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  1. Prediction: Ryan WILL accidentally vote himself out at some point.
  2. I do not understand why anyone who is NOT currently being forced to live with her** in a house would want Kaitlyn to leave this show. Her delusion is GOLD and is bringing us the best scenes this season. You’re not gonna get that from Angela or Kaycee. I haven’t even seen those guys in 3 weeks. **i fully understand why people who ARE currently being forced to live with Kaitlyn would want her gone.
  3. Wow, Ok. This episode starts out with a title card like they had to put that the beginning of The Season That Shall Not Be Named so you KNOW this is gonna be an interesting episode. It had a lot to unpack and anyone who knows me in real life can probably guess I have A LOT of feelings about A LOT of the things said tonight so I’m going to try to keep my commentary on that to a minimum because I would probably get myself banned from this site… Also, I’ll try not to get distracted but Journey and Def Leppard are playing a block from my house as I’m trying to finish this on Monday night and they are doing some form of a karaoke pre-party so between the terrible singing and @BB3Roddy’s harassing me for not going to see Def Leppard, I’m doing my best. I CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH, PEOPLE. Mr. Big Brother tells us the previouslies but if you want a BETTER version than what Mr. Big Brother can provide, might I suggest you read elizabethann’s recap of Thursday nights episode?? Tonight’s episode starts where Thursday’s left off…ON THE WALL. Or, tree stumps I guess. Everyone but Scott is perched on the edge of tree. Obligatory rain/sap/bird crap is being hurled at them. Nobody is looking super pumped about this but Scott who yells out “WET T-SHIRT CONTEST” in a voice SO nerdy it literally has to be fake. I cannot accept otherwise. Fessy DRs that once again the numbers don’t add up and someone from his side flipped the vote and he doesn’t know who he can trust. Scott yells something else weird at the contestants and clearly he just wants to be included but he should, like…..stop it…. Winston or Brett — which ever one of them did NOT get evicted. I have no idea which one because I truly just assumed BB was doing a piss poor job of the project DNA twist this season and accidentally let them both loose in the house and no one noticed — DRs something about being super sad that Brett or Winston (seriously…who knows?!?) was evicted and then says the word Brochachos and I immediately open up Google and search “How to launch myself into space” but become disappointed at the results because one requires me to be already dead, one is just sending my picture to the moon which does me NO good, and one is by just pretending. THANKS FOR NOTHING, GOOGLE! Brenston is very proud of his speech. He painted a target on Rockstar to make it look like she was going to flip her vote. He DRs that he targeted Rockstar because he can’t influence her because she plays “personally” which is likely code for “does not insert the word “BRO” unnecessarily into other words. Rockstar DRs that she’s just repeating her kids names over and over while on the tree because she is LIVID Winstrett made up a totally lie about her. Flashback to Brenston leaving the house on Thursday and Kaitlyn’s clairvoyant mouth is agape as she yells “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?” Best. Intuitive. Bitch. EVER. Rockstar yells at Brett during commercials of Thursdays show. Metaphysical Practitioner’s of America President, Kaitlyn interjects with “WHO’S LYING?!?” She sees colors, ya’ll. Don’t forget! More of Rockstar calling Winstrett DISGUSTING while Psychic Friends Network’s very own Kaitlyn mouths “What is going ON!” at the camera. Big Brother! Pick up the phone, Dionne Warwick is on the line for Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn, 24 year old Life Coach, DRs that she has no idea what just happened and she needs to talk to her crystals Tyler to get to the bottom of this. She corners her crystals Tyler in the bathroom and asks him to swear on his dad’s grave that he didn’t flip his vote. The crystals clank together all mad-like Tyler gets angry and says he would never do that and he just really needs to keep Kaitlyn thinking he voted to evict Brett and he’ll worry about the rest later. I’m having a Kaitlyn style premonition and I’m having vision that he will not need to worry about that because Kaitlyn will end up doing all the work for him in that area. STAY TUNED TO SEE IF MY PREDICTION IS CORRECT! Back to the comp…it’s just a lot of scenes with the houseguests dripping with disgusting tree goo and complaining about it. Kaycee doubles her screen time for the season with a DR saying that she needs win HOH. Thanks for finally showing up and contributing, Kaycee. Hayleigh DRs that she was blindsided by the vote and can only trust herself. The next few minutes are mostly just people falling off the trees edited in the fun way BB editors do sometimes where they’ll be talking in the DR about how good they're feeling and how they’re gonna hang on forever and then a jump cut to them biting it. It’s great and it will probably never get old. Especially JC’s tiny body falling in slow-mo. They start falling with Rockstar who walks over to Scottie for a hug and just