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  1. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    That race was awful, particularly when I thought Team Yale was going to lose. While it got rid of Goat Yoga (a plus), we did find out Phil is no Probst when it comes to running commentary of a live event.
  2. General Drama

    I did read the alternate ending of the movie, which was much darker.
  3. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Oh, that's awful. Too young.
  4. Bachelor/ette

    How fast did Krystal go from hero-virgin to villain-whore? So fast! Also she looks like a young version of Arie's mom. Someone might want to get a little time in on a shrink's couch. I feel fairly certain Arie's "house" was a staged model house.
  5. Project Runway

    Yes, I really liked Kelly. She has a great attitude and is also full of gratitude for the show and what it has brought her.
  6. There's No Business Like Show Biz

    I skipped the show and the pre-show fashion red carpet, which I usually enjoy.
  7. Project Runway

    Oh, yeah, those orange pants were hideous. Proportionally all wrong. I did love Candice's look, too. It seems like it was different for her from what I vaguely recall in her past season.
  8. Food Shows

    Carrie should have won that, if only for the fact that she was the one who set up camp, helped everyone, and baked a cake in a campfire! Girl has skills. I liked Tu personally but he didn't seem to plate a good dish the whole season so far. One of those talented chefs who gets inside his head too much, trying to out-fancy the guy next to him. Collichio had it right: better to cook one simple thing really well than three mediocre items.
  9. Celebrity Big Brother - Premieres Feb. 7

    Rumors do suggest that FFFF is part of the cast. I'm holding out hope he is not, but if he is I am already storing up extra invective.
  10. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Ha! Best response ever!
  11. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    MrPectacular is now a father.
  12. Project Runway

    PR: Allstars has begun. Liked the first challenge, it was straight forward. Fine with Casanova going, he was always just a little weird to me. My favorite dress was Ari's blue floaty number. I actually recognized more of them than I thought I would, which was unfortunate in Helen's case. I do not like her.
  13. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Cody admitting his error did surprise me.
  14. Bachelor/ette

    Sean remains my favorite Bachelor ever, helped by the fact that he picked well and he doesn't take himself or the process/journey/fairy tale too seriously. Arie is cute enough for a little manwatching, but really the trainwreck girls are the reason we come back to this formula over and over again. Chelsea is a single mom and we thought at the beginning she was going to be the sweet one. Nope! Villainess! Krystal the sweet one is annoying as hell with that breathy voice. Bekah the Pixie Cut is a child so the authorities should be showing up soon. Odds favor someone named Lauren winning this season.