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  1. They are real. I get paint chips before every season, so when Probst wears something I am not prepared for, I want to wring his neck! And thus I started getting blacks/grays and green paint chips, too. Then I find the one that is closest to his shirt color. That is how dedicated I am to Probst's shirt colors!
  2. To be in: Yul for the view, Kim, because she could get things off the top shelf, Sophie to play games with, Denise for her work out ethic. Driving me crazy: Tony, Wendell, Adam. Tony is too antsy, Wendell is dismissive of women in general, Adam because he is punchable.
  3. Which of the players from Season 40 would you like to quarantined with for a month and which would be the WORST to be quarantined with for a month? State any reason in the comments.
  4. Okay, Adam is getting on my last nerve. He's scared? Don't do the challenge! Start off at the lowest point if you are afraid of heights. He is sooooo whiny. Also, he's scared of being voted out? You aren't going to die! You are not in real danger! Stop whining! When Ben snapped at him, I nearly cheered.
  5. I have questions. First, what is the color of the new buff for the Merge tribe (Koru)? I think it's like that blue/black/white/gold dress from a few years ago. Second, did anyone look for a clue to an immunity idol at the merge feast? My suspicion is that they did but none was found so nothing was shown. Third, I'm kind of grateful for the escape Survivor provides right now.
  6. THUNDERDOME! Well, not quite. We finally have some action on Jurassic Island that involves something other than Ethan telling us he had cancer and a scramble for fire tokens. Today is Merge Day! Also known as Someone Gets Back in the Game Day! We start with a close up on the ragged Reem Daly Memorial Banner on the spit of land known as the Edge of Extinction. The dinosaurs have been given a scroll of parchment with a list of things they can buy with their fire tokens. Natalie purchases one advantage and an immunity idol, which is not a bad choice as she has a pretty good chance of getting back in the game. Amber gives her husband Rob an advantage and an immunity idol if he gets back in the game. Everyone prepares in different ways – Rob and Ambuh kiss, Parvati does yoga, Tyson looks furtive and shady. So, a typical morning for our Exiles. Challenge Beach. Probst is wearing a Behr Paint Coal Mine shirt, for those keeping score at home. When Sele walks up onto the beach and everyone sees that Yul is gone, Adam calls it a clean sweep as the last of the Old School Players is gone. That term really needs to be retired, much like spending twenty minutes reminiscing about failed players was retired thirty seasons ago. Probst gives them what they are waiting to hear: Drop your buffs. New buffs are given and the background color is a little difficult to figure out, but I’m going to go with a dark burgundy. At times it looks brown, at other times it appears to be deep purple. In any case, it is probably the worst background color for the buff art I have ever seen. Probst goes on to explain what the players have already figured out, other than maybe Tony: the dinosaurs are going to be given a chance for one of them to get back in the game. The exiles troop in, everyone other than Sandra, which Probst points out to no one’s surprise. I imagine there was a lot of speculation as to who would last on Jurassic Island anyway, and if the Queen Sandra Memorial Bench was any indication, her surrender was expected. Still, I have a touch of melancholy about it because she might have been a hoot on the jury. Before the challenge begins, Probst asks a few of the exiles how their experience has been. Natalie talks about being there alone with no one to give her a hug and how that was pretty much rock bottom. She is normally, as we remember from her time on TAR with her twin sister, boisterous and loud, but in this moment she is subdued and emotional. Tyson is asked about his ability to find a joke even in the darkest times, and he, too, shakes with controlled emotions, talking about his two daughters and being out there as a way to provide for them. The jokes and humor are, he posits, a way to keep a mask up. I have no idea what he’s talking about here. Ahem. And finally, Boston Rob has an opportunity to show his anger at the ones still in the game for voting his wife out simply due to her connection to him, and how low that made him feel and how unfair it was to Ambuh. Also, how is it that Amber pretty much looks the same age as when she played nearly twenty years ago? The challenge itself involves running a series of obstacle, including a balance beam, cargo net, digging for a bag of string, creating a hook long enough to grab a key and open a locked gate, and using a BALL! on a vertical snake maze. First player to get the BALL! in the snake’s head wins a return to the game. Jeff talks about the fire token wins and that some players bought an advantage with their tokens: Danni, Rob, Tyson, Natalie, Ethan. They will not have to dig for the string. Yul, Parvati, and Amber have no advantages. Survivors ready? GO! One the cargo net part, the Exiles have to untie three bags of sticks for the gate part of the challenge. Tyson is first through and Wendell remarks that “Tyson ain’t playing.” Brilliant observation. None