cries. Rockstar is probably getting to that first hump of being emotionally exhausted by everything, #RemaingBro is going after her, and someone she thought was on her side lied so she is just breaking down about #RemaingBro’s speech/lie. Her tears are VERY aggressive. However, I don’t know how I’d respond after a month with these people. I might let it get to me too but I like to think that, if it was me, I get up face to face with #RemaingBro, look him dead in the eye, and just say “Entourage was a BAD show” and watch him breakdown down like a crybaby. The rest of the order of people falling is Faysal, #RemaingBro, Bayleigh, Angela — wait, who???, Rachel, Hayleigh, JC, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee. Sam and Tyler are left. Sam demands Tyler give it to her but Tyler wants to make it look a BIT more like he has to negotiate for her and not like he knows 100% Sam would never put him up but he just ends up using really unnecessary finger quotes in the DR. Eventually he decides it looks good enough and Tyler drops. Sam is HOH. Back from commercial, Sam DRs that as HOH she already knows who she is going to nominate and once she decides something, there is no changing her mind. Rockstar is still hysterically crying. Bayleigh is tasked with trying to talk her off the Big Brother metaphorical ledge, aka, wanting to quit and go home. Bayleigh is doing a pretty good job of staying calm and talking her down but she mentions that the good news is that Sam is HOH and Rockstar can just explain to her that she is heartbroken and Sam won’t put her up. Uh, oh! We soon find out Sam is uninterested in communicating with the others. Maybe she really IS a robot! I knew she was too good at it! Bayleigh DRs that Rockstar needs to “Chill it all the way down!” and be a strong ally. Rockstar keeps referencing “that kind of guy” in reference to #RemaingBro and how "Guys like that" always win. In Storage, poor Fessy is losing his mind because the vote numbers being off again. He’s pissed and doesn’t trust anyone. JC is there to just completely mess with his brain. There’s a flashback to before eviction night where JC and Tyler come up with a plan to vote out #EvictedBro but frame Kaitlyn as the vote flipper. JC is sure he has Fessy in the palm of his hand and can convince him the vote flipper was Kaitlyn so Tyler just needs to swear up and down he didn’t vote #EvictedBro out. JC is a little OVER confident that he is an evil genius in this house and that he came up with the best plan for him and his partner Tyler for someone who doesn’t even understand that his super loyal partner Tyler is actually in a large alliance that doesn’t include him and that he is just actually doing the dirty work for Level 6 5. Flash forward back to the storage room where JC is feeding Fessy a line of crap that Kaitlyn flipped and Hayleigh is untrustworthy too because she talks and talks? Ok….anyway, JC says Fessy is a competitor but he’s not a “brainer" and I’m just like JC, you are not exactly a brainer yourself. JC tells Fessy that “This is no way to smart game.” So true, so true… Fessy is mad that the 2 people closest to him in the game are lying to him. Fessy than says to JC “So do you think Brett and Kaitlyn planned Brett to call our Rockstar???” JC, the evil genius who literally never thought to tell Fessy that was part of the plan despite being a very obvious option is just like “Yeah, i think so”. Fessy wants to call people out but JC convinces him to keep quiet about it all. After commercial, Kaitlyn approaches Fessy who is in the bathroom with Rockstar and Rachael and asks if she can talk to him. Fessy, who is VERY good at hiding his emotions and not wearing them his sleeve (which are many times nonexistant because he has hulk-ripped them off a lot of the shirts he wears) says he doesn’t want to talk because he’s already talked to a lot of people today. Hey man, I’ve never felt something QUITE SO MUCH in my soul. Kaitlyn is annoyed he won’t come and he pouts “What do you want to talk about?!?” to which Kaitlyn just says she wanted to talk to him alone. He begrudgingly finally agrees. They head into the lounge room. Kaitlyn says Fessy is hurting her feelings and he says he doesn’t care. She asks what’s wrong. He says something isn’t added up. Kaitlyn tells him the fact that he’s even questioning her is making her physically ill. And, she has point! What has she EVER done to Fessy to cause ANY distrust between them beside creating a 5 person alliance with him that SHE NAMED and then just committing some light treason against the alliance by nominating and having one of the members voted out??!???! WHAT?! Tell us Fessy! Why the hell are you not trust her??? The scene of Kaitlyn being incredulous with Fessy's non-believership is intercut with Tyler, Kaycee, Rachel, Angela, and #RemainingBro dancing in the Have Not Room about their alliance, Level 6. #RemainingBro comments that things went PERFECTLY tonight. Not to be all Debbie Downer but I think PERFECT is a very strong word for a night that you lost one of the alliance members. And on that note, you aren’t really Level 6 anymore as much as you are Level 5. So, just saying…carry on. Back to Fessy and Kaitlyn. Fessy continues saying someone is lying to him and Kaitlyn says she has NEVER LIED TO HIS FACE and I just want to interject with a little