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    More importantly: Jin lives!! Loved Kate taking the chocolate bars. Will Desmond recognize Jack? I still don't mind the flashbacks, but I sort of feel like this episode was already explored territory. We pretty much knew Micheal and Walt's history, and there wasn't anything particularly illuminating with this one. Jin sure learned the necessary English words, didn't he?
  2. I'm hoping we get to see a favored ex-team on each leg of the show. Now that would be a reason to watch.
  3. Article on Rachel And Danielle posts about some of the aftermath stuff: Danielle
  4. The Paolo family sucks. And it sucks that the lovely Black family was eliminated.
  5. Wow, this is an exercise in memory for me. Let's see: Jack (BB4) Bunky (BB2) Howie (BB6) Gerry (BB3) Roddy (BB3) (shut up) Dr Will (BB2) Will Wikle (BB5) Lori (BB3 - older woman, smoker) Lori (BB5 - (pretty brunette, went out 2nd I think) Janelle (BB6) ItsOnica (BB2) Nakomis (BB5) Erika (BB4) Krista (BB2) (because every season needs its boozy, trashy slut) Also, Julie Chen must be forced to live in the house for at least a week, without access to hairspray.
  6. Heeheehee! Really glad to see you check in, Slae, safe and sound.
  7. I plugged some of the Dutch postings into Babelfish and got this: ------------------ Also piglet Brother has revealed the completely arranged baby chamber. In several at roze painted chamber is real of all freedoms foresees. A ledikant, chest of drawers and knuffels. You cannot consider it this way crazy or it is present. Also clothing small has been ensured. Truitjes with ' piglet baby ' and ' Born to be famous ' cannot be lacking of course. Because that it is a world first should it be clear. As Tanja of first fright has obtained take also the other occupants a look in the baby chamber. "Oh Tan, what gaaf!", Linda exclaim. "speechless", only still weet Tanja to say. "it smells here to those billetjeszalf!", Joost notice. Chantal look at delighted to all kleertjes. And this is a welcome alternation after the heavy Nominatieronde which is is. ------------------ "alternation" is now my new favorite word.
  8. The BoB episode was "The Breaking Point". He's on VERY briefly. You can thank the eagle-eyed MrG. for spotting him. I canNOT wait until January! Evil bastards, leaving the show at such a cliffhanger! Apparently in the director's commentary online, he said the show was supposed to be 90 minutes long. I'm guessing we missed out on the Kangaroo Court Martial. It was very disturbing in a lot of ways, and at first I was surprised at the warning advisory, but yeesh, after the rape scene and more, it's understandable.
  9. Eeeeee!! We got free rooms at the new Wynn Las Vegas resort for two days next week! Life of Luxury, baby! Now the big question: if we see Crappy or Maggot, are there any messages I should pass along?
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    I'll channel Jack for a minute: "They are just numbers!"
  11. I will take my winnings in tulip bulbs and wooden shoes and Edam cheese.
  12. Look, you can't call Dutch Skippy "Skippy". We need a Dutch name for him. I nominate "Stille", which means "Silent". It seemed appropriate.
  13. I liked Martha's show, but then I like Martha. Her Kmart stuff is pretty good and very affordable. When her daughter rolled her eyes after Martha made a comment about wanting grandchildren, I laughed and laughed. It was such a family moment. One of the candidates looks a hell of a lot like Suze Orman.
  14. We didn't really understand that part, so okay, makes more sense now. Why not pull on the connecting rope to pull your opponent back towards you?
  15. Pssst! Wanna see something cute? Penguins! Sea Otters!
  16. MrsGryn


    Well, I didn't see Hatch Guy/Desmond coming. Hooray for studied ignorance! Creeeeeepy! Terry O'Quinn: can enough be said about his acting ability? He had such a great look panic, fear, calm all playing across his face at once. Brilliant. Hurley does look a bit trimmer.
  17. "Kitchen Confidential" bites, sadly. That ending was soooooooo bad it turned me off trying to show again.
  18. Sophy, we thought NFL Gary should have had something prepared for any confrontation like, "My brother played in the NFL 20 years ago, that must be who you're thinking about". I'm so glad Morgan got the boot as well. So far Lydia seems cool, even if she got the spot my cousin was trying for (older woman from Seattle)!
  19. I'm good. Just got back from Chicago, went for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research fundraising 3 day walk. It was a YOOGE success - over 6.5 million bucks raised on this one weekend. Yay! Driving in Chicago was....interesting. Pedestrians are nutjobs. Cross at a corner? Crosswalk? WITH the light? Oh please, of course not! Crazy people! I decided they are all puppies: Underfoot everywhere, and they cannot control themselves by waiting for it to be safe to cross a street. Puppies! Loved the Art Institute, and going out to Oak Park to look at the houses and Frank Lloyd Wright's home & studio. Also took an architectural riverboat cruise that was just great, and I'd heartily recommend it to anyone. Ate lunch at top of the Hancock Tower. Food was so-so, but the view was spectacular. Now it's back to reality and a big pile o' work. Sigh.
  20. Has anyone heard Jamie Bamber speak in his regular voice? High tenor, soft, beautifully mellow Queen's English. It floored me! So different. Also, caught him in a brief scene in "Band of Brothers" during a repeat.
  21. It's not surprising the women were still walking around while the men were retching and passing out like little boys coming down from a Halloween candy high. Women are just better at long-haul endurance than men. It's why it's harder for us to lose weight, we're programmed to store up for leaner times. Survival of the species and all. Dammit. Love the nurse (Margaret?). Still love Stephanie and Bobby Jon is the prettiest thing to come down the pike since Kayser. Don't know enough about the others so far to comment, but it's shaping up to be a fascinating location.
  22. I wanted to watch "Invasion" because it has the great William Fichtner in it, but was stuck in the frackin' Dallas airport for hours while American Airlines found a plane that worked. Guess it's better to get home late than, say, not at all, though. How was it?
  23. It took me a minute to remember who Laken is, but it finally came to me. She's gotta be around 15, right? Surely she's knocked up by now.
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