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  1. Yay! Now I'm motivated to vote daily... which I'd generally be too lazy to do. I got 10 in yesterday, and heading back now for 10 more.
  2. Janelle: 1. She's my actual favorite (glad for her that she escaped before jury). 2. Nicole will never get over it (cold-sweat nightmares for decades), and more than a couple of the other HGs will be pissed, as well. Fine by me. 3. She'll probably give some of the $$ to that kids' charity. More than fine by me.
  3. I picked Enzo because that's the smart move if I want to win the money, yo. Watch Nicole win the final comp and be too stupid to figure that out.
  4. Cody/Cody. He ran the game from day one. Got his way from day one. Was deferred to from day one. Also, I recall way back in week one (maybe two) that it was totally obvious that Cody was setting things up to maximize the odds of getting to the end with Nicole and Enzo, both of whom he clearly deemed easiest to beat at F2. And now here we are. Cody played a very good game, but couldn't have done it without all of the enablers who signed on to help. Let the pregame rig-monsters have their win. It's exactly what CBS and BB deserve, because it's exactly as deplorably dull and predictable as 99.3% of every other moment of the season has been. If they're going to allow (or at least cover up) cheating, then a rigged win was clearly okay with production. It will make their disaster complete when golden boy Cody gets the cash. Even if Enzo seems like a less icky winner than the other two, I can't root for people who ride the rigged alliance to the end and then start complaining that it's all been rigged. He only seems more sympathetic because he didn't design the scam he took part in. Ditto Christmas. I will be happier if those two end up 4 & 3, because they knew what they were doing all along by protecting the pregame alliance, but somehow thought that would evaporate in their favor at the end. Half the house was never even allowed to play without incurring the wrath of the powerful for being seen talking to anybody but the powerful. Except the powerful didn't much make themselves available. And when the powerless did push forward to talk to the powerful, they were mocked for it. Or nominated because of it. There have been meaner, uglier years with more reprehensible casts, but this one was it's own kind of ugly. Anyway, I prefer Cody, even though I am disgusted by the thought of him winning. At least there will be the silver lining of Nicole being sad, plus Enzo and Christmas being mad. Few in the jury will be happy upon release, either, as they discover what "fans" really think. Another plus. Very thin gruel, schadenfreude-wise, but it seems the most appropriate outcome for a bizarrely awful season.
  5. Memphis: They foolishly kept Christmas tonight, exponentially increasing Memphis's chances of winning the season. Even now, nobody is thinking that Memphis should be the next to go. And surely Memphis has figured out he'll have a better chance in finals against any of the others than he'll have against Cody. Cody am dumb. I hope he's the next one out. I can't stand Memphis, but he lobbied successfully to keep his remora when Cody's driving the vote? Big move.
  6. He was a black guy. In view of BB casting habits, that should be enough info to solve the case.
  7. Ian is waaaayyy more fun to get drunk with than Christmas.
  8. Power... unless the prize is a chainsaw plus permission to use it.
  9. True. I immediately wondered why he was wearing that creepy mask and a Cesar Romero pompadour when it's not even October, let alone Halloween. The next poster takes a shot of tequila every time Nicole gets weepy, and has therefore been anesthetized continuously from day one.
  10. (alliance name) The Umbrage Academy
  11. "Gosh, but I miss Memphis. We were really starting to click."
  12. A. I love anchovies, though not on pizza... but I would survive. Would you rather: A. Enter as a BB contestant who is assigned Kevin as your coach B. Enter as a BB contestant who is assigned to memorize every word Christmas says
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