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  1. Professor Jackson for reasons listed by Mags.
  2. Sis because she has done literally nothing, and Nick because no one seems to actually like him very much.
  3. I picked three: Cliff, Jessica, and Nicole.
  4. I don't know what that is and I don't want to know. Cliff will be voted out, Kat is my wish to be voted out.
  5. Well, okay, I guess I'll watch his porn as long as he is wearing those glasses and a lab coat.
  6. MrsGryn


    What's the plot?
  7. Cliff: Googled "what is Big Brother?"
  8. Vanilla if I get to add things to it (M&Ms, root beer). If not, then chocolate. What, if anything, are you nostalgic for?
  9. He dances as well as Master P. Say something nice about Jessica.
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