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  1. I think David. He may have the best chance of wrecking some havoc in the house.
  2. All David. Never had a chance and I'd like to see if he is able to take out the power structure of couples.
  3. All is right with the world when the early favorite turns out to no longer be likable.
  4. I wonder when whichever gal gets to Camp Crummy, the attitude and personality will loosen up enough to bring some fireworks.
  5. Sad supermodel is sad.
  6. I would like to start a petition for a competition where everyone gets to rub Jackson's nose in dog shit.
  7. So I started playing Words With Friends again. One lady I'm playing the game with is from my church. In her 60s, very nice, very proper, but sweet. She just played "Peen." I cannot stop laughing and I cannot tell her why.
  8. There doesn't seem to be an upside to his using the veto this time around. He should explain that to both Kemi and Jessica since they won't be totally out of the game just yet.
  9. That seems to be the case. No other persons have confirmed it that I have seen/read.
  10. May I just point out how hilariously sad it is that we all pretty much knew who AquaDouche was going to nominate for eviction?
  11. Agreed. It is going to be quite a surprise.
  12. She looked like a mortician at the beach in that outfit.
  13. I agree with what Tsy says about the hamsters so far. I don't mind Ovi because he seems like a deeply nice person and so I can forgive a lot of otherwise irritating behaviors for that. Agree with skat510 that David is pretty easy on the eyes and am glad he's getting a second chance.
  14. Christie may be his back up as she did not do what he told her to do on her HOH.
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