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  1. Stephanie Johnson - Malolo

    Not to mention take two months of to go on Survivor.
  2. Project Runway

    I think Ken's natural bitchiness is mitigated by Anthony's goodnatured bitchiness, if you take my meaning.
  3. Project Runway

    Yeah, I'm really glad Helen is gone. That material was so flat. It would have been fun to see a take on a Nudie suit in dress form. With Fabio, I actually saw the blonde gal from Little Big Town (I think that's the name). HA! on the Depends joke. I was all...hey, that gorgeous model wears cotton granny drawers! That was a mistake and I agree that beautiful white lace worked well on that particular model, and would be an issue with a pasty gal, such as yours truly. But I'm rocking the same underwear! Edmond's looked great and he really came alive during this challenge, so that was nice. I love Stanley and yes, his designs tend to be safe. He is not edgy, but it is always quality, wearable, and tasteful, so I am happy he stayed over Helen.
  4. General Reality Shows

    There is a long tradition of the female judge being...uh...less serious than the male judges.
  5. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    That seems to be a comfortable position for her. She did, however, bring up voting out muscle over weakness as a way to surprise the original Malolo, and that actually worked. Also it was Desiree who brought up the possibility of the other four having an immunity idol, which was dismissed out of hand.
  6. Bradley Kleibege - Malolo

    I volunteer as tribute! He was so smug and unnecessarily nasty. Calling Brendan docile was weird and amazingly derogatory.
  7. Domenick Abbate - Naviti

    Or else they will team up and be the final two!
  8. Michael Yerger - Malolo

    From what was said at Tribal, the original Malolo did try but Bradley was running interference, or as he put it "babysitting." The plan really was a Hail Mary.
  9. General Reality Shows

    The money shot, as it were, comes in at 2:15 for that video.
  10. Bradley Kleibege - Malolo

