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  1. Okay, did you watch the second half of the season yet? Is the British version of Ghosts on any streaming platform?
  2. I was pretty glad Morriah was sent packing. There are only so many Rainbow Brite jokes I can make.
  3. I can totally see that. She probably has "Live, Laugh, Love" stenciled on her wall.
  4. The Terrance zing made me laugh but the rest of them were super-meh.
  5. I'm happy about the removal of non-elimination legs. Sometimes it saved a team I liked but most of the time it saved a team that really needed to go. Also I like DX and Claire, so am fine with their inclusion.
  6. Turner for stopping the bullying and giving a great speech about it. Also for being okay with being weird, for making some good moves, for having a good handle on the game. Michael is a back up choice because he had done really well and loves cats.
  7. I don't get the sense that she is an asshole or even narcissistic, not any more so than other young women her age. She is certainly playing up to the producers desire into making her some hillbilly glamour doofus, with great success.
  8. I'm bummed that Kyle and Alyssa were put on the same team. It would have been a lot more interesting to see them apart for a week and how that played out.
  9. Monte gets called to the Grand Canyon Indy leaves and Kyle flounces into the bathroom and says he just needs seven seconds. Fisty is about to have a talk with Daniel and he wants to know if he should be jiggle to Daniel if we win we are going to use it, or just saunter him out and see where he's at, or wait and see who fart it and then talk? Monte says telling Daniel they should use it if they win because his target is Taylor (and he thinks that is the house target). Monte called to DR a second time so their chat breaks up. Feeds switch to Joseph/Jasmine - "Your plunger has never come out of my bladder says Jas. Joe says same here. Blah blah kumbaya. She, on the other hand, cannot stand (or trust) "him." Some things just don't add up for her, and something feels off. Joe says he feels the same thing with him. Maybe Turner? Now talking about pogo stick and who might go up. Jas just wants to make it to origami paper factory and be there for her divorce party (it's a dream of hers).
  10. And with one eye roll, Taylor loses the Miss Congeniality award for this season.
  11. N: Nunchucks wielded by Zingbot, since his recent zings have been so lame.
  12. I love that gif so much. TIMMBERRRRR! Jasmine out first because she's Jasmine and she's lamer than a llama in a wool knitting factory (said with horribly exaggerated accent)
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