of these Survivors gives up, as Rob pointed out. Rob manages to get his stick made and gets his key first, with Natalie and Tyson not far behind. Once Rob has his BALL! on the maze, Kim asks Wendell if Rob is good at this kind of thing and Wendell answers, “He’s good at everything.” Well, yes, except at not getting voted out. That was a problem earlier. Natalie and Tyson are tied and then what’s this? Hellooooooooo Yul catches up, even though he had no advantage. Soon everyone except Ambuh is working on the maze. Sadly, Yul drops his BALL! leaving the game between Tyson and Boston Rob. It is a nailbiter, a seriously win-by-a-nose photofinish. Tyson and Rob bro-hug it out, and Tony makes a snarky comment from the peanut gallery about Sandra going home because no way was she doing this. And Tony? Sandra is okay with that. So it is Tyson back in the game, which is okay by me. As I’ve said before, I like Tyson. If you wonder why, see his answer to Probst before this challenge, about seeing the world though a lens of humor, both the good and bad stuff that occurs to us as a human race. It is why we faithful to HamsterTime keep showing up year after year. It is why, despite the dark and scary events happening in the world today, we know we will manage to make it through to the other side. Laugh at the darkness and you will spark a beacon of light. Merge beach is Sele, where Wendell has built a comfortable resort, with a log swing, a coconut vending machind, and a sturdy shelter. A new fire token menu has been posted and Tony laments that prices have gone up and he cannot buy anything. I managed to stop the playback on the menu and it lists items as such: Three tokens gets you someone spot on a reward. Two tokens sends a personal note to any player on Jurassic Island. (Why in the hell would someone spend fire tokens on that idiocy?) Four tokens will get you either a small bag of beans or two pillows and two blankets. Five tokens will buy a regular bag of rice or a tarp. And finally, at the bottom of the menu there is a note that says “The last time you can spend fire tokens is sundown of Day 34.” We are only on Day 19. Also with the new menu is equipment to make a new tribe flag and a merge feast. Sitting around the table, Denise tells the story about how Sandra was voted out, impressing everyone with her moxie and also painting a target directly on her well-toned back. Talk turns to how surprising it is that all the old school players were voted out and someone asks if that was deliberate, to a resounding chorus of “No!” Tyson, now, as he puts it, the only OG left, silently observes what is happening and reminds us that he played Survivor three times before “most of these guys put on their Survivor diapers.” He vows to be a bit more cautious and worries about his ability to adapt, though he doesn’t think he will have a problem with that. Wendell and Jeremy manage to wander off and have a chat. They apparently met once outside the game and got along. I will just point out that is probably because Wendell was not trying to get into Jeremy’s pants to hit it and quit it, at least as far as we know. They exchange the names of those they are working with and trust, and they both agree that Sophie and Denise are PLAYING the game, but are still people they like think they can trust still. Wendell counts Nick and Michele as his alliance members. Jeremy would like to be Wendell’s number one guy and realizes that Nick currently occupies that spot. Meanwhile, Tyson and Yosemite Ben talk at the water well and reestablish the Big Target alliance of Tony, Jeremy and the two of them are on that list. Tony is all over that and wants what he calls the low profile players of Nick, Wendell, Sophie, and Adam to go. So, Tony, did you draw these conclusions from your spy shelter by the watering hole? Because I have seen all of those players you named making moves and maneuvering throughout the game, especially Sophie. And I am just going to apologize now for forgetting Sophie. Girl showed up for this season. New tribe name: Koru. Day 21. Rain is pouring down, people are cold, tired, wet, miserable, and they just look awful. Adam revels in it and basically calls everyone else pansies for being miserable since he went through a cyclone during his season. Yes. Where you were evacuated and given shelter in a safe space during the storm, so stop gloating, you whiny twerp. Adam seems to think he is tougher than everyone else in this situation and I guarantee resident veteran Yosemite Ben would have something to say about being in a more difficult spot than this one. A quick conversation between Tyson, Nick, and Wendell reveal that Denise may be in the hotspot due to her brilliant takedown of the Queen. No, not Denise!! I am really hoping for a final three of Denise, Sophie and Sarah at this point. Wendell wants to vote people out who are playing a “winner game.” So…you aren’t playing to win? Immunity Challenge time. Probst is wearing a Behr Paint Shasta Lake shirt, for those keeping score at home. The players all look absolutely miserable, cold, wet, worn down. Sophie in particular seems to be at the edge of collapse, with red-rimmed eyes, chattering teeth and a red nose that was totally not from the booze they got at the merge feast. I really feel sorry for her. Michele and Sarah flank her and put their arms around her