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  1. Haleigh told Fessie (in the hammock Tues. night) that the DR prepped her for the Hacker comp by asking odd questions and leading the session in specific directions. She didn't realize what they had done until she saw what the comp was. She also said that she thinks they'll help her win this week, too. She just has a feeling that she'll win. The language was coded and she didn't finish some of the sentences, but her point was really clear. Fessie wasn't really listening or interested. Most likely, he was too busy thinking up ways he could touch her without getting slapped. I don't think Haleigh is dumb. She's pretty bad at Big Brother, but she doesn't strike me as someone who couldn't have won that Hacker comp on her own. Anagrams are a peculiar talent. I'm good with words in general, but decoding anagrams is not a skill I possess. I can do it, but not quickly. Still, she really did confess that the DR (she called it the "doctor") had put thoughts into her head via questions/comments that she later realized were helpful in the comp. That said, her use of the Hacker powers (without even thinking about what might follow) was idiotic, and her decision to confess was terrible game play, all of which probably adds to their skepticism about her winning the Hacker comp. Whichever version is the truth (she is the hacker, she isn't the hacker), her actions post-comp make her look dumb.
  2. Hah! Austin refusing to leave?... pure unseen gold. As usual, FUG undermines the entertainment value of her own show by editing around it. He looked pathetic as it was, so I guess they felt the point was made, but... man, it would have been fun to see him poop his diaper on national TV. On another issue: I think the casting problem on BB comes from an overreaction to Aaryn. They're so afraid of having "controversial" people in the house that they are casting far too many conflict-averse, vice-free, "nice" famewhores and too few strong personalities. I can imagine that they thought a few of the BB17 cast looked good on paper as types, but leaning toward casting nice versions of those types left us with a somewhat pleasant group that included a large contingent of passive non-gamers. If Audrey had not turned out to be insane, it would have been an even more placid summer. I liked this season for the gamers because I enjoy strategic play. My biggest disappointments were people like Da'Vonne, Jason, and Meg... all of whom had some potential, but displayed zero sense of strategy. The worst casting was Jeff and Jacki, who were totally uninteresting on TAR, and therefore made no sense as a crossover "twist". Who the heck thought they were going to draw anybody's interest? Maybe they thought that a busted romance being stuck in a house together would make sparks fly or something? Baffling. Jeff was a creep and Jacki was a doormat. No chance they'd ever be interesting in a good way. Anyway, I think they'd do well to take more risks in casting. Surely there are better (meaner) mean-girl twins out there somewhere! And no, I don't mean bring in more of the stupid Hantz clan. The house is more fun when the delusionals are angry and bitter and forget that they're on cameras all the time. Even so, I did enjoy this season. It was always a bit unpredictable, even when it felt totally predictable. Even now, I am not at all certain who would take whom to F2... and that's sort of unusual.
  3. Totally legit to root against Vanessa for whatever your reasons. With shows like BB and Survivor, the notion that there is somebody who absolutely must win because of certain achievements is kind of missing the point, because they are competitions that are also social competitions... hence, the jury vote. It's easy for me to root for Vanessa because I don't hate her, but if I did, I would feel exactly the same way: Anybody but Vanessa! I kind of missed having the hate-factor this season (Jeff was my guy... I seriously and thoroughly hated that dude). Generally, I love these shows in part because I am evil and I watch to see the contestant I hate the most get hit upside the head (metaphorically speaking), voted out, then humiliated when they see the public reaction to their TV persona. I know... disgusting, right?... but it's no less true for being disgusting. Whatever happens win/lose with Vanessa, I'm sure she'll be hurt by the public hating her... though (despite her bouts of craziness in the game), I suspect she's a fairly grounded person in the real world and will not cower in a tool shed for six months because she was the villain to most. Prediction: Bitter, bitter Austin will be the first to suck up to Vanessa as soon as he finds out she's already semi-famous. I hope there is a camera nearby. The reason I hope Vanessa makes F2 on her own is because I am genuinely curious about how the jury would vote, and I truly have no solid belief about either way. If it's Liz and Steve at the end, no potential result will be particularly interesting or sensible. It will feel random and airless. But Vanessa having to make her case (which she could easily blow by being too wedded to asserting her "integrity")?... that will at least provide some meaty suspense. Either way the votes go, people will react to it, because people actually CARE to see her lose or to see her win. I doubt anyone is out there on the edge of their seats wondering if Liz can beat Steve, or vice versa.
