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  1. Da'Vonne and Kevin chatting about David. David told Bayleigh she wasn't on his radar, but told Da'Vonne she better get her ass in and play. "He just tore his drawers with me. That mother fucker told me I got to chill out. OK. That's why Black Twitter got your ass last time. That's why." Kevin: "He's weird and awkward but he does have a point." Day: "I see it, but get your tone right mother fucker." Kevin: "You're not seriously going to play your game off of tone?" Day: "Sure am! No-there is a battleback, so I have to play smart, but once that's over... the exit is to your left."
  2. 9:45 HT MeePaw and David in the Kitchen MeePaw looking like a broken down poor man's Emilio Estevez in some community theatre production of St. Elmo's Fire in some jacked up SLEEVELESS denim shirt. He's giving David his generic brush off speech. Nicole F comes screeching in and that's enough to send MeePaw scrambling (as much as an 80 year old can scramble) back up to HOH.
  3. 9:35 HT Da'Vonne, she's not doing well. Had a convo with David.. whisper whisper .. can't tell what she said. Janelle says David came up to her in the SR to campaign for himself, said he was coming after Memphis and that she was guilty by association, but he would give her a one week deal out of respect. Janelle told David the big group is using him. She told him his pitch was terrible. Enter Nicole F./Exit Nicole F Kaysar: "I give you all the respect, but he is going to fuck up our game, he is gunning for us." Day asks if he has campaigned to Kaysar. Yes, said "He wants to stay and prove what eh came here to prove and he looks up to me." Day says why soft with one and hard with the other? Janelle-he is threatened by me. Day is till fishing for info on the "big alliance' is going to try and talk with Cody, thinks he has diarrhea of the mouth and may let something slip." Janelle says they aren't going to let anything slip. Kaysar is frustrated-this has already happened. The longer we wait to solidify something ti will be too late. If David stays... Enter Christmas... Kay to Day: "We need to lock down an alliance, this is bull poop, we need to all be on the same page, there is an alliance happening under our noses and we need to make sure we have something strong enough to kill it, you gotta trust me." Day: "I don't distrust you, it's just..." Kay: "What is the hesitation?" Day: "I told you, let me battle with that. I just need some time." Kay: "I told you I want to be in an alliance with you to protect each other, so sleep on it. I want to put this behind us and move into next week with a position of strength. I don't ant to play the outcast game where we can't get it together and they are laughing at us behind our back." Exit Da'Vonne
  4. Kaysar told Ian that he needed to keep he and Janelle in the house as shields because right now they are seen as bigger threats than him. Need to blow up the big allaince. Ian wonders how he can do that and preserve his relationship with NicF. Kaysar says take out Cody and they agree that is the right move. Kay says that's his plan if he wins HOH. Too dangerous-comp beast and extremely good social game. Janelle says Cody acts like a girl around the women. She thinks it's OBVI but some of the younger girls fall for his charms. Kay: "Looking into his eyes, eating ice cream together..." They laugh. Kaysar worries that he keeps seeing Day and David chatting. She bounces around too much, too emotional. Everybody has their triggers and they have to respect it. (I think this is in reference to Day not wanting to vote out a black player this early.) Kay says but how long do we have to wait? Until he sends one of us home? Sounds like David told Janelle he was going after Memphis and she asked where she fit into that and he said she was guilty by association. Janelle asked if that meant she would go on the block? David said he respected her as the Queen Bee. *eye roll* Kaysar says we have to tell Memphis and get him out, I don't want to waste another week with his shenanigans. They want Memphis to strong arm Enzo into voting with them, and I think Memphis has done WAAYY too much strong arming this week already. They still don't know Memphis and Enzo are tight with Cody and Dani. Enter Da'Vonne.
  5. 9:15 HT We join Janelle recharging her brain cells with Kaysar in the Key Room. Per Kay: NicoleF is isolating herself, Ian blew up her game big time. now he's taking a three hour nap, he's over it, the writing is on the wall, he told me he doesn't feel included with the big alliance. Kaysar asked if he felt respected when he isn't part of NicF's big alliance and she is just using him for a vote? "I would always include Janelle and never just use her for a vote, that's the difference between us." David comes in looking Nicole A-they don't know where she is. Kay in re: David says I can't believe he threatened you! Janelle: "something something, Memphis, Memphis is just one guy. Don't listen to people telling you to come after him. It's Week Two." They agree David is a newbie and very bad at the game. They list: Ian, Kevin, Christmas, Me, You, Da'Vonne, Bayleigh as likely votes for NicA. Janelle is sure about Bayleigh because that is her best friend in the house. Kaysar, in mock outrage: "What about me?!" They laugh. Kaysar, with MAJOR eye rolls says that Memphis believes Enzo will vote for Nic A. They need to make sure Kevin doesn't waiver. Told Ian he isn't safe with them. Kaysar had to scare him a little-said everyone has their person. Need to get David out. Kaysar thinks Ian wants to get to jury because he doesn't have a job. (That seems rude. Dude is super smart AND already won once.) Janelle says Kaysar is good at talking to Ian and makes him nervous.
