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  1. I can't get behind her. Cody was her favorite player? Nah.
  2. Joey and Britney are finally up and Donny has been called to the DR. Still no sign of Zach. I think BB forgot about him.
  3. BB: Hello house guests, it's time to get up for the day. Devin: Who's still sleeping? ZACH! Also still missing are Joey, Britney, Derrick.
  4. Caleb pulls Donny outside to find out where his mind is. Donny confirms that he is going to save himself (duh!) and he doesn't care who goes up as long as he's safe. Good conversation, dude. Back inside to eat Devin's pancakes. The ants have already begun. Apparently they came pouring out of the syrup. Gross! Caleb motions Hayden upstairs but decided to stay put eating ant-cakes in the kitchen when Amber exits the bathroom. It's really creepy how he stares at her.
  5. Caleb and Frankie in the HOH discussing whether to backdoor Britney or Joey. Frankie says "We should backdoor Britney because Joey has no supporters left." Caleb thinks Britney doesn't either. But Joey is a loose cannon. But Britney is more likely to win HOH next week. But Joey... but Britney... but Joey... but... but... but... Caleb is still going to talk to a bunch of people today to see what they want. But he's still going to decide for himself. Circular logic abounds.
  6. Most of the girls are primping in the bathroom. Notably missing is Joey. They keep talking "waking her up" so I'm guessing that's Joey. Frankie went to HOH to shower, Devin is in the kitchen (of course), Donny is outside, Caleb in the DR, and everyone else seems to be missing.
  7. Donny was called to DR about 10 minutes ago and then we went to fish. We come back to one of the girls asking "Did they say how long?" and BB admonishing not to talk about production, so I think the Veto meeting will be coming up shortly.
  8. There is no recapping because it really is that boring. Basic morning chit chat. Who slept well (or good, if you're Donny), who didn't, what we're going to eat today... etc. Devin started out his morning with Lotion-gate. Frankie speaks for all of when he says "I still don't understand that."
  9. I'm still on the fence here. I want to like him, I just can't look at him.
  10. Good thing he's pretty because there's not a lot going on upstairs.
  11. I like him. He may be my favorite BB gay of all time. Already. The bar is low.
  12. Love the tattoos. I'll take a mocha skinny with a double shot, please.
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