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  1. This is gold quality stuff here!
  2. I had high hopes along those lines, too, zclue. SO much energy has been expended from the beginning on the Saga of JODY, and that has only helped Paul's strategy of identify the target and eliminate it. The outliers like Kevin and Jason are not strong players. Matt is basically a Cheezdoodle that has adhered to Raven's lips. Alex is infatuated with Paul's quasi-celebrity. And FUG ensured her favorite garden gnome would have three weeks of safety to deploy his charm game. But I'm sticking with it, because I'm stronger than FUG.
  3. Fisty's Line of the Day is from thunderstruck's broadcast episode recap:
  4. She's one of us! One of us!
  5. No deletions happening. Fisty loves them both!
  6. The catchphrases of the BB18 houseguests (my favorite is the bonus one): Catchphrases!
  7. Fisty's Line of the Day is from jennknee's recap of the TV show:
  8. Like...what am I reading here? Jason is suggesting everyone should vote for Alex and ALEX thinks that's a bad idea?
  9. Fisty's Line of the Day is from copssister:
  10. Matt needs to go back to hawking Trivago.
  11. Fisty's Line of the Day is from angelmi:
  12. I hope, hope, hope they vote him out now. Idiot.
  13. Fisty's Line of the Day (and probably my favorite so far) is from liira:
  14. This EPT costs how much?