to bolster her spirits, while Yosemite Ben mutters, “She’s gonna go quick.” Asshole. Probst reveals the new immunity necklace, which is actually pretty cool. It looks like a large torc with tiny skulls woven into the rattan pattern of the breastplate piece with a larger skull centered on it. And never one to miss a dramatic flourish, Probst whips the immunity necklace off the holder to reveal….ANOTHER immunity necklace! The tribe is playing for two immunities, one for men and one for women. That is good because this challenge is an upper body strength one: hold on to a pole for as long as possible before sliding down and hitting the sand like a bag of meat bones. Oh, they also get a fire token each. Survivors ready? GO! Two seconds in and Adam is annoying the crap out of me. He starts whining about how scared he is, and really dude? Really? You can give up any time you want. Having real difficulty is Michele, who slips and falls a HUGE distance. I am shocked she did not break an ankle, and so is Probst, who asks if she needs medical. Michele claims she is okay. Next is Adam, who very kindly helps Michele up and over to the waiting bench. Following is Sarah, Tyson (guess the peanut butter didn’t make the trip with him), Wendell, Tony, and finally Sophie who made a respectable showing. The women are down to Kim vs. Denise and in the end, Denise and her amazing musculature win over lanky Kim. Ben follows shortly, leaving Jeremy and Nick hugging their poles. I am surprised that Nick is able to hold on to what is, essentially, a large stake so close to his heart, what with him being a vampire and all. Eventually it is Jeremy the fireman, no stranger to poles, who wins immunity and I am pleased that neither of these two are going home. Post challenge scramble brings us three possible candidates for elimination: Nick, Wendell, or Adam. Jeremy pushes getting rid of Nick as he is trying to protect Wendell. Tony wants Nick to go as well, referring to him as a hyena who waits for the lions to finish before he sneaks in and takes the scraps. This is not a terrible analogy, especially coming from Tony, though I would say a lot of that has to do with Nick’s life and upbringing and how he managed to pull himself out of the poverty hole he grew up amid in the Kentucky hollow. Tony’s complain about Nick showing up for every conversation does lead to a hilarious sequence of Nick doing exactly that: passing by a conversation, sidling up to the girls braiding their hair, standing silently behind a group of guys talking. Nick wants to get rid of Adam, to break out the Denise-Adam pairing, and also that everyone says Adam cannot be trusted. Sophie, on the other hand, prefers Wendell going because she knows there is no inroad with him for her in future game play. She has already sussed out that the “Big Guys” aka Jeremy, Tony, Tyson, Ben, got together and decided who would go. She sees Jeremy as running the ship and she wants to cut off that branch. Sophie is not wrong, especially as Jeremy tries to switch the focus to Adam. Got to give him credit for trying to protect Wendell, but all it is doing is putting a target directly on him. Adam gets paranoid and nervous and starts getting on people’s nerves. And by people I mean Yosemite Ben, who channels us by being curt with the very, very needy younger man. Also, Adam is scared. DUDE! This is not life or death! You can be nervous, okay, I get that, but scared? I do not think that word means what you think it means. Tribal council time. Probst is wearing a Behr Paint Shipwreck blue shirt, for those keeping score at home. Much of the Tribal council talk is directed around paranoia, going with the flow, and how many conversations people have, how frequent they are and how long they last. As has been happening with this group of experienced, savvy players, tribal council often says a whole lot of nothing. The Survivors dance around whatever Probst asks them without really saying much. It is good game play but makes for some dull television and impossible to recap without falling asleep, no matter how much coffee I drink while practicing social distancing and avoiding all the household tasks I’ve successfully managed to avoid for years. Let’s just get to the vote, shall we? Shown is Nick voting for Adam, and Adam voting for Wendell while saying, “You think it’s me going tonight, but do you know it’s you?” That made me believe Adam would be going into exile, as the editors have loved making him look like a fool this season. Probst goes to tally the votes. Adam. Wendell. Adam. Adam. Wendel. Wendell. Wendell. Wendell. Wen. Wendell. That’s enough and I am very happy to report that Wendell has been sent to Jurassic Island. He bequeaths his two tokens to Michele and Nick, which at first confused me. Why not Jeremy? Upon rewatch, however, looking at the expressions on the faces of both Nick and Michele, it seems obvious they were the other two votes for Adam and Jeremy went with the majority of the group. Good move for Jeremy, I hope. And it is unlikely that anyone other than Adam will hold their votes against Nick and Michele. Reaching Jurassic Island, Wendell declares the war is not over yet and he is plotting his return. About that…Boston Rob would like a word with you, Wendell. Next week, Nick targets Sarah! She finds out about it! Oh, Nick. You are going to get sniped!