  4. A lot of Vanessa's dictates were effective because she won power by winning comps (or was aligned with and advising the winner of power), and the people she interrogated or dictated to wanted safety. If she wasn't in power right now, there would be no reason for anybody to follow her wishes. But she is in power for the moment, so they will likely CHOOSE to follow her dictates to advance themselves to F2 in case Vanessa ends up empowered to make that decision. And even when she's in power, there's no BB rule that says you have to listen to another HG or follow their wishes. I don't know why a house full of adults should be pitied for making their own crappy choices. If she asks a question you don't want to answer, tell her to Fuck Off. If you get evicted because she was HOH and didn't want to be told to Fuck Off, well... at least you told her to Fuck Off. If you want to tell her to Fuck Off without consequence, make a better alliance, or win HOH and/or Veto yourself. In the case of everybody who made F6 - those crappy choices to go along with Vanessa and take her advice did well for them for a very long time. Of her post-Shelli alliance group, ALL FOUR made it to F6. That's one rogue non-allied-w/Vanessa survivor out of the entire house. Once you're at the end, you will likely have to win a comp or two to secure your spot if you don't want to be at the mercy of the other HGs decisions. One major BB rule: Five people cannot all win, nor can five people all go to the end for a jury decision. It's not unfair or "dirty" to play to get yourself to the end. I don't have any sympathy for Austin choking on his bittercakes, because Austin was able to play in the last 3 HOH comps before his eviction, and also the Veto comps. If you want to stay so badly, you might try winning your way to the next round, Bucko. His expectation that he should be carried to F2 so he would have the privilege of winning the game against Liz or Vanessa makes him even more repulsive. Especially the fact that Austin is so sure he had a lock on the win if he made it to F2. Doubtful unless he was up against Liz, and even then still potentially doubtful. Also, I have no sympathy for Steve being mad that Vanessa used the F4 Veto and kept the person best for HER game instead of the person best for Steve's game. If you want to control who comes and goes at F4, win the Veto, dude. Speaking of which, I trust my own eyes more than Steve's attempt to fudge the facts to his advantage: Steve did not "throw" that last Veto comp, even if he thinks he can gain something by telling us or Vanessa that he did. He was just awful at it. If he claimed he threw the last HOH (against JMac with the number tie-breaker), I would maybe believe that. His number was bizarre, with or without the missing zero. But even then, he just looked like a flustered dummy in the moment, so who knows what the hell happened. In any case, if Steve was so set on having John in the house to the end, he should have thrown the HOH comp by guessing 1 Million seconds. Then John would have been HOH, Vanessa would have won Veto, and maybe Steve could have gone to jury to brag about how hard he worked to keep John in the house. Dipshit. I want Vanessa to win the 3rd HOH comp so that she takes herself to F2 on her own power. Then the jurors can simply decide whether she played a great game deserving reward, or was a horrible bully who must be punished by them. If it's the latter, well... that's that. She played the game she played and paid a price for the parts that they didn't like. If it's because they are bitter babies, then she failed to "read" them well enough to know they would be bitter babies in the jury house. If they legitimately hate her and feel she and her social skills and game strategy were horrible burdens they endured inside the BB house/game, they can vote accordingly. If Vanessa doesn't win the 3rd HOH comp and the winner of HOH.3 boots her at F3, well... that's fair, too. It wouldn't align with my own personal preferred result, but it wouldn't be playing dirty... and it wouldn't be unfair or wrong. Every person there at the end owes it to every other person there at the end that they are there at the end. Steve benefitted from Vanessa and Liz, Liz benefitted from Steve and Vanessa, and Vanessa benefitted from Steve and Liz. Vanessa's won more than the other two, and she guided the alliance through various stages of the game, but she also depended on those people just as they depended on her. Now that it's the three of them and F2 looms, somebody's going to have to break a promise or DOR. That's kind of the way this whole thing works.
