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  1. And for those of us still furloughed and stuck at home, we could recap feeds 24/7! Wheeeee!
  2. From the article: Um....why would she do that when they could move to Fiji for a couple of months? It's not like she would be sequestered on Dinosaur Island.
  3. It's a hierarchy of hate with some of these past HGs. I feel how I feel!
  4. Andy is always on Twitter picking fights with other players and starting drama. Also he isn't going to be asked back because he is a rat faced sneaky snake. I would rather have Frankie - YES! I SAID THAT!
  5. So this was a thing that happened.... Booger threatens Dr Will's family for not going on TAR
  6. I'm going to need more information. Glad we finally have an African-American Bachelor. I don't care what race the men are as long as they look good on my TV and I can make fun of them. *shallow*
  7. Josh, Frankie, Derrick, Paul. One of those I can tolerate, but the other three at least give us something to recap. So...silver lining? *PINK GLITTER BOMB!!!*
  8. MrsGryn


    We will keep watching. I have abiding love for Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara for SCTV.
  9. MrsGryn


    We just started Schitt's Creek for a comedy choice. Three episodes in, and it's pretty amusing. Although Chris Elliott is like chili flakes. Used in the right amount can add a lot of fun. Too much and your stomach rebels.
  10. That news makes me sad. I got to see him in a Home Show once and he was so funny in person, exactly what you would expect. Warm and cuddly and loved meeting people.
  11. So Danni did an Instagram live that had the highlights posted on Reddit. There was some interesting Edge of Extinction fodder in there. Link to Reddit
  12. Totally agree about it being the best part of Discovery. Excellent casting with Pike, Spock and Number One.
  13. Agreed, Kyara. But the girl is on FIRE on Twitter, taking out all sorts of trolls. It's kind of glorious.
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