  7. John Krasinski of The Office and Jack Ryan fame has started a Some Good News channel on YouTube. Love it.
  8. Shannon, I'm glad you checked in. I was thinking about you in the nursing home the other day, so it is good to hear from you. On Friday, I took a long drive to be out of the house and see something different. Ended up at a very obscure historical marker way off the beaten path (had to go down a long dirt road then hike a quarter mile to get there). It was lovely to be outside, to not have anyone else around, but also sobering. Stopped at a grocery store on the way home. It was brisk business. They had people stationed outside wiping down the carts with cleaning solution before pushing the cart toward customer. The workers had gloves, I saw a couple of masks. There were exactly ZERO paper products and only a few cleaners, stuff like toilet gel, nothing else. However, I found hamburger which has been scarce, so I was happy. Weirdly, I could not find the spreadable butter (Land o' Lakes w/ Canola) that I like. Very little tub butter in fact. Got regular old sticks instead.
  9. Ah. Well, hopefully you will remain symptom free for the two weeks. Keep us in the loop as to how it goes!
  10. Was it your primary care that said you couldn't have a test? I would suggest you contact your county or state health department and tell them what you wrote here about being exposed, your symptoms and your underlying conditions.
  11. Yeah me three. If it had been someone else there instead of Rob, I would guess Tyson might have found at least one more. Then he could have purchased some jelly to go with his peanut butter.
  12. By the end of this episode, Magpie declared herself to be on #TEAMDOUCHE. I am on #TEAMANYONEBUTDOUCHE. This is now enmity is born. Who the douche in question is becomes apparently on this episode. We actually start off on Jurassic Island in nightvision as Parvati describes her ouster to the rest of her fellow exiles. She calls herself lame for being voted out before the merge, but in the middle of her story, guess who joins them? The Queen herself, Sandra. Parvati cannot help being a little bit pleased about Sandra’s ouster. At first we don’t see Boston Rob’s reaction to it, but as the Queen describes how her booting came about, Rob gives a sly little satisfied smile at how Sandra managed to outsmart herself by being strategic rather than her tried and true “anyone but me” strategy. She knows this is how she blew it, allowing the fact that she liked Denise to color her emotions and change up her game play. And as the exiled players sit around the Reem Daly Memorial Fire, they describe to her how life goes on the island, including Tyson mentioning climbing up the mountain every day to get a cupful of rice. Sandra immediately starts looking around for the exit sign and telling them in no uncertain terms she will not be starving for twenty three days, only to lose in the challenge to get back in the game. Everyone and their puppy knows there is no way Sandra is winning a challenge. Not a physical one, not a puzzle one, not a fire making challenge, nothing. She will never make it back into the game and as her last act ever for Survivor, at least until she takes over Jeff Probst’s job in an unforeseen coup, she lights her torch and marches out to the Reem Daly Memorial Surrender Monkey Flagpole and taps out. Here’s to you, Sandra Diaz-Twine. You have given me a lot of hours of entertainment over the years, you have always and ever been yourself, forthright and direct, tough, no-nonsense, and amusingly brusque. Others may try to take your place in the annals of Survivor legend, but they will ever fall short, and you will still be there on the sidelines to remind them they are pale imitations of the true Queen. Sele, post tribal council. Yul is discomfited by Wendell’s behavior before the vote, specifically his stated willingness to vote how Parvati wanted him to vote. Being an adult, being an upright, Dudley Do-Right kind of guy, Yul pulls him aside and talks about what happened during tribal. Wendell states that this is how he treats his friends in real life as well, he is very upfront and honest with them about how he feels and what he believes and apparently he gives no fucks how they feel about it. This becomes self-evident as the show goes on, but we will get there. In the meantime, Yul greets the sunrise with a lot of doubt now about Wendell’s commitment to the alliance, and his integrity within the game. How about if we see how Wendell treats women overall, especially one he has previously knocked boots with, shall we? At the fire the next morning, Michele and Wendell talk with Yul in the background overhearing the conversation. Michele expresses how she believes the effect his actions and words will have