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  1. I'm torn about that news. Should I pop champagne or go straight to the hot fudge sundae? Just hope whomever replaces her doesn't find worse people.
  2. SHOCKER! Clare and Dale break up! Who saw this coming, besides everyone except Clare?
  3. I certainly wouldn't have expected less from him.
  4. Transferred some recordings from VCR to DVD! Oh, it's on Amazon Prime!
  5. I don't see how they can. I read that the other day and yeah....no. It is amazing no one died before this, to be honest. I think I'll just go back to watching MXC on reruns.
  6. I totally agree with you about Discovery - there are a lot of things I like but Burnham's delivery is always the same: a mix of wonder, earnestness, and distress. It's kind of annoying. I think Tig Notaro's character is my favorite addition. We are a few episodes behind in our viewing of Discovery, mostly because I want to keep watching The Crown (on S3). Loving The Mandalorian for many reasons, including Baby Yoda. I love how they have made this sometimes awkwardly obvious puppet be so Yoda-like (wanting teal macarons and not afraid to use the Force to get them) and still be a toddler. I know a good amount of Star Wars stuff but am not deep in the lore enough to know all the stuff about the Mandalorian mythology.
  7. I still think they should have brought back the guys who got booted, but I assume they were out of the bubble at that point. At least the guys left seem like decent choices for Tayshia, other than James the concussed ex football player (or whatever his name is). That segment at the end with Dale and Clare in that kitchen and he says, "What are you cooking?" and she does the baby voice "Salad" while holding up a bowl. That is assembling, not cooking!
  8. When it looked like the football players were going to be the last to arrive, I was hoping for a non-elimination leg. When it was the blondes, I was not happy about it. Those are the breaks! I'm liking the married couple, especially when he said, "I should listen more" in a quiet, defeated voice. Yep, that guy is married. It made me laugh. I also like the bearded guys, the Vietnamese-American gals and the aforementioned football players. Really can't stand the nerds. They remind me of a knock off version of Christian and Gabby from Survivor, without their redeeming qualities (actual intelligence rather than just claiming to have it). The gay guys bug because they really, really remind me of all the bad things about Frankie Grande. I'm very annoyed they have managed to come in first twice!
  9. I love how the ending of this season is a boatload of "Yay, NOT Nicole!" Cry, bitch. Fisty lives for your insufferable tears.
  10. Totally agree with this. And yeah, I still like Tyler, too, JunkTV. I wish (and so does he) that he had sided with Janey and Kaysar early on but what can you do. Hindsight is 20/20. Also 2020 sucks.
  11. Cody will keep Nicole for his argument that he was a former winner so the jury should vote for him instead.
  12. Most likely to return to BB as a player (again)... Dani Most likely to be forgotten (again)... Memphis Most likely to return to BB as a competition/luxury/etc. host... Janelle Most likely to go to jail next... Please. Xmas. Most likely to end up on "The Amazing Race"... Cody Most likely to end up on "Survivor"... Kaysar Most likely to show up on "The Challenge"... Enzo Most likely to cry when they read what social media thinks of them... Nicole and I hope it is livestreamed.
  13. Can't. Can you garden with any sort of skill?
  14. Greg Kinnear as Memphis. A story about a Mempa who goes to be early and crabs about these damn kids leaving their stuff all over the house, until one day he just disappears forever.
  15. 1. I sealed your partner's fate. 2. I have a harm! (RW James) 3. Weekend at Kathy's being dragged through any competition. Name your three lowest moments from BB, any season.
  16. All I saw was a halo of blond curls and the scent of sunscreen was in the air.
  17. Here lies Christmas. She was cancelled.
  18. Cody: managed a large group of diverse personalities toward a common goal (Cody winning the game).
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