  6. Back to the HamMOCK with the Awkward Potato and Queen Janelle. What a pair. ...prolonged silence... Janelle:"What's your thought bubble?" Kevin: 'I'm hearing there was a push to get rid of me and I'm trying to figure out the source of that." Janelle: "There wasn't." Kevin: "What's real, what's fake... I'm not mad at the distractions.. I'm just trying to figure it out." Janelle: "You were singled out because you and Keesha are friends with me, me and Kaysar were the targets and we got safety. It's actually not that complicated." (The FOOL is implied by her look of barely concealed disdain.) If you had won the Veto last week, Nicole A would have gone up." Kevin: Hmmmmm... I was so close. Janelle asks Kevin how NicA is doing with her votes. Hasn't been able two swing Xmas yet. She needs to get to Memphis about a potential tie breaker. Man-MeePaw is not going to be getting his 8 hours this week between Tyler and Janelle pestering him about tie breakers. Janelle: "Why would anyone get rid of NicA over David? He's more of a threat." Kevin thinks last week was who is the most liked and tried to make a joke about him being the most liked and Janelle inwardly rolls her eyes 360 degrees. Janelle has had enough of this sad excuse of a hammie and his useless thought bubbles decides to go take her makeup off. Kevin stops her by asking what her thought bubble is (what is this obsession with thought bubbles-this is the third reference to them since I sat down tonight.) Janelle says he KNOWS what she thinks-she told him four days ago and how does he not see it (Guy alliance) Kevin says is David is in a guy alliance why isn't he out here campaigning to the boys (elsewhere in the yard) Janelle: "BECAUSE HE ALREADY HAS THEIR VOTES!" (The shouting is internal). Janelle can tolerate this oblivious doofball no longer and peaces out.
  7. We join David and Tyler in the Storage Room where David shares that Kaysar is spreading a "rumor" that he is in an all boys alliance. Tyler says Day/Bay/Jay/Kay are together and he thinks the vote might come down to 6/6 so he needs to get in Memphis' head about a tie breaker. Fool-you weren't in danger until you confirmed you were in a bro-lliance! (David confirmed it to Day when she confronted him) David thinks Day and Bay don't know how to play?! That's RICH! David fingers Cody as the source of the all guy alliance rumor, but Tyler doesn't think Cody or Enzo would speak of it. David doesn't tell Tyler that he confirmed the existence of this all dude alliance, just that he told Bay/Day he would protect them. Tyler says Kaysar will vote David out. David tried to get Janelle to campaign for him. He thinks NicF and Ian will vote for him. Tyler worries that Janelle and Kaysar have been in Ian's ear. David doesn't think Janelle and Kaysar can flip Day and Bay. He tells Tyler if he (David) goes Tyler needs to protect them.
  8. 9:00ish HT I was going to go to bed, but Skippy heard Dani outing him for perving on HGs in the shower so he nopes us out of there and we join Janelle and Kevin in the HamMOCK-this should be rich. It's just complete silence. It's supes awkward. Kevin asks Janelle if she and Kay thought they were targets the first week. She says not her, but Kay, and Keesha was collateral damage. Kevin says he was WAY out of the loop on that. "Kaysar got wind of that and that's why he played Safety Suite?" DUR! Kevin, out of nowhere, :"What's your relationship with Tyler?" Janelle: "I don't have one." Kevin says all the guys are super nice and Janelle says that's because they're together doofus! (the doofus was my add). Janelle says she feels in danger of going on the block if they get HOH and Mr. Smooth and Creamy Potato says "Well, you know, depending on who you're against, I'm leaning towards you." LEANING Kevin? MAYBE LEANING? Crimeny on a cracker you are TERRIBLE at this game!
  9. Ugh. Skippy takes me to Dani and Nicole A in the photo room. Dani telling her the perception is she is with Janelle and needs to figure out how to disassociate from her and it sucks that Janelle put her in this position (LIES). But she says never feel like you have no shot-you always have a chance, just have to outthink everyone. NicA wonders if disassociating will hurt her more. Dani says Janelle has no numbers and everyone is sketched out by her. Ugh. Why do you torture me so Skippy! NicA has a thought bubble. House Meeting. Dani-those NEVER go well. (But they are entertaining) NicA thinks talking to people one on one will make her look sketchy. Dani: "Your goal for the week is not to turn the house against her, just save yourself. Maybe say something in your eviction speech-my only goal going forward is to go against Janelle." Enter NicoleF and the other two clam up. #OTEVShoutOut NicoleA feels like she hasn't had her moment yet and doesn't want to leave. Man-conversation is DEAD now that NicF has come in. Just three sad blondes in blanket cocoons. Dani: "It's only Monday, don't go crazy. You have three days left. Three LONG days." I mean-they're all 24 hours unless you have some sort of time machine.
