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  1. With that real hay those houseguests better hope they don't have allergies!
  2. I agree! His quips are surprising and funny. I thought his voice would drive me nuts but it actually makes his jokes 10x funnier. He is my pick to win - weird!
  3. Can Shelli put up Jason or Steve after John uses the Veto? I know she can put up Becky, but I'm unclear about the nominated.
  4. Is this a short season? Only 14 hg compared to last year's 16. The girls all look high maintenance and all appear to be aging poorly (mid to late 20's/early 30's - REALLY? More like 40!). Two long haired brunettes & 3 long haired blondes. There are only 2 girls I'm going to be able to tell apart. We have the requisite long hair guys, the nerdy guys, the "real" guys. No fake hair color, nobody covered in tattoos. Only one male eye candy as far as I can tell. I hope their personalities come across better live than on paper cause otherwise it's going to be a long dull summer.
  5. I just voted 20x NO to TA. Donny did a decent Devin, but the rest of them were stupid. The "Hayden" was awful, & Victoria was just plain catty (as expected).What on earth was amusing about that?!?!?! So no, they did NOT earn $5000 just to get up there & be spiteful & mean. That's our job!
  6. I just realized Devin has major commitment issues. His baseball career, his girlfriend, his alliance, his veto nominations...... yup. Guy just can't commit to anything.
  7. He has this habit of, when someone makes a valid point against him, if he can't come up with a logical defense then he changes the subject and brings up something that happened in the past. He has no self-awareness, and definitely doesn't think he himself could ever be guilty of the evils that are being done to him. He is this year's bully, and I am tired of him. He adds nothing to the house. I find him monotonous, dull, & annoying.
  8. Victoria & Nicole sitting on the double lounge. Vic says that she wishes she was blonde but would never date a blonde because she just doesn't find them attractive. Nicole says that blondes stink, wear the same clothes & wear the same underwear for weeks. They are being super loud so Hayden can hear them. They are being super flirty & it's cute.. On the other side of the yard Frankie is holding court with Donny, Derrick, Christine & Cody (?) sitting in chairs with Frankie pacing in front of them, telling them about some famous top-billing actress(?). I'm not interested, so back to the girls. Not many options. Amber has joined Vic & Nicole. She has a hot dog on a fork & is chowing down. Nicole runs to get a hotdog for herself & Victoria wonders how she is being portrayed. She may not fully understand the feeds...
  9. Houseguests are all still up when I get up, which is different. I read quickly to catch up so I know what they're talking about. Devin says something about he's going to bed so if they all want keys they know where to find him. Poala & Jacosta bicker about getting into bed but neither of them are mad. Brittany lost her earring back & is saying she's not going to bed cause she's wide awake. She & Paola leave the fire bedroom & head out to other parts of the house. Christine, Zack, Cody, & Derrick are in the honeycomb room. They are plotting the demise of Devin & Caleb. YEAH!!! Happy Independence Day! Zach has a fool-proof plan to get them out. They just need to keep their cool. OMG. They are doomed. I pop in to HOH to see what is going on. Devin going on how Brittany is beyond rude. How do I know this without him saying her name? Cause this is a replay. Again..... Frankie tells Caleb that he just ripped the wettest fart he's ever heard. I'm heading back to the honeycomb room cause 1 minute is the max I can handle 2 of those guys.
  10. Devin's confessional in the diary room, saying that he thinks Donny's tears were just a ploy for sympathy, made me want to slap that smug smile right off his face.
  11. Fly by recap. Nicole (?) is in the shower & pervy skippy keeps zooming in on her. Jacosta is playing with her hair in front of the bathroom mirror. The girls aren't saying anything & without her bow Jocasta looses all interest for me. I go downstairs to find Frankie & Donny sitting at the huge table talking. Actually Frankie speaks & Donny speaks, but they don't talk about the same thing. Frankie has a coffee cup in the microwave & the microwave starts shooting sparks. Frankie "saves the house" - his words, not mine - by taking the coffee cup out of the microwave. Fish again. Doesn't skippy know how hard it is to recap the hammies when you can't see or hear them? Brittany has come in & says good morning to Donny, who says it back. That Donny, he is such a chatterbox! Out to the pool where Hayden & Nicole (? - pin bathing suit, sunglasses) are putting up the awnings. If this is Nicoe then I have no idea who is in the shower. Boring talk, someone just came in the kitchen so inside I go... it's Devin, who is so so tired. He tries to figure out the time, cause he requested his meds, but he doesn't have them yet.
