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  1. Missing you so much! We will meet up there!

    Angel is Z!

  2. The main problem I have with your line of reasoning, Mekias, is that production screws around with all aspects of the game from the very beginning. There is no way to quantify it or to demonstrate whether production interference occurs more now than in earlier versions of BB but I don't think any honest observer of BB Live Feeds over the last several years can deny everything from types of HOH competitions, POV competitions, etc. all the way to DR sessions and twists aren't attempts by TPTB to influence the "competition" in the pursuit of game situations they believe will create the best television. This latest twist is so obviously ridiculous that I'm surprised more fans haven't complained but then I think to myself that this just illustrates how TPTB have calculated correctly that TV viewers and the casual fans are more interested in watching their favorite personalities or prolonged conflicts between heroes and villains than the actual integrity of the "competition". Still, is this twist truly anymore ridiculous than DR sessions in which players are guided toward certain actions or are giving suggestions how to influence other players to change votes, switch allegiances, etc.? Did Dick deserve to win Season 8 when he was only saved by an America's Player who was compelled to vote against his very own game interests? Did Jeff do anything inside the game to deserve or win the Coup d'Etat power? Dan winning some flukey power that allowed him to talk to a juror and win over a jury vote? I think it's just time for us to accept that BB isn't really an honest competition so much as it's a reality show aimed at showing personality conflict and interpersonal drama which happens to crowns a "winner" at the end.
  3. I don't know if she's stepped it up or she had one good night. Also, aside from competitions - is her social game strong enough to garner 4 votes in the final 2? I don't think she can beat Kalia at this point. I think Adam would win in a F2 by sweeping the Vet votes although that might change if Adam wins an HOH and doesn't go against Kalia and Porsche. Her best shot, in my mind, is against Rachel or Jordan but even that is playing with fire - I suspect Kalia would be a bit on the bitter side if she was eliminated by Porsche at F3 over Rachel or Jordan.
  4. Unfortunately, Maisie, I think your absolutely right. Survivor started that trend and BB has had a good ratings success following the pattern - a mostly newbie cast spiked with big personality veterans. I also think we are going to see more and more production involvement in shaping competitions and situations in a way that keeps the most popular players (heroes and villains) in the game longer. While this seems to work well for TV only fans, I think dedicated feeders are going to hate it. As for Shelly, I'm in the camp of people that believe there is nothing wrong with playing the manipulation game but find it strange not to come clean about it in the DR and makes me wonder if you aren't some sort of self-delusional hypocrite. It could also be an example where Shelly just feel into playing that kind of game as she became more and more demoralized about her ability to win a competition. I think the Newbies (and I would include Dani in this group), as a whole and from early on, were over-concerned with F2/F3 deals as well jury votes. Maybe that was because the vets dominated the early HOH competitions and lost hope of actually winning competitions down the stretch.
  5. I just chalk it up to HOH-itis. Jeff's particularly variety of HOH-itis includes a heightened irrational sense of resentment toward everyone else's personal ambitions in the game. It's like if anyone else verbally expresses any sense of a personal desire or ambition in the game, his initial reaction is to get mad - It's my HOH and it's all about me this week - and dismissive of the other person - where do they get off making any demands when I'm the one who worked so hard to win HOH?
  6. I think Adam's estimation of his competition skills are higher than you have for him, Jak. I think he believes Dani is his equal or better both physically and mentally in comps. With Dani gone, he seems to believe he can beat Jeff in mental comps when it comes down to it. I don't think it's outrageous to think somewhere between now and the end Adam stands a chance of sneaking in an HOH win. If I was Adam, I would try to get something out of Jeff for sticking with voting out Dani. To do that, he has to rat out Shelly and he seems averse to that even when Jeff and Jordan seem to think Shelly is so firmly aligned and she's not. To me, that's the one clear unarguable mistake in Adam's plan.
  7. I agree, bbaddict. Whether it was Dani or Jeff on the mac, if I was in Adam's shoes I'd gladly vote either out. It increases my chances to win comps/gain some power/be able to save yourself. I'd also be very wary of promises from people with their back against the wall to promise to play POVs to save me. If she's making that promise to me, then she's probably making that same promise to Shelly, Porsche, etc. She can't save 2 people from the block - especially if she is one of those 2 people. On the other hand, I don't know if you can expect anything out of voting to save Kalia. You'd like to be able to gain some advantage by voting to save someone at this stage but what is she going to offer? Basically he is maintaining good will with Jeff and Rachel which is better than nothing but might not save you from going up as a replacement nominee pawn as soon as this coming HOH cycle. That's why at some point, once he's sure he is voting out Dani, it would probably be better to rat out Shelly to firm up his position as a fourth with J/J/R. Jeff gets all pissy with Shelly and Adam when they try to get promises/reassurances about their standing in the alliance but I think keeping this vote against Dani is important enough to Jeff that Adam ought to be able to extract something tangible out of it. It seems like it's against Adam's nature, or he doesn't think it's the right time, to make too decisive a move that burns any bridges but I think it's reached that point in the game that you have to be decisive about where you stand. Speaking of which, at 6:09 HT, it seems that Adam is passing along info about Dani's campaigning to Jeff while they work out. Caught on too late to hear if he is ratting out Shelly though.
  8. I think the rumors are basically wishful twitter postings by Dani fans. As for Kalia, she's conducting about the worst campaign I've ever seen to stay in the game. She's hanging around with Dani and Porsche and making those stupid Play-Do effigies. Oh wait, she hugged Shelly out of the blue and thanked her for being in the game earlier today. Then again, what positive attribute does she have to promote herself to stay in the game?
