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  1. Yep, I'm here, and I only have five posts! Haha. I'm actually torn between Dom and Cassi. My first instinct to say Dom because he would hopefully still be an ally to Daniele, but that could also put an even bigger target on her.
  2. I implore all of you to vote anyone but Brendon.
  3. will just told james and mike that the producers told him in the DR that the fly is not even a clue. he could be lying. who knows.
  4. will and mike boogie go into the diary room to complain about big brother misleading them into thinking that it would be a margarita party for the whole house. instead, some houseguests won't be even allowed in the backyard during the party, because they're on slop, i think. kaysar said if he goes on the block, he's going to campaign to go home. howie just said the made the most insightful comment i've ever heard him make. of marcellas: "that guy is the most annoying guy in the world. besides me." james: "he's got you beat."
  5. While most of the houseguests play kickball outside, Marcellas wanders around the house in his robe talking to himself. Eventually, he finds himself in the green room where is opening and closing drawers in the dresser. He removes various items from the drawers, smells them, and puts them back. I wonder if these are his clothes, or the clothes of his most fantasized about houseguest. When he starts to put said clothes on, that question is answered.
  6. It's been three years since I last did this: Boogie and Will give a rundown of all the craziness that went on during their season. They discuss Bunky's penchant for masturbating, and the fact that Hardie once made him clean out the shower after he caught him in the act. Will relays that after this incident, he asked Bunky who he was thinking of during his heated shower session, and he reluctantly admits that it was Hardie, which naturally sent Hardie off the deep-end. They discuss Hardie's descent into bad boy territory, what with his black hair and taking up smoking. They also mention the weekly meetings, which no longer exist, which is a questionable decision on the part of the producers, seeing as how they were always so heated. Soon after, the kitchen is desterted, and Howie is left to meticulously devour his steak. Meanwhile, Mike Boogie washes the dishes, while George pretends to help, and instead makes small-talk with Boogie about Belly. Eventually, Boogie cuts the bullshit and flat-out asks for George's help, and George, of course, obliges.
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