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  1. I feel Da'Vonne is the best candidate as people who would vote to keep Kaysar would also vote to keep Da'Vonne.
  2. I just loved Chenbot's major malfunction when Dani voted for Janelle. Someone does not keep up with the feeds! Also tossing That Jersey Guy under the bus with the comment that he likes to throw hinky votes.
  3. He certainly acts his age. Say something nice about That Jersey Guy (Enzo).
  4. I'm going to need a live feed on that, please.
  5. I went with Nicole and Ian because as former winners they should have been out of there by now!
  6. I...what?? How the actual potatofuck does he come by the idea that Kaysar is just like Ronnie? FUG needs a twist: put Kevin in a room and forget about him.
  7. At this point, we know Janelle is going to go and I'd rather she go home to her kids and fabulous life because then maybe Kaysar will have a chance to slide by for a couple of weeks.
  8. I picked Da'Vonne because she is on the outside of the alliances for the most part. Also she is known to be popular with the fans and apparently that's a bad thing.
  9. It's like we know Kaysar so well, we can read his mind!
  10. WRONG! Janelle. Though I wonder if Kaysar won if he would save her instead of himself. Interesting thought.
  11. (From the recent poll thread) Okay if ever there was a time for FUG to fudge the rules and spontaneously create a Battle Back, this is it. Save your ratings maker!
  12. Oh, how I have missed Da'vonne's DR sessions. She is funny, on point, doesn't sound like she is reading off a cue card and doesn't hold back much. We need a special guest star appearance by Britney for a DR meeting with Da'vonne and Janelle.
  13. I didn't get that Julie was being catty, she just wanted to confirm NicA's thoughts and save her some time with the counselor.
  14. The Movies thread in the Games Forum is amazing, but the Grodner ones really made me howl. A selection:
  15. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, I thought we were doing the random screaming thing. So, was that good game play during the veto comp or just weird?
  16. Oprah magazine weighs in on the rampant case of Janellousy in BB22
  17. I said Tyler because he is so far off the radar I keep forgetting he is in the house.
  18. She lucked into her finish last season because she is not a PoC in a season where they were being targeted, nor was she perceived as any kind of challenge threat.
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