  9. Yeah, I don't know if she realizes that's one way Adam could hear it. Her argument is trying to play on fear but I think she fails to realize Adam isn't afraid of Rachel at this point and he's more concerned about Dani as a competitor than Jeff.
  10. I don't think the ED stuff was the meat of Dani's argument. She basically just said, light-heartedly, that she would set up dinner for ED and Adam and then went on to say that ED, Dani, and Adam would all go together to some trivia night at a bar. Porsche later offered a call from Janelle on Adam's birthday. I'm not saying they aren't grasping at straws to gain any amount of traction that they can but this wasn't the serious part of the argument for keeping Dani. The main point of the argument is all about how Adam can never beat the solid three of Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan by himself. On top of that, Dani is saying he will be the first target in a FF eviction. Dani is also promising to push Adam to the end with POV help, etc.
  11. I'm right there with you Cub. Shelly is just basically a version of Ronnie coming in the form of a Mom figure. I think people have figured her out but on a whole she is so inconsequential, as far as having power, that no one is targeting her although she's going to expose herself if she keeps up the campaign to flip the house to save Dani. I still think her total lack of competitiveness in a competition has thrown her for a loop and now she's going the Kalia route of trying to find a person who will drag her to the final 2 - just because. That's what makes Jeff and Jordan look less desirable as final 3 partners since they would always take each other. I also agree that Adam is pursuing the better strategy. Eliminating competitors that are stronger than you increases your odds of winning competitions and, thereby, actually gaining power as it gets closer to the end. On the other hand, I also think it's not bad strategy to keep from ratting out Shelly. Even Ivette and Jordan won competitions coming down the stretch of the game and who's to say Shelly won't win one - no need to make her an enemy unless you actually think your going to get something out of it. I never heard any real deal being cut between Dani, Jeff, and Jordan. Who was going to backdoor who first was all coming down to which side won both the HOH and POV first. All the rest of their discussion was a matter of each trying to shine on the other until they got the opportunity. Sure, when your back is against the wall and you need the house to flip your going to try to get people to vote for you by claiming any number of things but they all know the real score. If she actually threw the veto, it's as dumb a move as Ollie giving HOH to Dan in S10 or Marcellus not using the veto in S3.
  12. I think Adam's strategy is the better one than Shelly's in that he doesn't want to take a chance on turning until he can be assured of playing in the Veto. In the meantime, let the stronger competition players knock each other out. Jeff can't win every HOH and even the idea of Jeff/Rachel winning every HOH until F3 is probably not realistic. Sooner or later, the chance will fall to him to be HOH when Jeff can't compete and then he takes his shot at splitting up J/J. Even making F3 with Jeff and Jordan doesn't sound bad to me. I think Adam should like his chances to end up in the third part of the HOH against Jeff and he stands as good a chance, if not better, to win that part of the HOH than Jeff. The only real nightmare scenario is to end up in a final three with Rachel and Jeff where he might not be able to make the third part of the final HOH. I think any newbie who ends up in the Final 2 has a very solid chance of winning the jury vote - especially if there is a vet next to them in the final 2. I don't think Dani will vote for a vet to win and I think Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche will vote for a newbie.
  13. I never liked her game in S8 and I haven't been particularly impressed with her game this season. She's good TV for production and I'm sure they would love for her to stay in the house as long as possible - just like they want Rachel and Jeff and Jordan to stick around as long as possible. I also think she's full of herself if she thinks someone is going to quit their job over her getting evicted in the house.
  14. I don't think it's necessarily bad strategy for Shelly to want to flip the vote to save Dani but I think her motivations for doing so are largely because she's afraid her game is failing apart more than it's from some grand strategical design. Ever since Rachel outed her game, Shelly's behavior has become more erratic and frantic. She seems to have no confidence (or to have lost her confidence) in her ability to win a competition going down the stretch and she is becoming obsessed with the idea of finding someone that will take her to the final 2. There are other things I find increasingly flaky about Shelly. The way she doesn't even seem to acknowledge in DR that she has tried to make multiple final 3 deals with various duos is just strange to me and comes across as someone who really believes her own sense of integrity/honesty is so great that even when she's being dishonest it isn't really being "dishonest". I also think her story that she is giving all of her stipend money to her job for allowing her to come on the show to be completely ridiculous. Her stipend money is income and she's going to be taxed on it no matter what she does with it. In the same way, her company would have to report the cash payments from her as income in it's taxes. Maybe she works for a small business (less than 25 employees) and the money is all exchanging hands under the table but it's not the way this would be handled in any corporate environment. She would just take a leave of absence and wouldn't be payed during her absence. Then on top of it after weeks of not being interested (or feigning interest) in actually winning or money she starts harping on how Jeff and Jordan are going to take all the money - at least when she is talking to anyone other than J/J. In any case, if she can't get Adam she better go along with voting out Dani because she will become the #2 target. Approaching Rachel to switch her vote is even more dangerous to her position than approaching Adam
  15. Dani goes outside to pull in Kalia for a quick talk. The two of them go to the SR. Kalia recounts the conversations on the couch with Shelly to Dani. Shelly was hurt about what Kalia said and that Kalia believes things that Porsche said, etc. Dani tells Kalia that she wants to put up Shelly and Adam - telling them both they are pawns. If POV is played then she will put up Jeff. Kalia doesn't see really excited about the idea but Dani explains that it buys the two of them a week. Kalia suggests that this could be the plan for R/B/J/J. Dani harkens back to how things worked out in season 8 when the deal was made to climate Dustin and a final four deal between Eric/Jessica/Dick/Dani was made which bought them short term safety - only to have Dani break the deal when she won HOH. Before we hear the rest of it - WBRB pops up. Sounds like Dani is going to bite on the deal though so she gets a chance to backdoor Jeff I'm out for now - have fun everyone
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