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  1. BB20 House Discussion

    I thought Rockstar mentioned a girls alliance but she didn't want to work with Rachel and Angela?
  2. I'd like to see her tackle Swaggy on his way out the door and declare she will leave, so he can stay, since she's so upset about it (even tho she knew he was going up way in advance but chose not to say anything).
  3. BB20 House Discussion

    I saw someone liken the cloud power to a hidden immunity idol, so it does seem like he could waste it if he's wrong about going up.
  4. Ditto. For all of her "namaste" stuff she seems like one of the nastier people in the house. Like Shannon said, fake as hell.
  5. Veto winner holds all the cards next week so if Josh can win veto and votes out Paul, thats really about the only way left to wreck Paul at this point.
  6. Gig'em. It's some Texas A&M thing...
  7. BB18 House Analysis and Discussion

    The veto comp was pretty cool...love escape rooms! Still not watching MacGyver.
  8. Well she made me laugh by snagging Pablo on the way out so that counts for something in my book.
  9. 1 Nat 2 James 3 Paul 4 Moo 5 Vic 6 Corey 7 Nicole 8 Paulie But 2-5 are pretty much interchangeable for me.
  10. Steve Moses – Mommy, may I?

    Everyone knew that the DE was most likely happening...they were all talking about who they'd nom if it was DE. So I don't buy that Steve made a split second nom on the fly. He just made stupid picks cuz he's a crappy player. Sucks to be you Steve.
  11. Steve Moses – Mommy, may I?

    If this was a preplanned awesome game move by Steve then why is he too distraught to talk about it? Or is that more preplanned acting?? This guy confuses me...
  12. Well at least we don't have to hear any more about those stupid Skittles now.
  13. Love Your Hamster Watchers

    Thank you MockTurtle for putting up pictures of Izzy!
  14. BB16 House Analysis and Discussion

    When the rewind happens, will Derrick not be able to compete for HoH again?
  15. BB16 House Analysis and Discussion

    Why did they switch from doing HN comps to just letting the HOH pick? Ugh it's so foul (and boring) to see the same people on slop every week.