on the others in the alliance, and she makes her point in a calm and non-accusatory way. Wendell immediately warps into a PAD: Passive Aggressive Dick, and expresses his thanks to her for “schooling” him on how he should speak at tribal council. Yul blanches at the way Wendell condescends to her, and I have a very hard time imagining Yul ever speaking to another person in such a way. It’s unnecessary and it is especially cruel as there is no need for Wendell to be that way with her, other than he can. It is a misuse of power. Yul talks with Michele later about the disrespectful way Wendell speaks to her, and how disappointed he is that Wendell is one way with him (respectful, adult) and another way with her (condescending, snide). They agree that Wendell is shady AF, and to my eyes he has zero respect for women in general. And what do we learn? That Michele tried to, as she put it, “repair some of the damage in our relationship” by giving him one of Parvati’s fire tokens. WHAT?? Those fire tokens were for you to use, not to try and get your ex-boyfriend to still like you. He is a user and a jerk and Parvati probably screamed at her TV when she saw that. I know I did, along with every sensible person watching this show. What a dumbass move. You give him valuable coin with nothing…NOTHING…in return. GAH! I’m done with Michele now. And by the end of the episode I’m doubly-done. The morning of Day 17 dawns over Jurassic Island, now minus one Queen. To recap in the recap, the Exiles are currently Natalie, Amber, Danni, Ethan, Rob, Parvati, Tyson. Because a big deal is made out of this later in the episode, it is notable that six out of the seven exiles are what is being referred to as “old school” Survivor players. I have been unclear about what the dividing line is between old school and new school and a quick Google search left me with more questions than when I started. So we are going with my personal definition which is, “Do I remember them winning?” If the answer is yes, then they are old school. Sorry, Sophie. Ethan is struggling with some depression issues and dark thoughts…well, as dark as Ethan gets. Parvati, though, talks him through it and includes insightful comments like “Fasting is really good for the body” (sure, just ask the Donner Party and a few Somalis circa 2011), and “Do you want to do some yoga?” Ethan says he will be okay, but I suspect he may not last too much longer and we will see another Reed Daly Memorial Surrender Flag hoisting before the season is over. Speaking of which, a box has been left for the exiles. In it are seven rolled up messages which say, “Scattered on top of the island are four fire tokens. Follow the trails to the natural ends, then the search begins. There is no limit as to how many fire tokens one player can find.” Boston Rob takes off, running up the hillside like a scampering rabbit. Tyson tells us that he saw Rob go, but figured that “as a portly chap” like Rob, Tyson would have no trouble passing him on the uphill part of the trail. He finds a fire token almost immediately and calls himself amazing. Oh, Tyson! He is one of those personalities that if you take him and what he says literally, you will find him insufferable and a lout. I just hear the self-deprecating laughter behind those statements. Try it my way, Tyson-haters. It is a lot more fun. Back to the fire token hunt. We know Tyson has one, because he shows everyone what it looks like. Everyone else is unable to find any tokens and once they all gather together again they all seem disappointed and sad. Natalie demands everyone “frisk” to prove they don’t have fire tokens and I wonder why you would ask that of Danni, because the girl is so slender she is barely there herself. There is a whole lot of fabric waving and pants dropping but no tokens other than Tyson’s are to be found. The consensus is that the other three were never going to be found. However….(insert dramatic music here)…Boston Rob, of course it is Boston Rob, has managed to find the other three tokens and hidden them in his jockstrap. We see film of him finding the tokens. He says with finding three out of four, if he were batting in the major league he would be batting .750 and I’m suddenly sad there is no opening day baseball today. Also the Houston Astros are cheaters and the Dodgers should retroactively be awarded the 2017 World Series trophy. Dakal beach. Tony runs like an idiot on the beach, much to the amusement of Jeremy, Kim, and New Queen Denise. Tony thinks Denise is a new target for his protection and he is highly focused on having a meat shield. He is so careless with his words, he even tells her that she is now in that role. Jeremy, though, feels Tony is still the biggest threat out there. Kim is concerned about having a plan moving forward