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  1. No only would you have recapped it, you would also have screencapped it, gloated about it, and posted about it until Big Brother starts up again.
  2. Damned if I know. I came in here hoping to get answers from you.
  3. Now whenever I see his name, I'm picturing Harvey Weinstein. Damn you Gryn!
  4. Seriously...you don't wanna see all this in a tank top.
  5. https://ew.com/tv/2019/11/13/survivor-jeff-probst-island-of-the-idols-epsiode-kellee-dan/ I'm the above article, Jeff Probst brings up the fact that Kellee was voted out with two idols. While I am Team Kellee all the way and admire her courage, not playing one of her idols was incredibly stupid. I realize this is just my opinion; nobody knows how they would act in this situation. I'm just sad knowing that she could have saved herself. And now for something completely different: Your recaps are always worth the wait.
  6. Should we get team shirts? #TeamTinyTank
  7. Thank OGG for your recap. Otherwise the only thing I would have remembered about Jamal was the two honking pustules on his face. Seriously, call Dr. Pimple Popper to remove those gross growths (say that three times, fast). When he was on the screen I couldn't see it hear anything else.
  8. You all just triggered my PBSD*. I'll be under my blanket for the rest of the week. *Post Booger Stress Disorder
  9. My grandmother used to have an old saying that applies here. Roughly translated from Greek, it is: bitch must have a horseshoe up her ass.
  10. Ahh... The days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of slop for Have Nots.
  11. It just hit me tonight; he looks like Vladimir Putin.
  12. I remember her as being the most normal, reasonable person in the cast. In other words, the one hamster FUG regrets casting.
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