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  1. Comedy

    Sitcoms, funny shows, etc. Including "The Dr. Phil Show".
  2. Was it a dogpaddling challenge?
  3. Bachelor/ette

    I can't believe we didn't have a thread for this craptastic show before! Anyway, for those who were watching the recent Bachelorette show with Ali, this is a nice article about one of the cast offs, Ty (or as I liked to call him, Jugears): Ty Brown Music.
  4. Food Shows

    I'm starting this thread if only to talk about the search for the Next Iron Chef. Just watched the show tonight and really enjoyed it a lot. The usual reality contest show set up: contestants, competitions, an elimination. Why am I liking this show? It's brutal! All these highly trained, very successful chefs getting knocked around by stuff like having to debone a chicken, filet a salmon, shuck oysters ("arsters" in the local dialect) and clams, etc. Fun stuff.
  5. Jonathan Benett

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Actor. Baking show host. Eyebrow enthusiast.
  6. Photos courtesy of EW.com Former communications director. Most likely to cause Fisty massive headaches.
  7. Jonathan Benett

    Aw, he has no comments! Will probably be the least-douchey of the bunch.
  8. Ryan Lochte

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Former Olympic Swimmer. Current idiot.
  9. Lolo Jones

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Former Olympian. Still a virgin.
  10. Photos courtesy of EW.com Actor. Professional Reality Has-been.
  11. Ricky Williams

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Former NFL player. Most likely to smuggle a bong into the house.
  12. You say that like it's a bad thing...
  13. Hey, you could still have him for a few thousand.
  14. Dina Lohan

    Photos courtesy of EW.com "Momager" to Lindsay Lohan. Still desperate to be famous.
  15. The good thing is that I have no one that I like, as with Ross last season. So it's going to be a bloodbath from me. Avert your children's eyes, people.
  16. Dina Lohan

    Who doesn't?
  17. Apparently he'd just buy some magic beans with it.
  18. Tamar Braxton

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Sister of a talented diva. Fired from "The Real" aka the knock off version "The View."
  19. Natalie Eva Marie

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Former WWE Total Divas star. Yet another Natalie who will disappoint us on BB.
  20. Kato Kaelin

    Photos courtesy of EW.com America's Least Favorite Houseguest. Irrelevant since 1994.
  21. Kandi Burruss

    Photos courtesy of EW.com Real Housewife of Atlanta. Co-wrote "No Scrubs."
  22. Tom Green

    Photos courtesy of EW.com "Comedic" actor. Total tool.
  23. Wow, he's kinda stupid:
  24. Tom Green

    Yes! Good memory.
  25. Bring on people that I hate. All the more to rip apart in recaps and posts.