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  1. Gabby Pascuzzi - David

    But, she really came through in the immunity challenge. I started liking her a lot for the way she controlled her blind tribemates.
  2. Dancing With The Stars

    I'm also watching Juniors. I love a good train wreck, and Honey Boo Boo is sure to deliver. I'm just waiting for someone to raise a stink about MacKenzie Ziegler competing when clearly she is a dancer. All those seasons on Dance Moms had to give her some advantage.
  3. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    She showed a little sass at the Altar of Blindsides. I liked it.
  4. Food Shows

    This broke my heart. It also made me think about what I'd do if I only had a year to live. First, I would trash my scale. Then, I would travel (what good are credit cards I'd you can't max 'em out?) I'd like to visit the Greek island where my grandfather grew up, swim under a waterfall, and eat Kobe beef, lobster...yes, lobster every day, and so many things that have been prepared on Top Chef. I'd also sign up to recap a bunch of Big Brother episodes scheduled to air after my d date, just to pull one last one over on @MrsGryn, because I'm evil that way. I think I need to update my bucket list.
  5. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    Has anyone seen her smile once?
  6. Alec Merlino - Goliath

    There's a Dan and a John on his tribe?
  7. Jeremy Crawford - Goliath - Voted out third

    So you're saying he's going to be the only one surprised when the tribe votes him out?
  8. Natalie Cole - Goliath

    Perfect picture..hand on hip, which is how she spent most of the episode: Hand on hip, telling everyone what to do and how to do it. I'd be happy to see her go sooner than later.
  9. The only thing missing was a baby blue, pleather basketball uniform.
  10. Forty minutes in and my cable goes down. Noooo! And here comes the rain. There's quite a storm in central NH.
  11. BB20 House Discussion

    Gryn is wicked smaht.
  12. General Drama

    You're in luck. Only one episode of Manifest has aired. Season 1 Episode 2 airs on Monday at 10:00 EST.
  13. General Drama

    The Miniaturist is wonderful. I'm just sad it's only three episodes. The ending was a surprise. Nella turns out to be quite the badass. I watched Manifest just to check it out. It was so good that I set my DVR to record the whole series.