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  1. I came across Ricard's mom texts recently and find them hilarious. Makes me soften my dislike for him a bit. On the other hand, have you see Naseer's wife tweeting some of his quotes? Naseer's wife Diana Coons
  2. The Kevin Spacey defense.
  3. Zingbot was terrible this season. Someone apparently neutered him over the last year. Solid B as well. Happy with the winner, most of the cast seemed like decent people that I would want to hang around with, but there was not a lot of drama. I think I'm okay with that at least for this season.
  4. B. Kyland is out of the running for the win and fan favorite and X is cruising to the finish.
  5. OH yeah, he just killed any possibility of that ever happening.
  6. I would not be surprised if Kyland was trying to goad X into shoving or punching him in the face which, no matter how well-deserved, would have gotten X kicked out and Kyland (wrongfully) thinking he would be back in the game if that happened. Frankly, Kyland showed his true self there. Every other person has left the house with class and dignity or at least a reasonable facsimile. Not Sniffer McGee, though.
  7. DereF if only because I could just let him talk and he would shoot himself in the foot.
  8. MrsGryn

    poll Final Four

    I voted X for both but would find it hilarious if DereF won based on nothing but being a bump on a log all season.
  9. Stamp that remark about women in a power alliance.
  10. You say that like dealing Oxycontin is a bad thing. I understand the historic moment and think it's great, actually, for reality TV in general. However, BB cast 6 people who are adults and able to work together without a lot of drama to get to this point. Without a Chima in the group it was much easier to see the goal and get to it. Even the drama among this group is less than I see at work every day.
  11. I "evoted" for all the Cookout members for keeping it together and reaching their goal. Now let the figurative slaughter begin!
  12. I think she will end up putting Kyland up, using his sketchy behavior over Sarah Beth as an excuse.
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