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  1. It was a type of face mask but yes she looks terrible this year and I think she's a cute girl (personality aside). I saw someone say her hair looked like a papillon dog and it really did! Janelle was right about her fashion sense.
  2. The credit thing is annoying. And dumb. Everyone wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt because of how he was treated last year but man, what a flop he turned out to be.
  3. I think if they want Janelle or Kaysar out the only way to guarantee one of them goes is to put them up together Has Tyler ever said he's targeting anyone else?
  4. Ha that's perfect! She's the only one on this cast I actively dislike. She's already crying ffs.
  5. Well now we know that dumb Tommy just made a stupid choice and didn't give Kat anything. If Jack's your boy, why would you take the veto instead of the trip?
  6. I hate that they've been using live animals on the show this year. Tommy better not have harmed one of those sheep. They deserve better - the sheep, that is.
  7. No - not unless you mean supporting them imploding so there's lots of tears and fighting.
  8. I'm at various levels of meh on all of them, but I am glad David is back because it stirs things up a bit and he's very easy on the eyes.
  9. Maybe I'm just way too excited that BB has started but I found all of the HGs kinda endearing. I guess there's a whole summer still left for them to annoy me...
  10. He didn't. That's her wishful thinking.
  11. Tyler and KC have been my top two since the start of the season.
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