    Oh, good, I've been hoping for someone to haaaaaaaaaaaate.
  11. This was the kind of episode that makes me wish I smoked, just for the satisfying ending of a rollercoaster of a ride. I could borrow some smokes from SeaBass, but suspect his cigarettes smell kind of funny. I will have to settle for a hot chocolate, extra whipped cream. Post-tribal, both Wendell and Domenick are down in the mouth, since they just got their asses handed to them by a couple of women who are barely on the show, Inbred Clay Aiken, and a nice young man who is about as effective as the Grecian statue his torso resembles. Wendell apologizes to Angela for voting for her and Dom jumps on that apology by shouting out, “Same, babe.” Angela is not amused by either of them and vows not to trust them in the future. Dom is not about to roll over and play dead. He tells Wendell about his actual immunity idol and they vow to work together to try and break one of the old Malolo. And in the morning, everything continues to come up Domenick when he finds the Legacy Advantage. Wait a minute. James is wearing loafers? No wonder he is the worst in challenges! Reward challenge! Probst is wearing a Sherwin-Williams Dyed Indigo shirt, for those keeping score at home. The challenge is being held on this awesome perfectly circular sandbar of an island in the middle of a turquoise sea. It is so gorgeous I am almost willing to go there and risk sunburn, malaria, and being permanently blinded by Donathan’s pale skin tone. New Malolo gets a load of the New Naviti and Kellyn is none too pleased that Morgan was voted out. Stephanie, meanwhile, beams with delight. Chris rejoins the tribe and he just smiles and says nothing. But let’s get to the challenge. This is the fun Ring of War challenge where two members of each tribe will try to grab a large ring and bring it back to their pole, touching the pole while they are also touching the ring. The other tribe can do anything they need to in order to prevent the tribe with the ring from reaching their pole, other than choking. HA! HA! HA! Just kidding, choke the opposition all you want, especially when Laurel is playing. Wanna know what they are playing for? Peanut butter and jelly, ice cold milk. Also giant loaves of bread. Oh and the losing tribe has to send someone to Ghost Island. That’s new. As we find out later, the losing tribe for the immunity challenge will NOT be sending someone to Casper Central. No one will be kept safe from the vote, it seems. Survivors ready? GO! The first round is Chris and Wendell for Naviti versus Michael and Brendan for Malolo. This round is all Chris. He swims out to get the ring, tosses it to Wendell, who then tosses it back to Chris and basically Chris just powers right back to the pole like it is a walk in the lake in Central Park. Our second round is Kellyn and Jenna for Malolo versus Laurel and Angela for Naviti. Laurel heads out to get the ring while Jenna shadows her. This round turns into a struggle while Laurel hangs on to the ring. Kellyn’s forearm is wrapped around Laurel’s throat as she tries to pull Laurel off the ring. Probst apparently loves girlfighting so much that he doesn’t call the blatant foul. However, between Laurel and Angela, they manage to pull over to their pole and get the point for Naviti. Now they need only one more point to win the reward. The next team is Bradley and SeaBass for Malolo versus Domenick and James for Naviti. Well, there goes that point. James is sure to mess this up. This time it is not so much a mess up as it is being overpowered by Not-Quite-Ozzy Sebastian. So we are on to a fourth round, with Stephanie and Desiree for Malolo versus Libby and Laurel for Naviti. Probst is impressed that Laurel is going for a second round but I’m not sure who else was going to go in her place. She’s younger than Angela and stronger and it only makes sense. The battle for the pole is rough and once again Laurel is getting choked, this time by Desiree. Probst finally yells something about but since there is no punishment for breaking the rules, a little later we see Desiree’s arm around Laurel’s neck yet again. It does not matter, however, because Libby just barely gets her hand on the pole and Naviti wins reward. And I have to say on second viewing, I did notice something: as Laurel was still in the water and too spent to stand, Chris immediately went out to her and supported her, calling to Wendell to help her up. I have and will give Chris shit about a lot of stuff on this show, but I like seeing moments like this where you can see the person outside the game. A decision now has to be made: which member of Malolo to send to Ghost Island. Domenick speaks up and tells Probst they have decided to just go to rocks and let fate pick the person doomed to have some peace and quiet away from the game. I’m not even playing Survivor and that sounds pretty amazing. Bag comes out and Kellyn tells Probst this is her biggest Survivor fear. Jeff tells her to be careful because the spirits are listening. So what happens? She has the white rock. As Kellyn puts it, be careful what you wish for! In our house, we call that God’s sense of humor. On Ghost Island, Kellyn breaks the urn and finds that it is Game On. She follows the tiki torches ($4.99 each at Big Lots!). She gets the same invitation as Jacob, wager her vote at Tribal for a possible advantage. After some deliberation, both before and after she makes the decision, Kellyn does not risk her vote at tribal and walks away from the wager. Ooo, so close! But hey, we have been drinking the bottle of failed twists since the first season of Big Brother, so it feels like home. Back on Naviti, they all need to be voted out immediately because no one apparently knows how to slice a loaf of bread. The problem with being on Ghost Island becomes apparently as Chris thinks he has Old Malolo Four on board with his burning desire to get rid of Domenick, however Donathan and Laurel talk among themselves and conclude that they would rather work with Wendell since they barely know Chris. Laurel, a Yale student/athlete, is leery of Chris calling the shots and she goes to talk with Dom, throwing it out there that she would rather work with them than Chris. Dom reassures her that she has the idol and she jokingly calls him out on lying to them about only having a fake one. I hope this is ringing some bells in her head because it is EXACTLY what Chris told Old Malolo. Golden Boy was playing it straight, Laurel. Immunity challenge time! Probst is wearing a Sherwin-Williams Convergent Blue shirt, for those keeping score at home. This is going to be exhausting. Tribes will swim out to a bamboo cage and Naviti has already lost due to James. They will have to climb over the cage and dive down to release an underwater gate and Naviti has already lost this challenge twice due to James. Once the gate is open, they will have to push/pull/float a heavy crate along the ocean bed