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  1. She's not even interesting enough to merit a full story, just a squib.
  2. NicA for both, for reasons stated by Magpie. And once she finds out she was wrong wrong wrong about Janelle and Kaysar, she is going to feel even worse.
  3. Yeah so far it has actually worked: Janey and Kaysar saved themselves from sure nominations, and Christmas inadvertently saved the target that is Ian. So....a twist that works! What a novel experience!
  4. I don't think he sussed out who the players really were before he started aligning with people.
  5. But first...F'nicole asked for a big strong man to open a jar of mustard.
  6. No way. This guy does not admit mistakes.
  7. Pink. When I sort my laundry, I've got an entire load of just pink stuff. I would love to have a bathroom in the Mamie Pink style, with some modern fixture upgrades. Other than salt and pepper, are there any spices you tend to use over and over again?
  8. Kevining is the art of falling apart emotionally after stubbing one's toe.
  9. This was the risk with playing dumb on the level David was attempting. But hey, he made it to week two, so....bonus!
  10. L Animal: Lynx Sequester activity: Laying around the pool Alliance name: Liquid Silver Sluggers Next Letter: K
  11. FUG should just run down to the local Safeway and borrow one of their plexiglass partitions to put between Chenbot and the evictee. Then no masks will be needed during the talking part of the interview.
  12. I said somewhat between because it saved Janelle and Kaysar but other than that, it's kind of meh.
  13. Final 2! Don't tell anyone! Cap courtesy of Reddit:
  14. Yeah for once I welcome FUG's interference in the game if it saves Janelle and Kaysar. I'm biased and I don't care!
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