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  1. Ew. A. Because sardines have bones and capers do not. Would your rather: A) Listen to Memphis mansplain just about everything B) Listen to Kevin cry about anything
  2. Enzo DOWN! Hemorrhoids followed soon after.
  3. David's hands are either blistered or waterlogged. Mempa has his shirt off and I was not ready for that. Put it back on, Old Man.
  4. Tyler's right arm is shaking a lot. Not sure if he is going to last as he looks miserable up there and hasn't eaten protein in a year.
  5. Xmas is now laying down on the ground in front of the hard stools BB gave them to sit on during the comp. She is on her stomach with her feet in the air, posing like you see little kids or women on tiger skin rugs do for semi-professional photographers. More rain. Tyler's hair is hanging in his head like ropes. Shoulda worn that dumb manbun, dude! I'm seriously going to stuff a sock in Xmas's mouth. DAVID IS DOWN!
  6. Enzo is still rubbing his butt on the wall. I have changed my diagnosis to hemorrhoidal itch. Xmas still giving stellar coaching advice. "Flex the hands. Let those hands rest." I would TOTALLY pay $300 bucks an hour for that kind of quality coaching.
  7. Xmas turned to say something to Davonne, who totally ignored her. Love it! For the record, Tyler is wearing dropcrotch pants, or possibly jodphurs. Either is a ridiculous choice for this comp. Ian, on the other hand, looks like his clothes are two sizes too big. More rain. Dani is standing awkwardly and looks very uncomfortable.
  8. When the wall moves forward, Mempa appears to be leading with his beer belly. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen from the pull of gravity. They are being sprayed with water. Xmas helpfully yells when the wall starts moving because apparently they are all idiots who cannot tell when their perspective is changing. Or, you know, hear the SUPERLOUD gears moving behind them.
  9. Looks like Skippy the Intern rebooted the entire CBS system and we are back with the feeds AND All-Access. Keeping my feed on the quad cam for now. Davonne is sitting next to Xmas. Enzo is rubbing his butt against the wall like a dog with anal gland issues. Stop that, MeowMeow. It's gross.
  10. Angel, are you in the feeds? A lot of us are having trouble getting in.
  11. Kimberly Clark Tissue Company, and David because even though he's an idiot, he was smart enough to keep his power to himself.
  12. I put Kevin in there. Let's see some chaos.
  13. Bayleigh for both. I think the people in power feel they can work with Da'vonne more than they can with Bayleigh, who can be a bit of a wild card.
  14. Re: rivers in Los Angeles. They look like this: The reason is because without the channels, flooding would be horrendous on the flat part as the runoff from the mountains sheds water. On topic: Swaggy and Bayleigh live downtown, so with traffic, Swagster has grossly overestimated how fast he could be at the studio. On the other hand, he tweeted he "bought" Bayleigh a Tesla S so maybe he upgraded to the hovercraft package?
  15. If there was any chance I was going to record DWTS and just FF to watch the actual dances to enjoy the pros, this cast list just killed it.
  16. I mean, really. We all know this song and dance.
  17. I'd like to vote for Janelle since she escaped this mess, but settled for the ducks on the wall.
  18. Okay that is kind of funny. Also we put the info at the top of the thread to avoid this situation!!
  19. I hope there is some aloe vera in the house to cover that burn!
  20. I would guess that the DR was working hard to keep Janelle and kept referring to her as legendary. Or they put the idea across that the BB was 90% upset with Janelle walking out the door and some of them got the hint that they'd better respect her.
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