to shore. Onshore, they will have to use a rope hook to pull a track over the sand and push the crate over the track. After the track is completed, the crate can be untied and opened. Inside are five balls which will have to be tossed up on a narrow frame so the balls stay up on the frame. First tribe to get all five balls on the frame wins immunity. Survivors ready? GO! Naviti loses due to James. HA! Not really. This challenge turns out to be one of the more exciting contests in a long time on Survivor. The combination of the difficult multipart challenge and the music continually reaching a crescendo at the end actually got my jaded heart leaping into my throat as I watched. If you didn’t see the show, look for this part on YouTube. See, right out of the gate Malolo owns the challenge. With Sebastian leading the way, Malolo makes short work of the bamboo cage, moving the crate, and hooking the track on the first try, they are already tossing balls up on the frame while Naviti cannot even hook the track. Even once Chris hooks the track, he is the only one pulling the extremely heavy track and it is not budging. He screams for help but the rest of Naviti just stands there and I honestly thought they were purposely throwing this competition in order to vote out Chris. But no, they are just idiots. Malolo, meanwhile, has four of their five balls up on the frame already. Wendell and Chris start tossing balls and it’s a RACE! Probst loves that it is not a blow out and suddenly Sebastian cannot get the last ball up on the frame. Chris finally does it for Naviti and they all collapse in a happy pile. Well, that was a switch! We spent a lot of time over the episode with Naviti and it seemed a sure bet they were going to tribal. NO! Kellyn is pretty darn happy she didn’t mess with her vote and still has it. Pre-tribal strategic sessions is interesting for the following reasons: Bradley is thrilled that Old Naviti has the numbers going to tribal. Stephanie tries talking to Bradley and he is a smug dickhead about it when she tells him she would like to stay. Honestly, if he had a mustache he would have twirled it right then and there. He barely controls…no, I take that back, he literally sneer-snorts at her plea. We find out later that Bradley is in law school or planning to be a lawyer and…yeah. We should see his ambulance chaser commercials during “The People’s Court” in a couple of years. Bradley agrees with Desiree’s suggestion of ousting Brendan because, as he puts it, the older man is “docile.” What…what the hell does that even mean? Brendan is a high school teacher and coach. He is used to shepherding rowdy kids and not getting bent out of shape over nothing, like the way Bradley was whining about the camp conditions. Brendan is used to encouraging kids who tried but failed. That doesn’t make Brendan docile. It makes him a decent human being, you shitstain. For their part, the original Malolo men, Michael and Brendan, decide to use Michael’s immunity idol in an effort to shake up the opposing alliance. They show the idol to Stephanie and Jenna, and Michael tells them he plans to target Bradley. The rest agree to go after Bradley with a vengeance. It is a Hail Mary because unless they have some idea who is going to be voted out, and it sounds like Old Naviti was pretty close-lipped about the target, the original Malolo was going down hard. Tribal Council, Night 12. Probst is wearing a Sherwin-Williams Blue Macaroon shirt, for those keeping score at home. It is a rollicking tribal. Desiree says it was very awkward since the four know one of them is getting voted out. Stephanie tells Probst that it was tough to try and break in as Bradley did a great job making sure he knew where everyone in his “little alliance” was at all times. The future lawyer preens a bit and claims he did do a great job…as a “babysitter.” I noticed for that his mouth is a tiny little thing, which is strange because there is an awful lot of ego that escapes from such a wee piehole. Michael starts the trouble by calling out the easy alliance Old Naviti has since they have not had to challenge said alliance. Branden piles on by targeting Sebastian and Chelsea as being at the bottom of the alliance pile, and our half-baked Ozzy clone looks surprised at this thought. It hadn’t occurred to him that he might not be at the top of the alliance pyramid. Bradley asserts that they get along and like each other and they intend to play the game together. Stephanie then cracks me up by sassing him for convincing his alliance that is at true statement. Desiree starts to answer Probst’s question about if things are this simple when Michael interrupts to pull out his cursed China idol. He spins a yarn that this idol actually covers two people and he is planning on using it tonight to say two members of original Malolo, and he sells the idea of voting for Bradley like he needs the commission to keep up his gym membership. Kellyn quite rightly points out that even if one of the Old Naviti switches, there is no guarantee they could work their way in to the tight foursome. Michael plays it off as they are just working together because they are all they have right now. He assures them that if one doesn’t switch, when they get voted out they will regret not making this move. I quite like how Michael presents his arguments and appeals to the Old Naviti people. He’s reasoned, impassioned, coherent and logical. I have to keep reminding myself he is only 18 years old! And with that, it is time to vote. Probst goes to tally the votes and invites the hidden immunity idol to be played, and here is where it all falls apart. Michael stands to play his idol, which really is a single use idol of course, he whispers to Brendan that he thinks it is Stephanie who was targeted. He starts off saying he is playing it for him and Brendan, but then stops…thinks…and says he is playing it for Stephanie. Probst reveals the votes. Bradley. Bradley. Bradley. Bradley. Brendan. Brendon. Brenden. Brendan. Brendon. Ah well, Michael miscalculated but it was worth a risk. In a normal season there is no way a tribe would vote out an obvious physical asset over Stephanie’s weaker contribution. But Survivor has changed and being a strong man is not as much of a guarantee to make the merge as it used to be. I am sorry Michael’s gambit did not work because the twisty blindside would have taken this episode from really good to a great one. Also we would be rid of Bradley. Now we are stuck with his effrontery for a while.
  12. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    I flunked How To Spell Derek/Derrick/Derick/DurRICK school.
  13. General Reality Shows

    Katy Perry Kills a Nun
  14. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    I only know of Amber Heard because of her spectacular flame out to her marriage with Johnny Depp.
  15. Bachelor/ette

    Interesting, Kendall was very gracious there. That was sweet.