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  1. Live Feed Recaps, Week 8 - HOH: Victor

    We have been sent to fish and the HG's were making comments that they "hope he is okay". From which I think Paulie has had a full-on meltdown, possibly to Chima levels and a possible DOR. Paulie just cannot deal with his impending eviction. Please BB gods, do not let him have the round trip ticket!
  2. Site & Show Questions

    Thanks so much jerrye25. I did what you suggested and it worked! Now I can flashback at will!
  3. Site & Show Questions

    That's not what my feeds page looks like. But maybe Because I am not on a pc but on my iPhone, mobile version. Thanks anyway
  4. Site & Show Questions

    In years past I enjoyed being able to flashback live feeds from a day or two ago by putting in a dare and time. One of the sites I frequent (dingo's) give date/time stamps so you can view events from past feeds. But I can't find the page where you can input that information now that it is cbs all access. What am I missing? I would appreciate some guidance!
  5. He is pretty to look at, yes IMO. way Moreso than any of the other boys. But superficiality aside, he has demonstrated that he has a brain and some backbone on top of being a comp beast. I can overlook a portion of the so called 'misogyny" as a cultural bias, and most of those comments as an attempt at male bonding with the other boys, whose comments were much worse.
  6. I was not a fan of this guy. But he has won me over. He made a really gutsy move, and when he was being interrogated by Paulie he more than held his own arguing with his nominee. Nice job Victor !!
  7. 1 Natalie 2 Victor 3 James 4 Michelle 5 Paul 6 Corey 7 Nicole 8 Paulie Victor and Michele both moved way up in the last 48 hours!
  8. Is the Hayden she is talking about the former BB winner Hayden? Or just some random guy also named Hayden?
  9. Okay, I'll bite Who is his sister and whats the story that goes with her?
  10. I think Elissa may be wavering, and considering putting up GM, because she is believing Andy and Judd when they say Aaron will go. Andy is still lying, and is in fact just doing Amanda's bidding. Maybe seeing the DR;s, especially Andy's, will shed some light on that. Amanda is so vile and obnoxious. If she ends up winning this season, it will be an Epic Fail, of Maggie-esque proportions.
  11. The poster above who compared Nick to Peter Facinelli's Coop on Nurse Jackie? . . . Was right on. I have been thinking the same thing myself & keep expecting to see him talking to one of the girls and suddenly place a cupped hand directly over one of her breasts. But in the interest of seeing Jeremy suffer, I am hoping he leaves tonight!
  12. Live Feeds Week 10 - Final Three

    Both Dan and Danielle still look capable of staying a long time, but then so did Ian up until he fell. It appears that Dan has not completely Misted away Danielles anger with him, but I feel sure he has plenty of mist in store for her. In other news Dr Will Kirby has conceded the title of Best BB player Ever... But according to his Twitter page he has passed it along not to Dan, but to .... wait for it ...... Bunky! Now on trivia for some reason . . .
  13. Boogie

    I just read something on another board that I just have to pass along. A poster said (paraphrasing) that if Dr Will is watching Boogie's game, he is wincing as he watches, or at least he would be if he could still move his face. Ha!!
  14. The ABCs of Big Brother

    Mandanna-wearing Mannekins
  15. Casting Call

    Byron is an out-of-work electrician, but fancies himself to be the reincarnation of Dr Will. A self-proclaimed "BB expert", he says he will do what he has to to win this game, and he is NOT here to make friends or form a show-mance. He thinks all the women will fall in love with him, and all the other guys will want to be him, but he is wrong on both counts. In actuality he will fall hopelessly in lust with another houseguest who will be named later, but she is just using him for her own purposes. He will work out regularly to give the rest of the house the opportunity to "enjoy the view", even though most of them, and most of us, are of the opinion that the view isn't really "all that". Next hamster: Ashley, 28