  10. Janelle -"Once you're in jury you shouldn't get to come back again. More blood involved then. If Keesha came back she would be like a new player-wouldn't be out for anyone." (maybe Memphis and Cody) Janelle wonders if Xmas and Kaysar went to bed, and my lord it's only 8:30 woman! Ian: "Messy, messy, messy." I see Kevin out of the corner of the screen, so I can only assume that's what he's referring too.
  11. 8:30 HT STARS Back with Dani and Christmas, and a shirtless Enzo (who I mistook for Ian on the quad screen) has wandered in. He's going to go for a jog and zone out. Exit Enzo. Dani and Xmas can't wait to have a feast. They debate if they will have a feast on Wednesday or Thursday. Xmas says she can't do an endurance comp on slop. She wants to win HOH, make MeePaw a Have Not and then eat a steak right in front of him. Flip to shirtless Ian in the hammock talking to Janelle. He took a nap earlier. Janelle made garlic pasta with scallops. Ian is not a huge seafood person, but is sure it was REALLY GOOD. It was good, but now it's gone. Janelle feels like she should go to bed early because of Ian's "situation". She didn't get to bed until 3 last night and woke up at 8. It was very rude of Skippy to wake her at 8. Janelle always looks gorgeous. She's just an ageless Queen. Ian has no idea how the house will vote, or at least won't cop to it. He feels even more out of the loop this year than last time. This time last year he would have known what the vote would be. Janelle: "I get what you're saying about the pairs. You and NicF could be a pair. I think it's important to keep us all in the game as long as we can. If you're on the block, I've got your back. I'm not going to try and beat you." Ian: "The reality is.. here's Tyler... I'm trying to think about what direction this thing is going to head... the reality is... I don't know... I sort of saw it coming early this week and I didn't like the way things were headed. I could see situations where I could be nominated. Next few weeks are dicey. I'm a little battle scarred because I was dicked around a lot last time." Janelle: "Ian-you won the game. You would have won against any of the Final Four." Ian concurs.
  12. 8:20 HT Apparently the STARS were to replace Da'Vonne with Kaysar talking to NicF in the Sky Lounge Kaysar says they did PB&J on Season 6 and then slop on Season 7. He didn't like that any better as not many nutrients and you get so sick of it pretty quickly. He got evicted while on Slop last time-had to hold his belt up as he was walking out because he lost like 15 pounds. Kaysar did like 3 workouts today: running, yoga with Christmas... still feels horrible from the slop and not eating and laying around. He and Christmas will do cheat snacks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday when they are not on slop. But he can only do it if he works out with her, so she is holding him responsible. ALERT! ALERT! NicF's pee is completely clear-record it in the log! Skippy hates me so he flips to Christmas and Dani in the photo room. They're talking about Memphis-he won and kept them all safe, but that was this week, period. They like the alliance-minus Memphis! He's too freaking much. He's playing like a rookie-not looking at the long term. Oh MeePaw-how the mighty Renegade has fallen.
  13. 8:15 HT Da'Vonne and NicF continue chatting in the Sky Lounge. Day says too many people are getting called to the DR. Nicole wonders if she should trust Kevin, and even though he is currently in the house, BB considers Kevin such an awkward loser potato they have to check if he signed a release, so STARS.
  14. Nicole F and Da'vonne in the Sky Lounge Nicole: " ... they were mean to her (Nicole A?)...It's not a big deal they just drug it out into real life for no reason. Victor has zero tolerance for them. he saw what I had to go through." (No idea who she is talking about. Sounds like it could relate to Janelle which is the only person Nicole ever talks about.) If I had watched some of the more recent seasons I might better understand the relationship dynamics with the youngsters. Nicole and Ian will be talking later tonight. Day says she heard Ian saying he and Nicole F are a pair like Janelle and Kaysar and Day and Bay. Kaysar told her he said that. Nicole says that makes no sense-why would he do that? Day says Nicole should verify with Ian, maybe Kaysar was lying to try and throw suspicion on the other pairs. Nicole F says she loves hanging out with Ian but she would never play the game with him, not like Kay and Jay played together 3 times. If she won the Safety Suite she would not save him. Nicole F and Day agree they both want David to stay, they feel safer with him. They worry Janelle might flip it.
  15. Dani annoyed that Da'vonne thinks she and Cody are super close even though they STINKING ARE! Dani on Da'vonne: "She was acting like I shouldn't be talking to you. You need to be real careful what you say to her." Cody: Blah blah blah (not happy with Day) Dani-Tyler is in it now? I am so tired of this fake alliance! Ugh-it's just around and around-I'm over this convo. Where are Janelle and Kaysar or an Ian play?
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