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  1. Project Runway

    This. Kelly Deli was on my mind last night as well. On another topic..I was fully prepared to despise Ken (again). He must be on his meds this season because he's not being a prick to the other designers, or the crew. His friendship with Anthony sends me into giggle fits. All in all, I'm enjoying the final five.
  2. General Reality Shows

    I was set to hate the show, but I don't. Lionel Richie has never been a fave - maybe because an ex thought he was the best (he also liked Michael Bolton and other elevator ready musicians). Katy Perry seemed like a phony. My feelings haven't changed much, but when I concentrate on the music, they don't bother me as much. I'm also watching Voice, so AI gets DVRed.
  3. Food

    How about: What I Felt Like Cooking Today?
  4. Bachelor/ette

    Holy shit. What a schmuck.
  5. Brendan Shapiro - Malolo - Eliminated fourth

    He's built like Michael Phelps; long torso, short legs.
  6. Survivor 36: Ghost Island

    I live for your paint chips.
  7. Bachelor/ette

    Speaking of the Real Housewives, is it me, or is Krystal the younger version of Ramona (RHNY)? All that's missing is 30 years and a ginormous glass of Pinot Grigio.
  8. Me, me! I'm home on Friday night watching BB. No, it's not sad that you watch the show and read the recaps, because, me too.
  9. Food Shows

    At least I can still vote Carrie for fan favorite. I was praying that Joe Assto would get the boot.
  10. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    This finale made me very happy. The best part? Yale had the puzzle completed, but switched out a piece thus allowing Jody to win.
  11. Bachelor/ette

    After young Becka was sent packing, I lost interest in the show. She was the only one left who had a personality.
  12. The Amazing Race - Season 30

    Where and when did the proposal happen? Did I miss something?
  13. Let me just say from the get go, I'm going to try to keep this recap as short and sweet as possible. I have neither the talent nor thumbs to be as creative as @BB3Roddy Previouslies: Ross wins HOH and sets his sights on getting rid of Keisha and Omarosa because they are coming after him. He does consider flipping the script and going after Shannon. He fears he will be sitting outside talking to Julie and Shannon was the person responsible. He wusses and puts Omarosa and Keisha on the mac. Brandi and Ari pitch him the idea of backdooring Shannon. Marissa and Mark are on board. Perfect. At live POV competition, Marissa beats everyone at "Now You See It" a more, less or same type of comp, and snags the Veto. The plan is to take down one of the nominees and put Shannon up. Keishia spoils that plan by begging to go home to her daughter whose only nourishment comes from her rapidly depleting breast milk supplies. So much for that plan. At Eviction ceremony, Keisha begs everyone to vote her out...oh, and Shannon is running the show, y'all. She is unanimously evicted. As they all gaze at the Wall o' Stars, Omarosa opines that she now understands why people get sad after an eviction. She tries, but can't squeeze out a fake tear. During the first few minutes of non-previouslies (currentlies?) we are treated to a moment-by-moment playback of Keisha's milk boobs drama. Brandi is pissed because Keisha leaving ruins her game. Omarosa calls Brandi evil. Oh, pot? The kettle left you a message. We're back at the wailing wall. Mark opines that the house is crazy. Metta DRs that when Keisha wanted to go home, she did, but when he asked to go home they wouldn't let him. "I don't get these people, but since I'm here, I might as well play." Omarosa takes a hit off her inhaler. I must interject here. I am an asthmatic. I know how the inhaler works. Omarosa totally didn't inhale the medicine. Just saying..girl is playing it up. She later in the show accuses Shannon of campaigning against her while she was in the hospital! Shannon meanwhile works to solidify her "alliance" . She has convo with James and Ross. Marissa joins them. They discuss what Keisha said. yadda yadda... everything is cool, we're the final four. Ross DRs his confused and listening, when he really knows what's going on face. I love him. He doesn't want Shannon to know about the secret plan to backdoor her. Commercials: The ad for Young Sheldon makes it seem more interesting than it is. HOH Comp. Ross is dressed like a yacht captain, and the others are dressed in sun hats and Hawaiian shirts. The game is, Get Your Putt in Gear, wherein the players must sink three holes in one on a miniature golf set. The HG who finishes in the least amount of time wins. Oops, I almost forgot, there are two huge fans creating a mighty storm. So mighty Brandi's face almost moved. Now I'm going to cut to the chase. After sweating through Shannon having the lead, the majority of HGs celebrate when Ari wins. Happy dancing ensues throughout the BB soundstage. Everyone thinks that they are safe. Discussions to decide how best to get rid of Shannon. Should Ari put James and Shannon, or put up Omarosa and Metta to make Shannon think she's safe,then backdoor her. Meanwhile, Metta is happy dancing in the SR. By not letting him go home when he wanted to, the HGs have unleashed Metta World Beast. In kitchen, Omarosa regales them with tales from the White House. Melania redecorated the place, but she doesn't really stay there much. She's very smart (speaks seven languages) and is "amazing". All Metta cares about is whether or not the basketball court is still there. (It is.) In HOH room, Brandi, Ross, and Marissa don't want Shannon to to tell Ari to put up Metta and Omarosa, so they instruct Metta to stay with Ari so that she doesn't get the chance. The plan works. Shannon is beginning to get a clue that she might be in trouble. When she goes to the kitchen, where everyone is cooking, nobody will make eye contact with her. She's done, and heads to bed to cry. James pep talks her. Other scenarios to win..buck up! It's far from over. Nominations: Ari puts James and Shannon on the mac. What will happen in the live eviction on Friday? elizabethann out
  14. Hamster Headlines and Past BB Seasons

    Ethan dodged a bullet there. Wonder if her drug use caused the break up?
  15. Jenna Bowman - Malolo

    I shall call her Poopy in my recap.