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  1. Things Rockstar is thinking outside the house

    But...but...I missed my kid's birthday! Why didn't I win?
  2. Chenterview - Get to know your fellow posters

    Absolutely. Do you think you'd make a good houseguest?
  3. Name The Hammies' Playbooks

    From Bro to Pro: The Story of Brett.
  4. Ask the DR – Corrupt a wish

    Heeerrs Pinhead! Can we please have a pet?
  5. Say Something Nice About...

    Her ability to dress and apply makeup without a mirror is admirable. Say something nice about Scottie's gameplay.
  6. I am duly embarrassed. Damn you, Gryn! So...after seeing Fessie in action, my ardor has faded. Good looks don't last, but stupid goes on forever. ETA: Wouldn't Screaming Thigh Sweats be a great name for a band?
  7. Bachelor/ette

    This is my first time watching BIP. These people are disgusting. Is this how the kids act these days? The whole thing made me feel grateful to be SLOWOLD and really grateful for Mr elizabethann.
  8. Do those bitches know who they just evicted?
  9. Since he's sponging off the family Bayleaf, I would say gainfully un employed is more like it.
  10. I'm just loving the idea of Haleigh's HOH being hacked. Karma.
  11. Did she not look in the mirror before showing the entire country her camel toe? That was...disturbing.
  12. BB20 House Discussion

    That would be amazeballs. Oh, I finally got my sound issue fixed, so I saw and heard the eruption.
  13. BB20 House Discussion

    Sadly, the sound wasn't working for me.