  5. I want maximum drama. For maximum drama moving forward from right now to F3, I want this scenario: Austin is voted out. Austin shits pants. Liz shits pants. Steve wins HOH, nominates Liz and Vanessa. Liz and Vanessa shit pants. Vanessa wins POV. Liz shits pants. Steve realizes Vanessa is staying. Steve shits pants. Vanessa shits pants over whom to boot. JM sits back, enjoys fireworks amongst the betrayers and the betrayed, then suddenly realizes he needs to shit pants. JM laughs like a spazzy goofball while shitting pants. Vanessa boots Liz. Though I'll probably continue to route for Vanessa to win, I'll be fine with however it shakes out from this F3, as long as there's suspense and drama and everybody has to shit his/her pants at least once before its over.
  6. I wish I could remember where I saw or read something before the feeds began that led me to tell my sister I expected to hate John the most of everybody in the house. In any case, I meant the "surprise" I had toward John to be a good thing. I know I've gotten a vague "don't really like/trust girls" vibe from a few things he's said, but he did NOT turn out to be the misogynist pig I expected, so he was by far the biggest surprise, because I thought I would hate him, but ended up kind of liking him, not least of all because I think he's weird and incomprehensible (I like weird... though obviously I like some flavors more than others). That's why I mentioned Jeff, who WAS that guy... truly disgusting. Anyway, I don't mean to cast aspersions on his character. I actually meant that as a compliment, but did a crap job of making my point. John's not creepy or mean or gross. I hope that's not a meaningless distinction. There's more than one way to be a misogynist, many of which are unintentional and more about ignorance or fear than mean-spiritedness (there are also many degrees to every way). He may not be one at all, but even if he is, it's hardly a virulent strain. Sadly, some of my best friends are misogynistic in ways they don't realize, but I love them anyway. Exactly! Me, too... Sometimes I feel guilty about liking the wrong people if there's a consensus going the other way (like WTF is wrong with me?), but I never feel like I'm not free to have that different opinion. This site is easily the best I've ever participated in regarding that aspect. I find people's opinions and comments extremely entertaining, even when they don't align with my own. So many people here are witty and mean in just the right way. Plus, I only rarely remember HGs from any season of BB once the season ends and a few months pass... but I always remember the people here, because this place and its denizens are the real reason I can't quit watching BB.
  7. Yeah... he's convinced that women are gold-diggers and users. He didn't stand on a soapbox inside the house to announce this (though he did say things like that in pre-BB interviews), but he made a lot of little comments that would tilt in the same direction. I wish I could remember one to give as an example, but I can't at the moment. The only reason I noticed the comments was that he'd say some little thing and I'd react by going, "Wha?... oh, yeah. JM doesn't much like or respect women. Forgot about that."
  8. Surprise: John, who I expected to loathe for his misogyny (and I still kinda do... but not passionately), but am mostly puzzled by. He's weird, can be funny, and less horrid and creepy than I expected. In fact, Jeff turned out to be the guy I expected John to be... so all of my passionate loathing went out the door after the 2nd eviction. Disappointment: Da'Vonne. (I had no expectations of Austin, who - as a type - is just utterly uninteresting to me.) Da'Vonne had the skills and savvy to go far in the game (maybe even win), but she turned out to be too immature to know what to do with her skills and savvy. Instead of sitting around with Jason one-upping each other over how much they observed in the house or knew about the game, they should have STFU and quietly conspired to share info until they sussed out who was aligned with whom and what folks' weak spots were. Instead, they acted like the young people they are and squandered their advantages by trying to impress other people with how much they saw/knew/figured out. I really think that if she'd come into the game 5-10 years older than she is now, Da'Vonne could have won it. She just didn't know how to resist the urge to have short-term social advantages by spilling beans, or short-term satisfaction by calling people out. If you remove that impulsive aspect from her actions in the house, she was really, really smart, and would never have fallen into the obliviousness trap that Meg was mired in. She had the chops to be a real player if she'd been able to keep her yap shut when it was strategically wise to do so.
