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  1. Project Runway

    Margarita's look was hideous, as was Michael's. I foresee a final three of Brandon, Kentaro, and Ayanna.
  2. Bye Patrick. You weren't even *that* cute.
  3. Project Runway

    Two cliffhangers in a row? This sucks.
  4. Alan Ball - Levu: Heroes - Eliminated Week 4

    Bat shit crazy.
  5. General Reality Shows

    Remember when Hildy spray painted a chair hot pink? Or was it a love seat?
  6. "Hobbies: Outdoor adventures, martial arts, dancing, meditation, and personal growth work." Personal growth work? She's going to do great because she smart enough, attractive enough, and doggone it, people like her. I hereby dub her Pickles Smalley.
  7. General Reality Shows

    copssister, that just triggered my PTSD; I had to wear a dusty rose bridesmaid's dress. Oh, the horror!
  8. Food Shows

    When Top Chef comes back on, I'll shoot you a message.
  9. Project Runway

  10. Food Shows

    It's interesting that the best food related shows are on networks other than Food Network. Food has a few good comp shows, but few and far between. They may as well call themselves the Guy Fieri Network. Seriously, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives back to back to back? Guy Fieri has at least three damn shows, and he's annoying in all of them.
  11. General Reality Shows

    Three finales of three shows I've been following all season were on last night, all at the same time. What to do? Set DVR to record all three. I managed to go out for a lobster dinner with hubs, get home in time to see BB finale, watch AGT recording, sleep, wake up, and watch Master Chef in the morning. The best part? All three of my picks won! Yay Josh, Ventriloquist Girl, and especially Dino. Oh, and the lobster. That was also a best part. Thank OGG for DVRs and Mr elizabethann.
  12. It's not just you. It was a perfect ending.
  13. Paul was PISSED. I just laughed and laughed.