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  1. Prediction: Ryan WILL accidentally vote himself out at some point.
  2. Oh, Fessy. Big, dumb, beautiful Fessy...sigh....
  3. POLL: Week 4 - Eviction Prediction

    I do not understand why anyone who is NOT currently being forced to live with her** in a house would want Kaitlyn to leave this show. Her delusion is GOLD and is bringing us the best scenes this season. You’re not gonna get that from Angela or Kaycee. I haven’t even seen those guys in 3 weeks. **i fully understand why people who ARE currently being forced to live with Kaitlyn would want her gone.
  4. I think her gross speech, coupled with the fact that on the live feeds, when confronted about the fact that the boys flirt too, her apparent response was "They can't help it cause their guys" means she EXACTLY was trying to slut shame the girls and like she'd definitely side with a guy who got too handsy with a girl who didn't want it because that's just what boys do and don't make a big stink about it. Boys will be boys, my ass. She can kick rocks.
  5. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    Just as an FYI, mine will be up but it might be late tonight. Just don't worry I'm flaking out! I WOULD NEVER!
  6. @dc20willsave 100% agree! Sam's nomination speech grossed me out. Sorry, but the "Young Men" in the house don't need you to save them from all the jezebels. Jesus. She's cancelled...
  7. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    I'm just realizing 7/25 will be a terrible day for me to do this so can I bump up to 7/22?
  8. Sooooo, ask and ye shall receive, @Magpie! I've been wanting to try embroidery on something and, inspired by your request and @BB3Roddy's quote, I created this! It's yours if you want it! (send me a message!) Please excuse the shoddy craftsmanship, I'm still figuring out how this all works!
  9. POLL: RoboSam

    I agree with others...I loved it but Sam might be helping cause I find her pretty entertaining.
  10. Granted, I’m currently only 42 minutes into last night’s episode but so far, I’m enjoying nutbag Nicole Ritchie. She’s ridiculous in a way that I’m fine with. So far. I 100% reserve my right to hate by the time I finish last night’s episode.
  11. Broadcast Recappers Wanted!

    Ok, I'm gonna sign up for ONE right now. And then probably another one later. I'll take 7/25 I hate myself already!