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  1. Just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the recappers who have slogged through the incredible suckfest that is BB12. Each and every one of you deserves a medal of valor for your patience and willingness to recap these imbeciles. And I've got to give a special shoutout to ff174 -- The last 48 hours or so, in particular, have been particularly awful in the house (it causes me physical pain that that vile douchebag Enzo is still around), but in return you've really managed to up the snark quotient considerably, which has brightened my days. Bravo!
  2. I just came here to post the same thing. Welcome back, Sheenafury! I'm very happy to see you recapping again -- you were missed!
  3. Well, looks like Pigpen just did her obligatory HOH Tweeting. Here it is, for those not on Twitter. Insert your own barfing/eyerolling where appropriate: HOH Twitter BigBrotherHOH Iv'e played this game with as much loyalty, integrity and honesty that the game allows BigBrotherHOH I would reccomend this experience to anyone and if you dont make it your 1st shot keep trying, as it took me a few myself
  4. Oh, dear OGG... the visual! ff174, you almost owed me a new monitor for that one!
  5. I just knew that keeping the Gnat over Lydia a few weeks back was going to spell ultimate doom for anyone left that I liked (Michele, Jeff, Jordan). I can't believe they didn't get rid of her when they had the chance, instead of Lydiot, who was absolutely useless as a competitor and could have been dumped at pretty much any time. I keep going back and forth about whether this ending is worse than Season 6 or not. I'm heartbroken, and disgusted. I guess that after Dan last year, having two likeable winners in a row was asking too much of BB. As has already been said by many, the Gnat is one truly despicable human being. I tend to like the broadcast version of Kevin, but not the version I read about from the feeds (which is actually pretty much the same way I felt about DICK!). He's been sucked into Gnat's malicious vortex of childishness, pettiness and crappy treatment of other people. Though I'd be happier seeing him win instead of Gnat, for me that decision kind of lies somewhere on the level of "What would you rather have, gonorrhea or syphillis?" Poor Michele. I was really rooting for her, and will make a point of voting many, many times for her to receive the AC prize. In the meantime, I'll pray for a miracle, that Jordo somehow pulls off the last HOH (yes, a futile prayer, I realize). This sucks.
  6. If you are the veto winner, you ARE protected from being put on the block even if you use it to remove someone other than yourself.
  7. ff174 vs. the Gnat has been an absolute highlight in my HT reading lately, but last night's stuff was particularly killer. Thanks for allowing me to start my day (and week) off in the best way possible -- with side-splitting laughter!
  8. While I still find Jeff to be one of the more likable hamsters this season in spite of his recent power trip, what irks me about him to no end is his "how DARE anyone else in the house have a final 2 deal?" attitude toward Michele and Russell. It's never been a secret that Jeff and Jordan are a final 2 team -- what does he expect other people to do, just bow down to him and not make plans for themselves? It's completely irrational.
  9. I cracked up during tonight's show when Jordan made the reference to "Dumb & Dumber" when talking about Jeff's childhood haircut -- made me think of the recaps over this past week.
  10. I didn't actually see that, but when she did the HOH Twitter thing, she did say at the conclusion that she was going to do a somersault for the fans (I guess to show that it was actually her Tweeting). Funny. I still can't help but root for Michele in this thing -- her chances to actually win (particularly if the jury is stacked with the Manson cult) are probably pretty slim, but I can't help but like her. I guess I just relate all too well to the socially-awkward dork thing.
  11. I'd like to third everything said above. Please oh please recap again, jak -- you are so missed! Oh, and Gnatalie sucks and is in dire need of new clothes (and a good conditioner). Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I think of Casey telling her to go and make Jessie a sandwich and I immediately feel better. I hope hope HOPE she doesn't win this game... though I begrudgingly admit she really did finally turn her game on after the World's Biggest Tool was gone.
  12. I picked Kaysar -- I remember all too well wanting to hit my head on my desk when he did that! -- but after tonight I may wish I could change it to Jeff and Jordan, as much as I like them. If they do indeed keep Gnatalie, it's going to be the death knoll for their game and make them prime candidates for the BB Stupidity Hall of Shame, IMO.
  13. Did this girl DOR or something? Seems like I haven't read much in the recaps lately about her doing anything.
  14. Ah, Fisty (and your fantastic admin/moderator friends)... thank you once again for the virtual "home" you provide for us BB junkies. You are really and truly the best! And many thanks to the fabulous recappers for doing such a great job, particularly my personal Rookies of the Year Sheenafury and Bedtime4Bonzo, who never failed to brighten my day... as well as the legends such as Beehoppy (who provided me the comfort of knowing I was not alone in my Dancrush), ff174, CycleRob, Koolaid Kid, the one and only Beez (it was so great to see you back at the end of the season!), and every single other person who recapped that I have forgotten to list here (please blame it on the caffeine not kicking in yet and NOT anything personal!). After lurking for several years now, I finally attempted a few half-assed BBAD recaps this season, and I have nothing but appreciation for what ALL of you do... and I hope to make more of a concentrated effort to recap next season. And, last but not least, I suppose I have to begrudgingly thank FUG for the best BB season (and Best Final Two) ever -- even if it was probably accidental/dumb luck on her part. See all of you again soon!
  15. So many classic moments have already been mentioned, but I'll add these: When Dan was giving enunciation lessons to Michelle ("Water." "Watah."). I was falling off the couch laughing! (Audrey Hepburn, Manchelle is most definitely not.) Any of Dan's interactions with Renny, particularly the "What time is it in New Orleans?" bit. Basically, Dan in general. I'm really going to miss him when he's off my TV/computer screen.
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