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  1. That was the same dress my 13-year-old niece wore to her middle school graduation.
  2. You are not alone, iverson20.This season has entertained me from the start. My problem is that I don't have strong feelings, positive or negative, about any of them. I don't hate anybody, and while I think at this point in the game Derrick deserves to be the favorite to win, I don't love any of them, either. With that being said ™, I'm more than happy to see the weak people leave early, as long as they leave enough Ponds for the power players to use at their will.
  3. My wish would be that they keep the third nomination in America's hands, tell the hammies that's what's happening, and see how it affects their behavior in the house.
  4. I voted for Aaryn over Amanda this week only because I wanted someone on the block that these sheep might actually vote out. It's clear nobody wants to antagonize Amanda. My hope is that one of the two goes on double eviction night, because they won't have time to get votes by bullying people. I do want Amanda out more than Aaryn, because her racism and homophobia are more sinister, couched in humor and sarcasm instead of mere ignorance.
  5. Scenario: GinaMarie loses track of all her promises and alliances and is forced to nominate herself, but reassures herself that she's just the pawn. She also suspects herself of being MVP when Amanda goes up, but promises the other two nominees they're also safe.
  6. I can think of no better reason to vote for Amanda as the MVP nom than the fact that she thinks she's running Aaryn's HOH.
  7. I was hoping Zingbot would visit before Aaryn leaves, but there will still be plenty of zing-fodder if she goes this week. Amanda/McCrae? Zing! Weeping widow GinaMarie? Zing! Translating Judd into English? Zing! And so much more.
  8. Drive-by recap: Judd telling McCrae that Elissa told him Jessie said she was cast with a boyfriend who got cut before the show. Judd speculates that's the reason Jessie doesn't get that close to him. Oh, Judd. That might not be the reason, buddy.
  9. As much as I despise Brenchel, this is no less than Kalia deserves.
  10. buntsign


    Off to a great start, now that we already know Jeff is the smart one in the house, explaining the Golden Key to everyone else.
  11. If (OGG forbid) Gnat makes it to the final two, I would like the first question to be simply, "Natalie, how old are you?" There's no good answer to that question.
  12. I think it's over, too. Kevin said he asked BB if sticking his hand in the box would affect the game. They told him no, or else he wouldn't have done it. I can't remember if I saw it on the feeds or read it here or read it somewhere else or dreamed it. It's equally likely to have happened in any case.
  13. One thing we know from bitter experience is that CBS cares not one whit what we think. What bothers me about the pre-taping scenario, besides the feeds being down for so long, is that Chima will realize what's happening and know that the Wizard Power will be used, giving her time to prepare her response. If the show were live, she could go AWF (or not) spontaneously, and we'd get to see the real Chima. Same with the other hammies - they're all going to know that the cootie taw will be used, and their reactions will be more rehearsed and less deranged and psycopathic. Which, let's face it, is what we really want to see.
  14. But, but, but... By using the Coup d'Etat, Jeff is "overthrowing" the HOH, meaning he becomes the de facto HOH and Chima is just another minion. So she gets to vote, but he breaks a potential tie. Right?
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