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  1. I just voted for all three women because I'm a sexist misogynist or something. Also the three of them suck.
  2. Please don't sully the name of Eeyore. Kevin and Kevin, for sure. Then David will be the second eviction. Then it's a free for all!
  3. I like that you are loyal to consistency there, cops.
  4. Prizes. I made jury, screw hanging out with these losers longer than I have to.
  5. #TeamMeowMeow. Also the Skippy, who deserves to skim off the top of Nicole's second BB win, which she is marching her way to at this point.
  6. I picked Da'Vonne if she stays just because....I don't know. Habit? Also picked Tyler because he's still the best of the rest as far as being a tolerable, decent person.
  7. Da'vonne is doing but I so wish it were Kevin and his inflated sense of his own cleverness.
  8. Great job on the nominations there MemPa. You have just made BB22 the peak 2020 game.
  9. There responses in the poll thread about the legendary new neighbor cracked me up to no end:
  10. Speculation on Reddit is that it is going to be Ian as the jury house will be on the lot, to keep everyone contained.
  11. No point now since he is out of the running for the grand prize and doesn't have the spare change. Nicole can't have freeloaders at her wedding, after all!
  12. I thought Memphis was saying Nicole, not the n-word. Everyone wants to be outraged and they are willing to make shit up to do it.
  13. That was my guess! Or perhaps it is a reminder to Mr. Moonves to keep in line.
  14. TeamMeowMeow for the win. Never thought I'd say that! He had a good week as listed above. Kevin for getting off the block, Da'Vonne for winning veto and having the guts to use it as the rest of these lemmings would have just crumbled under the slightest pressure. I was going to say David but couldn't because even though he had that power and used it, he was such an idiot for trying to pretend he didn't use it on himself and going around asking everyone if they used it on him, up to and including KEVIN. What a moron. Also Props Skippy for making me laugh for a change.
  15. Oh for sure they pre-game is Survivor. It played out a lot in this last Winners at War season. And also, as you point out, these people all know each other to one degree or more. I'm not clear how I actually feel about the pre-gaming stuff, to be honest. It seems inevitable in this sort of season.
  16. Ha, I like the idea of Probst Island. To get the upgraded suite, you need to complete a slide puzzle in less than 15 minutes. They stick with Fiji because of perks, as noted above, the cost of filming there, the gorgeous location, the stability of the local crew and permanent/semi-permanent sets. Jeff talked about that in an interview before.
  17. Oh, you're not wrong. But there is a world of difference between saying someone freaks me out vs. laughing about his differences and imitating the behavior in a derogatory way. Additionally, everyone on BB22, with the exception of David, understands exactly how their game works and how anything can be captured and broadcast at any time. Especially in a hypersensitive atmosphere out in the real world, as Nicole is going to find out soon enough.
  18. Yes, perhaps, but it's the kind of thing adults - especially someone who is a father himself, or a nurse who has ostensibly been trained on dealing with people with neurological differences - should keep to themselves. Especially when they know they are being watched 24/7.
  19. Cousin Itt bought a souvenir hat from OK Corral.
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