Britney… More arguing and Kaitlyn crying. She gives Fessy permission to leave the room and he says it’s not like they have the best track record when it comes to telling each other everything. Kaitlyn cries “Maybe we don’t have the best track record, but I do!” Which……..fine. Kaitlyn is in the middle of describing her literal broken heart when Sam comes out of the Diary Room asking “WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM?!?!?!?” Kaitlyn is not going, she’s not going, she’s NOT! Then she goes. Yelling and squealing at Sam’s pictures. Sam takes the opportunity of everyone being in the HOH room already to negate any possibility of weilding her HOH power into deals, get info, or just building any sort of good will with the rest of the house by stating that she already knows who she is putting up so she won’t be talking to anyone one on one and also could you please never enter my HOH room without the express written consent of Les Moonves and Sam Whateverherlastnameis. It doesn’t come off WELL, let’s just put it that way. She also relays that OLD saying “I say what I mean and I mean what I say and I do what I say I’m going to do and I do what I say I’m going to mean and I mean to say what I’m gonna do.” Hayleigh and Rockstar both DR that this makes them uncomfortable. Hayleigh hasn’t connected with Sam and Rockstar is concerned with #RemainingBro’s speech and that it put a target on her back. Both of them thing not be able to talk to Sam before noms is a bad deal for them. Now. NOW. We are back from commercial and YOU GUYS. I know this is not a popular sentiment but I. FREAKING. LOVE. KAITLYN. Do I think she is a good person? NO. Do I think she is a STABLE person? HELLLLL no. Do I think I would like her in real life?? Eh, nah! Would I literally run in the opposite direction if I was ever face to face with Kaitlyn in the real world? Ya damn straight! BUT, do I believe that she is the WRONG intuitive bitch to fuck with and she can like SEE colors and, like, HAS dreams?!?!?! YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT I DO. Never in the history of BB as far back as whatever season a couple years ago that Jozea was on, have we gotten SO MANY GIFS. SO MANY QUOTES. So much DELUSION packed into one person. I truly DO NOT understand why, if you are not currently locked in a house in CA with this woman, you would EVER want to see her leave! Do you think we are going to get more scenes like the one that follows from RACHEL??? From KAYCEE????? From ANGELA who I am quite sure hasn’t even been shown on the show for a full minute since the first episode where she lost the comp to Chris????? Hell no we won’t. And I’m SO upset with any of you jerks who are wishing for her to leave! YOU DON’T DESERVE HER!!!!! Anyway, moving on. Kaitlyn, Hayleigh, and Rockstar in the bedroom…talking about the messed up vote count. Our metaphysical guide through this crazy world, Kaitlyn, actually correctly brings up the idea that Tyler and JC flipped on them. Now, to our Psychic Friends Network’s defense, Hayleigh is the first one to say she truly doesn’t believe they did. That little incorrect bit of info is exactly what Kaitlyn needs for her spirit guides to slap her in the face and inject The Truth of What Happened into her brain. She leaps out of the chair exclaiming that Sam used her power that she stole two votes. Hay says that’s possible and suggests that #RemainingBro made the speech about Rockstar to guarantee she would voted for #EvictedBro to go so Sam could guarantee that when she “stole” her vote, it would go the way Sam wanted. Kaitlyn, who has never been more proud of anything she had thought of in her live exclaims “I THINK IT’S CLEARLY THE ONLY LOGICAL THING THAT MAKES SENSE AT THIS POINT.” And it’s true…if you don’t count the very first thing she said which was actually exactly what really happened. Kaitlyn is on a roll now. She explains the whole scenario(s) in the DR. In her mind, Sam’s power had to have been to flip two votes and #RemainingBro planned his speech to make them all go against each other and now they all do NOT trust each other. Kaitlyn DRs…."And if I’m not right, that’s so embarrassing but I REALLY honestly think I’m right…” Part #2 of Kaitlyn’s amazing revelation. She and Tyler are in the Have Not Room. Tyler looks nervous he has to continue to try to convince Kaitlyn that he didn’t flip his vote to #EvictedBro. Before he can even think of anything to say, Kaitlyn is word vomiting all over him about how nobody flipped and Sam used her power to flip two votes and get #EvictedBro out. There’s a look of confusion on Tyler’s face as he starts to consider that Kaitlyn is doing all the hard work to convince herself…by herself. Kaitlyn notices the confusion and says “Or are you lying to me and you flipped? Stop. I’m just kidding.” Tyler feigns confusion and says “I don’t know what’s going on right now!” and Kaitlyn continues telling him her intuition is BEAMING right now and how she is freaking out and that she told him whenever she is freaking out she is usually right. Tyler finally gets his head out of his ass long enough to realize she is handing him his out on a silver platter. Tyler: “How did you figure that out?” Kaitlyn: (nodding and smirking) “Yeah!” Tyler: “You’re like a f-ing mastermind.” Tyler DRs and is incredulous that he literally didn’t do or say