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  1. What rules are we talking about again?
  2. When they whine in the Diary Room....recappers pour more Recapper Wine.
  3. When their fur clogs the drain...Skippy the Intern has to clean it out.
  4. Do you think I'm going to screw it up again?
  5. Can. Are you able to wiggle your ears?
  6. Definitely enjoyed seeing TAR on TV again. Some decent casting overall, good challenges, pre-pandemic world. Fine with the Hillbillies going home, because that one guy's beard was sooooo weird! Like it was cartooned on his face. Or maybe his face is a cartoon? I don't know, just glad they are gone. GOATS! Hung (?) faceplanting on the mat was great. "But I'm on the mat!" Then Phil yelling at everyone "YOU CAN LET THE GOAT GO NOW!" in a slightly panicked tone was funny.
  7. I had completely forgotten that The Bachelorette was starting tonight with Clare, the Oldest Woman in History, apparently. Rather than the regular mansion, they are at a resort in La Quinta. I'm kind of liking the change of location. The resort looks gorgeous!
  8. I voted Memphis, but Enzo would also put Nicole on the block over Cody, so yeah.
  9. You are exactly right, cops. Voted Xmas for both, but at this point I don't care who goes, I just want to make sure Nicole loses at the end. That's what I'm living for these days.
  10. Well, of COURSE Nicole won HOH, because we can't have nice things.
  11. Tyler for the same reasons as copssister and that he doesn't have to deal with these fools anymore, and the viewers who stopped watching. I'm jealous.
  12. Okay I'm going to give this one to Cody because it cracked me up. From Jokers tweetie:
  13. He never looked me straight in the eyes, wore a knit cap to cover his baldness, and sounded like a cat with a Jersey accent.
  14. 1. Hurricane Howie 2. Danielle Reyes. 3. Agent Jack.
  15. Here lies David: He still doesn't know what hit him.
  16. 10. The Day DrWill's Face Stood Still Next word: Jury
  17. I think Anne Heche was blacklisted by Hollywood for having a giant drug-fueled meltdown in Fresno, California.
  18. Sadly, I think Tyler is going because he is much more of a threat to win in the end than the unpopular Xmas is with this group.
  19. Yet they managed to stuff enough commercials in there to have it run until 11pm. So...priorities.
  20. I shouldn't be surprised at what an idiot he proved himself to be on the show last night but...yeah that was a new low, even for BB. I mean, that was Cowboy levels of idiocy.
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