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  1. The Amazing Race - Season 31

    Britney and Janelle did not live up to the hype so it's just as well they are gone. I did kind of like their good relationship with the Riley Sisters. Oh well, now they can go do what they really wanted to do on this show: spend time at the Loser's Resort and drink wine.
  2. They are AWFUL. Even the equanimical Phil was like, nope. Get lost.
  3. They are running a good race. I'm kind of glad they are still in it. Victor is nice to look at most of the time.
  4. General Drama

    I think that's 3,000 pages, not words. Hell, most of my Survivor recaps are 3,000 words. Get me GRRM's paycheck, please!
  5. Scaggy and the Witch were the perfect villains because they thought they were beloved and were sooooo so awful. I hope we get some equally hateable hamsters this season as well.
  6. Julie Chen - Mrs. Moonves

    I hope she ups her bitch-slap-interview game some more.
  7. Yah, I think Freckles was pretty well liked and had her hand in a lot of dealmaking.
  8. General Drama

    Episode 2 was good. The rest has been utter bullshit. Were we supposed to feel sorry for Cersei and Jaime getting crushed by the Red Keep? That swelling violin music said I should feel bad. Instead it made me angry. Your pun game is excellent as usual. SLuG for the Iron Throne!
  9. Survivor 39: Island of the Idols

    I'm feeling very Meh about this twist at the moment.
  10. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    Not sure who Ghris is, though.
  11. Exactly on the competition. He bonded with the jury. Had he been up against Rick, we know he would have lost. Had he been up against Joe and his mustache? A loss. He might have lost against Ron or Freckles as well.
  12. Watching something pathetic is our wheelhouse, though generally it is in conjunction with Big Brother.
  13. Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction

    Recap will come tomorrow evening. I need to get over my distaste for the final three first.
  14. So earlier today I was bouncing around on the Tweetie to see if there was any footage for tonight's show, and came across the "Tweet us a question for the Survivors and maybe we will ask them on the show tonight" thread. In it someone asks Warthog who he would want to partner with on a "legends" version of the show. His answer was Greg Buis, who was my favorite weirdo who ever played this game (blond kid from the first season). Gonna have to reevaluate Warthog now, because that answer was kind of hilarious.