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  1. Bachelor/ette

    See, I see Jason as having more personality than the rest of them put together. She seems much lighter with him, like she's having more fun and laughing more. Plus, he's pretty good looking in that NY kind of way. I'm not, however, certain he is ready to settle down, so that might do him in. Out of all of them, Garrett seems the one most likely to put a ring on it AND marry her after it is all said and done. Blake...I don't get the attraction at ALL. His head is so weirdly shaped, like a wedge. I did google the details on the school shooting, and it was a lot more awful than they let on during the show.
  2. Tylering: Seeming to be a bonehead but slyly showing skills in the game.
  3. Point and Click - Hammie Browser History

    Swaggy C: Differences between first, second and third person narratives.
  4. Self pity. No one gives a shit.
  5. Limericks – One Line at a Time

    Tyler inherited Dan's mist Steve and Swaggy were first on his list He brought in Kaitlyn,
  6. The ABCs of BB

    Nautical uniforms.
  7. Who should come back into the house along with Peepaw? Answer: Souvenir backscratcher.
  8. True or False – Getting Acquainted

    True and False. I liked it okay, not wowed by it, up until the end when they completely whiffed it in order to make Han a hero when he was CLEARLY not one . Rogue One was much better. The next poster prefers hot fudge sundaes over banana splits.
  9. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    Yes to both, I'll update the list. Thank you!!
  10. Swaggy C wanted to leave the BB house.
  11. Rachel Swindler - NO STARS!!!!!

    She had a great sense of humor about Yelling Man, so she went up in my estimation from that.
  12. There are literally thousands of people in L.A. like her: buying into the "woo-woo" of crystals, reading auras, and having the chutzpah to think you can be a life coach when you are twenty-four years old. I'm just surprised she hasn't been trying to recruit people for an essential oil multi-level marketing scheme.
  13. POLL: Has the App Store been worth it?

    I like the CrapApp because it brought us Screaming Man. Favorite moment of several seasons so far.
  14. Caption That Cap

    They call me Rockstar Magoo.
  15. Make that YouTube happen!