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  1. The only ones I hadn't heard of was the Miss Colombia girl and James Maslow. I still have no idea what a Big Time Rush is.
  2. What exactly has Amber done that they all hate her so much. She's been cleaning up after their sloppy asses. Not being mean to anyone. Trying her best not to cut Caleb off at the knees and yet they hate her.
  3. Andy - Ginger the Cylon Elf

    It's strange that the info of someone who isn't even on the show is fair game.
  4. Natalie II

    BB do I really need a closeup of Gnat clipping her ugly ass toenails?!?! I think not! And she has not shut up since she won dammit!
  5. Jordan

    Ok, I'm actually feeling kinda bad for Jordan. She looks absolutely alone. And she's not even having a wake about it yet!
  6. General House Analysis and Discussion VI

    I'm really curious as to why TPTB would rig BB for a specific player to win. What do they gain by doing that?
  7. Jordan

    Stop talking sense! Everyone in this house is pure evil. Except Michele. She's a victim.
  8. Michele

    Oh is that what she's doing with Jeff while trying to discuss how to save him? Putting him in his place?
  9. Michele

    What Michele is doing right now with Jeff is so fucking unnecessary and that's why she drives me nuts. Just let it go. It's just like when she went into HOH to ask him if he would use the veto on her or on Jordan. She doesn't know when to say when sometimes.
  10. Jeff II

    It amuses me greatly that in spite of giving everyone the silent treatment and acting all pissed off, Jeff is still cooking for the entire house. What's that about? At this point I woulda been all,"Fend for yourself bitches!"
  11. Jeff II

    Maybe he thinks that because everyone knows that he and Jordan are a team that he should also know when others are a team? I don't know. I use logic in my life so I don't know where he's coming from.
  12. Laura

    Besides having big boobs, what's she done to earn her slut rep thus far?
  13. Amanda

    I was thinking that same thing. Girl is annoying as hell but her ass is real and spectacular. Alex is a strong man to resist that although, yeah I guess the crazy would trun you off.
  14. Alex

    I'm still not sure that he's entirely straight.