  9. It's truly impossible to be sure of what JM is going to do, but I can't imagine he will evict Steve over Austin unless he sees some kind of advantage that is beyond me. I suppose he could believe that Steve and Vanessa are in a secret deal, and therefore he'd have an advantage if Steve goes out, but... that would mean JM honestly thinks that he's safer with Austwins than with Steve, which is all kinds of bizarre from what I've seen. It's possible that Austwins would boot Vanessa instead of JM if they're holding Veto in F4, but only possible. That would be a crapshoot, while Steve remaining would be at least 50/50 to keep JM over Vanessa, and 100% to keep JM over Liz. If JM deliberately chooses to keep Austin against Vanessa's instructions, I would be shocked. Not because he betrayed Vanessa... but because it seems like such an incoherently bonehead move. Maybe JM's being outlandishly clever, and this is "reverse psychology" of some sort that he's using on Vanessa, hoping that the info trickles back to her so she absolutely WILL evict Austin out of paranoia? Or maybe this is his attempt to do what JM and Vanessa (and also Steve and Vanessa) agreed to do and make Austin feel safe until the moment he leaves? By keeping everybody separate from everybody else in terms of what they're supposed to reveal to each other, Vanessa has generated confusion for us, because there's no way to tell for sure who's speaking truth to anybody else. At least tomorrow night will have some suspense attached!
  10. It wouldn't need to be said for Vanessa to get the drift, because targeting Vanessa is the only interpretation if you're making a deal with two people for F4 and there's only one other person left in F4. Seems like there's no alternate quid pro quo even possible in that "deal". If Liz omitted the info for some sneaky/strategic reason, she's an idiot. Oh, wait... that's right! She IS an idiot.
  11. Also, poker is not a chatty game among professionals. Most of them say virtually nothing during hours of play. Some don't even say game words such as "raise" or "call". Talking is risky (vocal tone could give away information), so it's rare to see people talk when they're in a hand. Obviously, BB is a talky game for the social side, so it's necessary to yap to build friendships/alliances and to strategize. In BB, Vanessa uses talking to plant seeds and get information (non-verbal reactions, as well as ideas or statements of fact). I highly doubt that she's much like this in the real world... certainly not at poker. Probably part of her problem (why she is so relentless and annoying) is that she's having fun being able to verbalize so much about her strategic calculations in this game, when it wouldn't be a good idea to ever engage in that stuff outside. She must feel weirdly unshackled, while otherwise feeling weirdly out-of-control. Poker is not a team sport, but BB is... at least until you get near the end. I'm sure she's blabby by nature socially, but it's probably more normal and pleasant to be around if the objective of her blabber isn't to manipulate you and win a game.
  12. Oh, dear... all that work, and Vanessa asks what JM is leaning toward, and he says, "Steve right now, I guess". She asks, "Evicting or keeping?" JM says "evicting". All that work and he comes out thinking that the consensus was to vote Steve out? Really odd! I think JM thinks that Vanessa wants to know that JM will choose her over Steve, and thus he thinks that's what she wants to hear? Otherwise, it makes no sense at all for him to say that after this conversation. The look on her face was sorta priceless! They break up the convo and go downstairs to eat. I guess Vanessa is going to have to flat-out tell JM to vote to keep Steve when the time comes. Otherwise, they're going to be stuck with Austwins, because she will not be able to break a tie.
