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  1. Repainting the living room. I kind of miss recapping but am really glad for the break with this and the last season. I would have had to do actual work trying to keep track of all the advantages and idols and peripheral doodads. Also, boo on Omar being voted out. #TeamLindsay
  2. "Glitter is the sole province of Mr. Grande and in the event of the dissolution of the marriage, all 2,465 oak barrels of said glitter will be retained by Mr. Grande. Also, Frankie is the only one who can leach off his sister."
  3. I think it was a good decision on Mike's part to activate his idol. It's an individual game so better to have it in his pocket. Jonathan's comments about not being able to have some basic human irritation at someone like Marianne is pretty spot on. He would immediately be pegged as a bully and a brute due to his size alone. Honestly, he was holding a machete over a pile of wood and Marianne just walks into the space then tried to blame him. I'd be screaming bloody murder at her for being so freaking stupid. People I like: Jonathan, Omar the toilet sitting virgin, Drea (seems sensible), Hai especially since he jumped the sinking Lydia ship. Dislikes: Romeo (can't quite put my finger on the why), Chenelle (for engaging in stupid game play), Tori because she seems like a total bitch. Really really really dislike and would drown myself to get away from them: Marianne.
  4. This cast is better than last season's cast for sure other than a few standouts. Though maybe it is the lack of overexposure to Shan that helps.
  5. That Beyond the Edge is terrible. TERRIBLE! not even so good it's bad terrible. Just AWFUL. I would rather Probst talked to me directly through the camera during an entire episode of Survivor than sit through that crap again.
  6. Me, too! Until Gabby and Rachel show up as the Bachelorettes. Also Jessie needs to not get that haircut again. Too short!
  7. My goodness, I love watching that eviction. Thanks for the details, Angelmi, about what Todrick said to Shanna. Nasty piece of work.
  8. What did the robber say to her and was the robber wearing a luggage padlock as an earring?
  9. Clearly this man has too much money and should be kept far away from winning the game.
  10. I mean...it looks like she is wearing these:
  11. I think I'm confusing him with someone else...obviously.
  12. I have not followed him at all - He was on Canadian BB, right?
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