  12. I log on to see a particularly happy group of people. WTH? Where are my fights & drama??? Zach & Victoria are in the storeroom. Frankie is in there briefly telling them that he can make his tuna something but it'll take 2 hours. Devin is in HOH reading the bible & shaving. Hayden is in the loo. Cody was washing dishes in a LONG towel & shirtless. Oh good, Frankie joins Hayden and they wash their hands together & yell. Shut it guys. Seriously. Brittany was mashing something and took forever at it, before moving on to dish duty. No sign of Joey. Where is she? Derrick is annoyed cause he thought Victoria was going to cuddle with him but then she left. I am seriously concerned about the dullness of this cast if they are this dull already.
  13. Poor Caleb says he can't even buy a girlfriend right now cause he has tattoos and is a country boy, which makes him undesirable I guess. He was hooking up with a girl who dumped him when he told her he was trying out for BB cause she doesn't date reality stars. She is a Dallas Cowboys model. He says it all with an attitude. I wait for the finger wave. Caleb can't wait till he gets out of the house cause he's going to take a girl on a horseback date in the sunset. Nothing like going into total seclusion on a first date - serial killer??? I have to go check Frankie's age and am relieved that he is 31, instead of the 21 that he pretends to be. Devin tells his game plan is to compete hard in challenges then just chill the rest of the time. Joey says she thinks they were cast specifically because of last year's cast since this is a more rounded cast. Everyone goes outside except for Caleb & Frankie who are discussing Amber Caleb's showmance with Amber??? I thought they were talking strategy. Dang. But Caleb says that he's waiting for someone in the house to just go up to her & tell her that everyone in the house knows that she & Caleb like each other. Frankie runs upstairs to shower so Caleb goes outside.
  14. These are the dullest hamsters ever. I pop back in to discover 3 lounging hammies sitting in the shade by the pool, Donny alone in the pool, and a girl in a pink bikini laying in the sun by the pool. Christine joins them. Discussion of slop. Heading inside. In the kitchen I see Frankie, Devin, Hayden, Jacosta, Paola & Zach, who is doing dishes. Jacosta felt really bad cause she pushed down some guy cause he called her stupid, so she pushed him down. I believe it was Derrick Jeeter??? It is hard to understand these people cause they aren't all that bright. I'm still trying to figure out who is going to be the strategist cause I can't find ANY strategy talk. Maybe it's happening, but it's not as much as past seasons. Skippy sends me back to the pool where Donny has disappeared and Joey is telling a story about when she was growing up and had to wear a bowl cut cause it was "cheaper" (this was said really deep, raspy, and involves slouching when said). I head inside cause they asked Joey to be funny so she tries to tell a joke.
  15. Whoa! I change screens cause I'm tired of sharing Skippy's love of Nicole's crotch & boobs so I go to the bathroom where Jacosta the bowless and Joey are talking. Joey says "don't be afraid to go up on the block" or something to that effect. Then says OH, and turns around & spits out the toothpaste. Who carries on conversations when they are brushing their teeth. Since I didn't know who Jacosta the molested was talking to so I switch screens and there is Victoria! Seems she didn't like Nicole being the center of attention. Jacosta is ANNOYING! So what if Victoria felt her up when she was sleeping! If she had been awake it would have been different. If Jacosta was that offended she could have gotten up out of bed instead of "giving it up to her". This is SO overblown. I'm sure she could switch beds with one of the guys - any of them would love being felt up by Victoria during the night & the recappers would have something interesting to talk about.
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