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  1. Ahh... The days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of slop for Have Nots.
  2. It just hit me tonight; he looks like Vladimir Putin.
  3. I remember her as being the most normal, reasonable person in the cast. In other words, the one hamster FUG regrets casting.
  4. From MrsGryn's recap: "Right away, I was looking to see which swimmer would step up in the ocean swim. Janet and Elizabeth were actually pretty equal, though Elizabeth has to use a face mask and Tiny Tank just muscles through." Are you reading my mind? If I had written this recap, it would have been identical.. Except not as funny and well written.
  5. No news on Celebrity Big Brother yet?
  6. Let's not forget that Janet is a lifeguard. One has to be in great shape to do that job; better shape than a lawyer perhaps. I'm sure that her old bones can probably run rings around many of her younger tribemates. I certainly hope so, I'm a fan.
  7. Maybe, but I can't see Jeff calling him Nichting.
  8. He picks things up and puts them down.
  9. He is not a Southie douchebag. He is a Brockton douchebag. Brockton is Plymouth adjacent. Brockton douchebags have a faint aroma of eau de cranberry.
  10. If he's serious about that pet peeve, why the hell did he sign up for Survivor? Everybody on that show will be eaten alive by bugs. Damn, they make a point of showing chewed up legs every Damn season.
  11. The best part of this season for me was coming here and interacting with all you lunatics. You are my dysfunctional internet family.
  12. I'm sure Julie hasn't seen many genuinely decent people in her tenure on this crapfest. Nicole is genuinely decent. Julie was delighted that a good person finally won something.
  13. What good looks? I do not find him attractive at all. And it's not just his character.
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