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  1. Tell us Cliff's deep thoughts now that he has been booted from the BB house.
  2. She went from a meek, cowed, shy person to someone who stands up for herself without being a rude bitch. She has not been willfully unkind to anyone. This is why I've grown to like Nicole.
  3. I said Nicole because the other three are idiots.
  4. Glad to hear it is all new teams. It's nice to see some of the returning faces but for the most part...new blood!
  5. Now you're catching on! I loved her reaction to Tommy. She seemed to genuinely like him, which is refreshing.
  6. He was really talented and I thought he got robbed on his season.
  7. And Cliff might have realized this was not the HOH to win. Better then next one.
  8. I picked Jessica for getting out of the house and making me laugh more than I have the rest of this entire season with her fall from the wall.
  9. I am a terrible person, because I cannot stop laughing at this. Jessica falling to the tune of "Timber" (link goes to Reddit thread)
  10. If he's smart, he will nominate Christie and Tommy.
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