when the inevitable merge comes, and she, Jeremy, and Denise commit to having a bond together once that happens. Yara beach. Turns out Adam is a whiny bitch. Oh, wait, we knew that already. He and Yosemite Ben have a little tiff because Ben keeps asking if Adam has the hidden immunity idol. I’m assuming Yosemite Ben is obsessing over this a bit because he has been unable to find the token. If only he looked in Sophie’s bag! Then he would find it! Meanwhile, Adam complains about the tone being used to interrogate him and Yosemite Ben immediately reframes his question/demand in a falsetto that would put Tiny Tim to blame. This whole segment is here to show us how Adam is acting like a teenager. He is mad that the rest of his tribe is only pretending to look for an idol to humor him when he is certain that either Sarah or Yosemite Ben has that idol. Just grow up, ya whiny brat. Immunity Challenge time! Probst is wearing a Behr Paint Rushing Stream shirt, for those keeping score at home. We are down to three teams of four, so no one has to utilize the Sandra Sit-out Memorial Bench. Probst also explains that two tribes will have immunity once again, leaving only one going to tribal council. The challenge is going to be a very physical one for the most part: a large VERY heavy shallow disc will have to be carried by all members to a water tower where they will have to fill the reservoir then carry the disc over some obstacles while spilling as little water as possible. Once they get the disc to the end of the course, they will pour the water in a bucket in an effort to drop a bag full of puzzle pieces, which will then be assembled on the disc. First two tribes to finish win immunity. Survivors ready? GO! There are two approaches: hare and turtle. While Sele and Dakal both hare the course, it is Yara being a turtle who manages to get their puzzle pieces first. They were slow and steady and barely lost any water. Sophie and Yosemite Ben begin work on the puzzle, followed by Dakal getting their pieces with Jeremy and Denise working on the puzzle. Sele is last and the second time watching this I noticed that Michele was carrying the puzzle bag but had momentarily gotten in the way of the guys moving the disc to the puzzle platform. Either Nick or Wendell can be heard saying, “Get out of the fucking way” though the last two words are not heard, we can only hear the beginning of it. Nothing passive about that, just an aggressive dick there. I went back a couple of times and I really am not certain which one said it, but I know for sure it was not Yul. Michelle and Wendell work on Yara’s puzzle, which….not Yul? Really? Or Nick? So Yara finishes first and has time for Yosemite Ben to stand at parade rest, watching the other two tribes like it is a tennis match. Sele is getting their puzzle done, but never, ever count out Denise on these things. She and Jeremy are in sync and as I stopped the playback for a minute to get some thoughts down, the screen is stopped on her, showing some amazing muscle definition. I think she might even put Jeremy to shame, girl is so fit! Wendell alerts Probst that they are almost done and Nick cautions him to concentrate on the puzzle. Wendell declares that he needed Jeff’s attention and yeah, dude. We can all see you need attention. And in one of my favorite moments of the season so far, Dakal finishes their puzzle a second before Sele does. Suck on that, Wendell. Post challenge on Sele beach. Yul is not happy that Wendell did focus completely on the challenge and feels that this momentary lapse could have been the difference between winning and losing the challenge, and he is not wrong. The long and short of it is between voting out Yul or Wendell. Nick seems to favor voting with Yul and booting Wendell, because it was his inattention on the puzzle that blew it for them, which is exactly what Yul just said. Wendell wants to vote out Yul and Michele just wants Wendell to put her digits back in his phone. Honestly, there were a number of cringe-tastic moments here. Wendell wants attention from Probst, but Michelle wants attention from Wendell. Unfortunately for us, as soon as Yul said Wendell was for sure going home, I knew it was going to be Yul. Michele says something to Yul about wanting her fire token back, so Yul tries to come up with some strategy to get them back. His plan is that telling Wendell he and Nick are voting out Michele, while in reality, they would vote out Wendell, with the idea being that Wendell would bequeath his fire tokens to Michelle. Yul also requests that he would like one of those fire tokens as “compensation” for having his name written down. Nick listens to this plan with a poker face, but he is not liking the, as he puts it, dark path Yul is headed down here. I think Yul’s mistake