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  1. You say briefcase full of glitter like it's a BAD thing! She gives me a Chiara vibe. No likey.
  2. She's going to break my heart the mostest.
  3. He's totally my douchonite. *jumps on train* FIRSTIES!
  4. Beehoppy


    Thanks for that interview Goobie-interesting stuff. I believe Dan did throw the final HOH. He spoke about his intention to do so to the cameras in thr last days of the feeds, immediately before the start of the comp, Ian looked focused and nervous, Dan was grinning like a guy without a care in the world. I watched him do the final HOH 4 years ago and his attitude was much different. Also-as noted in that interview-Dan wanted to go to F2 with Ian. He knew winning HOH and cutting Dani (or Ian for that matter) would be a betrayal of a long standing F2 deal that would lose him a vote for sure. His best move was to have Ian do the last "blindside." Or so he thought.
  5. Beehoppy


    That Master Plan is teh awesome. Are you kidding me? Part of Ian's strategy was to have a showmance with a hot girl (#2)?! Look-I have had my share of dork lust, but in what season of BB has the Ian character EVER had a showmance? In what version of Ian's ACTUAL life does he get the hot girls? Yes, he lucked out and Ashley threw him a bone-but for someone who went into the house with the intention of having a showmance, those dates were PA-thetic. Ian had a lot of good game strengths-but showmancing should never have been on the table. Also-if that alliance of 5 equates to the Quack Pack, please for the love of God don't tell me that makes Dan the "old man".
  6. Serves me right for forgetting the cardinal rule of Big Brother. They brought me to the brink this year thinking it might not really happen. But it does. It always does. Big Brother always lets you down. (Even if you're happier about the Ian win than I am-we can all agree the Frank business was a MAJOR letterdowner. Ammirite?)
  7. So because I actually have free time in the winter to recap and stuff I started getting excited about Big Brother Eh: The Canadian Edition and went to their website to see if there was any info about Live Feeds. So I'm reading the "News" section just generally announcing the show and I scroll down to the comments, 99% of which are from random hosers, only to find: "THIS IS JASE FROM USA BIG BROTHER 5 and season 7 ALL STARS, LET ME HELP LAUNCH YOUR SHOW<<<<<I DO NOTHING BUT DELIEVER<<<>>>> YOU CAN ASK THEM AT CBS I AM TALENT>>> LETS TALK,,,,, LOVE JASE" Sad. So, so sad. More on topic-The theory about newbies pulling for a newbie win does bear more weight than I would have originally credited it with. A floater newbie I don't think could have pulled it off, but if the Jury looked at Ian, a sweet, socially awkward young college student whos life would be radically altered by the win and who essentially played a very similar game to that of BB10 Dan and put him up against a married 29 year old with one win to his credit, and a hefty sum already in the bank-they may have thought Ian would appreciate it more. I can live with that more. I will never accept an AC Frank. NEVER!
  8. It pained me in no small amount to not be able to recap and participate very much in the second season of Dan, Dan, the Number One in my Heart if not in the Standings Man. But those of you who slaved away here every day to bring it to life for me when I had the chance to check in have my undying gratitude and admiration. Preesh. HT will forever hold a special place in my soul, and I tip my Broadway Clam hat to the admins, mods, recappers, posters, and lurkers who make it such a wonderful community. To ff-whose recaps I eagerly peruse every morning over my Cheerios, to toolie-my kindred spirit, angel-who is the hands down alltime HT endurance champ, and newbie BewareBabe who knocked my socks off with her creativity and wit. BB-feel free to recap anytime-no need to wait for lulls! Really-I love you all, and I hope to be back in the ranks more fully next summer since clearly the fates have punished me for failing in my duties this time. One final note- his season was bittersweet with the all too obvious absence of Zgeist. I can only imagine the gems he would have crafted out of Joe's cooking, Dan's anticing, and Dani's many breakdowns. I lift my Pimp Cup to you dear friend.
  9. What spartini and demgirl said. I really did think I'd be disappointed bot OK with an Ian win. I'm really not. And I don't want to live in America that chooses Frank. I may have to move to Canada.
  10. Beehoppy


    Werd. While I wonder how many decisions are made before they even get to questioning, I feel like Dan played a little too hard at the end. Rebutting Ian's answers and shaking his head to everything made him come off negatively even to me. I think had he shown a little more remorse it might have gone down differently. Super surprised by Britt's vote and also Jenn's based on what we saw of the jury house. May have been a better move for Dan to not throw the final and take Danielle.
  11. It will not die! What in the motherfranking H-E double toothsticks was that all about?! FF I watch the shows, and though I may be colored by feed watching/HT reading/Dan worshiping I didn't see anyone with any likability. It's either a FUGgone conclusion he's the new pet, or his Nana has mob ties.
  12. FF are you thinking that a player cannot win both the game and AC? Is that for sure the case? I was going to say that Dan won both on his original season, but then I remembered that was his America's PLAYER money-not America's Choice. Is the winner not allowed to take it all? Also-Dan FTW!
  13. What FF said, except, you know, a different obvi answer.
  14. Beehoppy


    It's important in that it solidified Tatty's trust in Dan and she may now be inclined to take him to F2 or at least not vote against him if need be. At the very least if she pulls off a crapshoot HOH she won't be gunning for him. Didn't change who went home this week, but very forward thinking. Also, it's possible Dan may toss Frank a vote and then Juror Frank may possibly never know Dan turned against him.
  15. What toolie said. That was the Lawon of OTEVs RIP My sweet Broadway Clam
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