anything and the other side has completely explained away his flipped votes. Kaitlyn takes a moment to get up, open the door and pose in the doorway while exclaiming to the people in the other room “IT’S SO IS IT!” While Tyler slyly gives a thumbs up to the cameras. You guys. This girl is gold and how DAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEEE you all not appreciate her in her time! To illustrate my point, the next scene is a long drawn out scene of Rockstar purposely trying to annoy #RemainingBro with banging on pans that, compared to what we just witnessed, is pretty boring and not worth a lot of detail. Let’s just put it this way, #RemainingBro continues to be smarmy and obnoxious and Rockstar doesn’t really do herself any favors. So, eh….. So, on to the Very Special part of this Very Special Episode of BB… There’s A LOT of things about this conversation…not the least of which is that it’s pretty JARRING to see an actual conversation like this on THIS DAMN SHOW that, in the edited for TV version, is a fairly respectful and meaningful conversation about the use of various terms to describe marginalized groups. Obviously, it’s something that is VERY timely for today’s world. Without getting into all the minutia of the conversation essentially what happened was there was a conversation in the HOH (after Sam INSTRUCTED no one to be up there, no less! Unless BB is messing with the time line and this is last week? NO! my intuition is telling me that is NOT correct and the most logical explanation at this point is that Sam was turned back into a robot inexplicably and can’t make it up the spiral staircase. Yup. That’s it.) that stemmed from JC talking about his height and Bayleigh asking him the difference between terms people use for little/short people including the M word. To illustrate it offensiveness, JC flat out said the N word and Bayleigh immediately called him on it and told him he was NOT allowed to say it. There was some tension about Bayleigh being talked over by JC as he tried to defend himself for using it. Bayleigh left but they ended up meeting up to clear the air before bed time. I have not see any live feeds of this actually happening but I have read some stuff that implies this edited version paints JC in a slightly better light than how it maybe happened. Not to get into it too much, but I’m a huge proponent of the idea that you lose nothing by simply not being shitty to each other and not using terms that are offensive to the associated group. You can live a perfectly normal, happy, well adjusted life and never say the offensive terms and, contrary to some belief, this is not the worst thing that is happening in the word. I will now just direct you to this. On to the nomination ceremony. HOOOOOO BOY! Sam nominates Hayleigh and Kaitlyn. Some of her reasons include: She thinks they take the most and contribute the least She doesn’t care for how they treat the "young men” in the house She doesn’t think they treat the “young men” with enough respect They aren’t empowering females with their behavior They should have more self respect Sam furthers her reasons in the DR by saying Hay and Kait are manipulating the “young men” in the house and hanging all over them, they want hugs, attention, etc, and it’s cheap. WOW. I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ABOUT SAM RIGHT NOW. I will leave it at that so I don’t explode. Kaitlyn and Hayleigh are (imo) rightfully upset by Sam’s reasoning for nominations and Fessy ads that he is upset with Sam too because they are both his good friends in the house. Weird, one of the “young men” isn’t applauding Sam for saving them from those JEZEBELS! I’m annoyed. I’m ending this now. If @BB3Roddy is DONE HARASSING ME ABOUT DEF LEPPARD, he’ll have the rest of your recaps this week!
  4. I think her gross speech, coupled with the fact that on the live feeds, when confronted about the fact that the boys flirt too, her apparent response was "They can't help it cause their guys" means she EXACTLY was trying to slut shame the girls and like she'd definitely side with a guy who got too handsy with a girl who didn't want it because that's just what boys do and don't make a big stink about it. Boys will be boys, my ass. She can kick rocks.
  5. Just as an FYI, mine will be up but it might be late tonight. Just don't worry I'm flaking out! I WOULD NEVER!
  6. @dc20willsave 100% agree! Sam's nomination speech grossed me out. Sorry, but the "Young Men" in the house don't need you to save them from all the jezebels. Jesus. She's cancelled...
  7. I'm just realizing 7/25 will be a terrible day for me to do this so can I bump up to 7/22?
  8. Sooooo, ask and ye shall receive, @Magpie! I've been wanting to try embroidery on something and, inspired by your request and @BB3Roddy's quote, I created this! It's yours if you want it! (send me a message!) Please excuse the shoddy craftsmanship, I'm still figuring out how this all works!
  9. I agree with others...I loved it but Sam might be helping cause I find her pretty entertaining.
  10. Granted, I’m currently only 42 minutes into last night’s episode but so far, I’m enjoying nutbag Nicole Ritchie. She’s ridiculous in a way that I’m fine with. So far. I 100% reserve my right to hate by the time I finish last night’s episode.
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