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  1. Stamp that remark about women in a power alliance.
  2. You say that like dealing Oxycontin is a bad thing. I understand the historic moment and think it's great, actually, for reality TV in general. However, BB cast 6 people who are adults and able to work together without a lot of drama to get to this point. Without a Chima in the group it was much easier to see the goal and get to it. Even the drama among this group is less than I see at work every day.
  3. I "evoted" for all the Cookout members for keeping it together and reaching their goal. Now let the figurative slaughter begin!
  4. I think she will end up putting Kyland up, using his sketchy behavior over Sarah Beth as an excuse.
  5. Apparently I'm going to need the whole color palette array from Home Depot for this season instead of just the blue tones.
  6. What a dumbass. But then that was always the case.
  7. KY slipped! He would like to speak to the rope manager. TIff is the new HOH.
  8. Ky asked everyone to give he and Tiff a minute of privacy and BB DENIED the request. All the hammies weren't allowed to leave. I guess they didn't want this marathon HOH to last less time than a 5 K Fun Run.
  9. Tiff just got a huge splurt in the face of the pink goo being squirted by the mannequins.
  10. We have, for those keeping score at home, Tiff and Kyland left. Kyland would like to speak to the manager of Farty the Elephant to complain about whatever they are feeding that beast.
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