  13. Vanessa asks who JM thinks Steve would take to F2. JM says that he thinks Steve would take JM if he chose based on loyalty, but Steve would choose Vanessa if he wanted to take the person he could beat. Vanessa pauses to look stunned and sad about being reminded that she absolutely cannot win with the jury. Then she says that she thinks Steve is the kind of guy who won't want to look bad on tv, so he will probably base his choice on loyalty. So I guess that means we should keep Steve, right? Vanessa wonders if they would be the stupidest people in history if they don't break up the couple right now. JM says yes. Vanessa says couples never make it to F4 for a reason. JM mentions that they were supposed to break up the couple this week anyway... and Vanessa recovers by pointing out that JM and Steve felt like another couple to her. JM then says if Vanessa will be worried about it, they can dump Steve now. Um... no, that's not what she meant! It's irrelevant now... no point in thinking that way anymore! JM says that they need to get Steve out before F2 because he still believes that Steve is liked by the jurors. Vanessa pretends to be sad and hurt that she's so hated and aware of the fact that she's so hated. She says JM HAS to come to Vegas and hang out so she can prove she is normal and nice outside of the game, and that she really, really is not evil.
  14. JM just said that Vanessa is telling him things he didn't know before... like that the twins are mad at Steve. JM didn't know that! He doesn't understand why they would be mad at Steve. Vanessa explains that they're loyalty players (euphemism for emotional), and thus couldn't appreciate it as a game move. Then Vanessa says if she puts Austin out this week, the twins will be angry with her, and she will lose their votes... making her even more sure to lose with jury. Hint, hint! Take me to the end, JM! Vanessa has a light bulb over her head! If they keep Steve, they are almost guaranteed to get to the end! What a novel idea! Maybe JM should vote to keep Steve, then! Glad JM had this meeting with her so she could reach the correct answer. Now she's pledging to study with him and make sure he's fully prepared for all the comps. They shake hands and agree that they will be F3 together for sure. Vanessa says she wishes they'd gotten together sooner because she's missed having a person she could talk to all the time about strategy throughout the game. She never had that! [Guess that explains why she ended up talking to EVERYBODY about strategy, all day, every day.] JM says he didn't really have any good allies except Becky. Once she left, he had to go with whatever was left, and that was Steve. But he wasn't necessarily very open with Steve. Now talking about when Steve won DE HOH and JM didn't use the veto because he had no idea what Steve was doing or why he nominated the people he did... so he didn't want to risk using Veto.
  15. HOH with JMac and Vanessa. This is a Master Class in Vanessa's manipulation techniques. She's gathering info by asking JM's opinions and preferences, but all the time is planting seeds guiding him to want to keep Steve, and also to prefer to keep Liz for F4. Also, she's basically saying that the two of them are natural allies for F4, and thus she wants JM to help her make the final decision about who goes out this week. Basically, she's making sure that JM isn't in the bag for Austin, and also trying to see if she would be really safe with him and Steve. He claimed to be fine doing whatever she wanted (such as vote Steve out), but she turned that away and basically made out like it's their call as a duo. I assume JM totally prefers to keep Steve anyway, but she's fairly convincing in her attempt to make this seem like they are an inevitable team. Now she's complimenting his game, saying he's done things that most people didn't notice, but she's seen his strategic moves, and respects his game. She thinks he's unique in BB history. JM says he has no idea what his game is. Just talking to people when he has to. Or something. Vanessa guarantees JM that if she wins Veto, she will take him to F3. She says she'd vote him to win over Steve, because she thinks JM has played a better game as an individual. Dunno if he's buying all this or simply thinks she's blowing smoke up his ass... but it's sufficiently logical and truthful to be convincing. Heck, I'm not certain that this isn't the most honest convo she's had tonight. Could be. Definitely reiterating the notion that they need to have a tie (vote to keep Steve, JM) so they keep their options open when Vanessa breaks the tie. Also definitely reiterating the notion that Austin should be the one out, and Liz needs to stay. She never just says those things. Instead, she yaps and yaps possibilities in a way that leads them to those conclusions.