stupid for me to want to help. Also, the people in the house this season had Janelle and Kaysar trying to light fires under their stupid asses and they just mocked Janelle and Kaysar. Also, my standard practice is to develop a deep hatred for everyone.
  10. In the DR when they told David what power he won, they said this power may be used following one of the next three nomination ceremonies. That's not to say David couldn't find a way to screw it up, but I think if he's actually pissed off, it's more likely because he thought he was in good with the cool kids and now he's found out he's just another Kevin. Here's a youtube of Xmas, Dani, and David being told what they won. David's comes in right at the 3:00 mark.
  11. I just noticed at the end of the Chenterview with Bay that Julie is wearing 2 necklaces - both crosses. Double crossed. I also noticed that her dress looks like a dish towel. But nice job on the double crosses.
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