might have been bringing it up with Nick. He should have kept it strictly between himself and Michele. And even then, it is a crapshoot. There is no guarantee that Wendell would give his tokens to Michelle because you know perfectly well that Wendell will be a Bitter Betty at being voted out, something he has never experienced on Survivor. So far. Hey, I live in hope. Nick and Michele talk and they list the reasons for booting each of the other two, and agree that they will decide. Well, yeah. When the other two are gunning for each other then you two are the ones with the power. Nick asks Michele if she regrets dating Wendell and after some hemming and hawing, she says yes. Oh, honey. You are going to regret it even more when you see this show as it airs and Parvati texts you with WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? over the fire token gift. Michele bemoans the years she spent thinking she didn’t deserve her win, which, yeah. Everyone was disappointed with your win and knows it was only due to the asshole jerk alpha males who were humiliated by a gay gardener with a thick accent and a big-brained nerd-girl. As Sele heads to tribal council, a song with actual words is played over them and I am having a really, really hard time getting ahold of songs with words in English on Survivor. This is very discomfiting. Make it stop. Tribal Council time. Probst is wearing a Behr Paint Aruba Blue shirt, for those keeping score at home, and I really want to paint my bathroom this color. The talk is the usual stuff about losing the challenge, then moves on to questions about pre-existing relationships. Yul diplomatically mentions that when you are on the beach for a short amount of time you have to spend a lot of that getting to know the other people, but if you already have that relationship, that work is already done and you don’t have to do the work. Michele acknowledges that she and Wendell do create a lot of tension, but that Wendell has made it very clear that he is there just for himself, which really isn’t so bad because other than Rob and Amber, they are all there just for themselves, but also that Wendell doesn’t care what happens to her in the future. While she is speaking, Wendell manages to smirk and smugly smile the entire time and otherwise ham it up. At a pause, he interrupts and says, “Let me correct you…” which Probst LOVES because it gives him an opportunity to pounce on Wendell’s language. Essentially Jeff is all, ooooooh he said he is going to correct you! How does that make you feel? At least Wendell is smart enough to know that was a stupid thing to say and changes it to, “Let me correct what I said or how you interpreted it.” Which is NOT ANY FUCKING BETTER, YOU BUFFOON! The thought of being quarantined with Wendell is right in line with my idea of hell, because that condescension in his words, his voice, his expressions, his mannerisms is all kinds of infuriating. I swear to heaven above I would vote for Reem Daly over this jackass. He says to Michele, “I care for you and your future.” No one believes this. GAH! Let’s just get to the vote. Probst goes to tally the votes. No idols were used and I don’t think anyone on this tribe actually has a hidden immunity idol, do they? Probst reads the votes and breaks my heart. Yul. Wendell. Yul Hyung. Yul. Sigh. Of course he takes it like the adult he is and wishes them luck. At the token boxes, he divides his two tokens between Sarah and Sophie. I wasn’t sure why that was until I checked my previous notes and saw that of the original Dakal tribe that Yul started on, Sophie and Sarah were on it and still in the game. Though that group also consists of Tony, Nick, and Kim. I kind of wish he had given both of them to Kim, just to see what she would do with them. I am, however, thankful Tony wasn’t even in the running. Did you figure out who #TEAMDOUCHE is about? Next week: Drop! Yo! Buffs (again). As the camera pans over the challenge course, I paused the video and counted: eight spots on an obstacle course. Looks like the first challenge for the exiles to get back in the game will be happening next week. Any bets on someone other than Boston Rob?
  13. MrsGryn

    Food Shows

    Sad news (shared by goobie): Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz dies from coronavirus.
  14. I can't imagine BB will be happening, at least not at its usual start date.There is a possibility of a fall show since it would be easier to get up and running and fill a lot of slots for shows that are behind on production. On the other hand, how many of us are going to want to relive being forced to life with people in a confined space for a long period of time? (as I listen to my husband mutter in the other room)
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