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  1. Literature

    I like stuff like that, jak. One reason I love Glen Cook. He just tosses you in and you'd better start swimming. Brian Daley (who died quite awhile ago but remains a favorite) was good at that, too. I'll check out the Malazan books.
  2. The Final HOH

    Interesting thought. While I'm sure Kaycee would be proud of that fact, she doesn't seem like she is a person who hyperfocuses on that aspect of her life, so that may not really work with her as an argument over loyalty to a true alliance and friend like Tyler.
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    Good analysis and vote breakdown. No way will Bayleigh vote for Tyler and Rockstar is her syncophant and will do what she says. I suspect Haleigh is much better at independent thinking than most of them and is leaning toward Tyler for gameplay. Faysal will do what she tells him. JC and Angela cancel each other's votes out as their votes are pretty much a sure thing. I suspect Brett will go for Tyler, but Scottie is the wild card. He was pretty bitter/jerky when he was booted a second time, so he seems like a Kaycee vote. Sam is the biggest toss up to me. She must have figured out that Tyler used her, even if he liked her personally (which I think he did for the most part) but she was pretty loyal to Tyler all season. However, Sam may vote for Kaycee because she was always nice to Sam.
  4. The Final HOH

    Both are good choices, I think.
  5. Literature

    I've never read anything by Brandon Sanderson, so I don't have an opinion on him, though I have Mistborn in the "To Be Read" pile. My niece likes him and recommended the book. I could see Tad Williams picking up the mantle. But I guess GRRM has decided we don't deserve a finished series. Bastard. One of my favorite recent series has been Django Wexler's Shadow Campaigns series (five books total). Fantasy, inspired by Napoleon. The first book is called The Thousand Names and takes from Napoleon's time conquering Egypt though it is set in a fantasy world, not any sort of Earth timeline.
  6. I really want it to be Kaycee, hands down. Tyler and Kaycee are my dream final two. I like both of them, they both would make great winners who have earned it in their own ways.
  7. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    And I'll say thank you for being one of the truly civil places on the interweb these days.
  8. She looked like she was not about to take any prisoners. Loved her look.
  9. POLL: America's Favorite

    Brett, Kaycee, and Tyler. One made me laugh, two played great games.
  10. Literature

    I loved the original to that, Island in the Sea of Time. Never read the series you are talking about, though.
  11. Literature

    I'm an eternal optimist. I believe he has written both the final books at the same time and they will be released close to the same time. In other news, Brandon Sanderson needs to stay near his phone in case someone needs to take over suddenly.
  12. If the rumors are true, I'm pleased as well, but am totally on board with Headless that JC is not a preferred winner. So he probably will win.
  13. I'm now deleting posts that are not STRICTLY about Julie and Big Brother. Anything regarding the Talk or coworkers or husband or anything else will be hammered with extreme prejudice.
  14. If it is not about Julie Chen and BIG BROTHER, then take it to the Show Biz thread in the Entertainment forums.