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  1. H: Hamster... duh Oops! I: Ivette
  2. D: Diane's house. Love the oldies
  3. 1. Grand Canyon 3. Bathroom
  4. [Original**] *FIST* ** Here from the beginning!
  5. From that article: "Expect the unexpected this summer with a season full of new and unique twists and turns to challenge the Houseguests. " I was afraid of that.
  6. Just popping in to say I miss MrsGryn's recaps of Jeffy's shirt colors. Whatever is she doing with all those paint swatches?
  7. Well that was just a big 'ol clusterfuck of a season. Colton, for all his earnest proclamations of love for the final three, came across as the biggest douche in Bachelor history. I'm done.
  8. Agreed, but I will never wash the image of him in that gold unitard out of my brain.
  9. I also noticed at the end, Todrick and Miesha were only talking to Julie. None of the others ran over to hug them.
  10. I agree, @AVorlon, but I don't like it or Mieshrick (Todsha?).
  11. That was the weirdest live vote I've ever seen. What the hell was that all about? He was seriously chowing down on those fingernails and spitting them out. Gross.
  12. Damn, Carson..I still love you but, damn. You just lost the game.
  13. I just checked in to see who won HOH, and @angelmi was recapping like a champ. Thanks, angel, for taking one for the team.
  14. I'm with you, Gryn. When he was eliminated from DWTS, he said he should have blamed a neck injury for his not so stellar dancing. No sure which one, but he thought another contestant got a break because she talked about an injury.
  15. I love him and hope he lasts. I'll probably eat my words if he becomes really annoying.
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