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  1. I wish Jessica was leaving she is on my last nerve. I think Kemi has some good game left to play
  2. Did anyone see the new commercial. It makes you think someone is not going home...
  3. I am curious as to what Tommy would do with the power. But we shall see.
  4. I would love Kat to leave just because she wants to go home. I think Ovi could have had a decent game given the chance.
  5. She is low on my list. Pre Season I thought she would be good, being a chubby girl myself, but I am not liking her edit. Maybe she will change my mind after a week or so.
  6. I had high hopes for this one, but after seeing the feeds last night I think I am done with her.
  7. After the 2 nights his yelling has gotten on my last nerve. I think I would like him if he took it down 20 notches.
  8. I don't mind 1 or 2 coming back ...but no coaches and no half and half..
  9. Tons of Rumor and speculation going around the Twitterverse. I swear it is so great watching people swear it is the gospel. Right now they are saying 8 vets returning. But I doubt it.
  10. This is not from a persons twitter. Last year they did the same. CBS announced that they are turning on the Feeds for a sneak peak.
  11. There was a feedleak earlier. From what I gathered on Twitter: Ryan won the first HOH.
  12. This could be a train wreck..or could totally surprise us and play the game well. She is my early 1st out pick. Come on prove me wrong mama Lohan.
  13. I agree I hope he brings his drunken antics to the feeds. He is my early pick to win.
  14. Well another ex Trump admin person. This is just a ratings grab that I'm sure will work. Maybe he will give us some juciy information that we don't know.
  15. Awe Joey..I remember having a crush back in the day. I was still way to old for him, but a girl can dream..
  16. Overall I'm excited about this cast. I agree that the older folks will be a different aspect to the show.
  17. Looks like now we know "for sure" the 2 list that were confirmed were wrong. People I believe though are saying Joey Lawrence, Wrestler Natalie Eva Marie and possibly Kato Kaelin. But who knows until tomorrow. Just wanted to keep my fellow HTers up to date.
  18. I just saw something on Twitter that CBS offered Stormy Daniels some money to appear on the show, but it wasn't enough for her. I'm glad, but I also think she would have added a lot to the feeds.
  19. I'm guessing they are filming them this morning, in order to have something to show on After Dark tonight..
  20. Many news outlets are saying that she is not returning to The Talk. They are suppose to play a videotape message on the show today. We shall see.
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