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  1. I stop by here a few times a day to see if anything is going on with my fellow HTers. I miss all of you. So what's new? Me? I caught Covid while visiting my husband who is in a long-term care facility. Otherwise, just hanging out with my basset hound,watching TV, reading, playing Wordle, WWF, and posting on social media. Also, naps, lots of naps. Talk to me.
  2. The pageant girl came out to play. I think her clothing was almost worth the $750,000. So...d'ya think she'll mention "world peace" in her final plea to the jury?
  3. Voted for no one. I liked Turner the most, but not enough to vote.
  4. Time for Kyle go back to mom and resume their dancing career.
  5. @Tsylyst I think you need to edit the second option above. Shouldn't it be: Who do you want to be evicted?
  6. Things that would be more entertaining riding a scooter than Jasmine: T: Turds
  7. I'd do one for you @venkman7, but I'd probably break a hip. SLOWOLD.
  8. Terrance hands down. He just sat back and listened while Kyle and Joseph sang like canaries.
  9. I just changed my vote to Turner from Michael. I don't like cats. At all. Plus, I'm deathly allergic to the little monsters.
  10. H: Hamster... duh Oops! I: Ivette
  11. D: Diane's house. Love the oldies
  12. 1. Grand Canyon 3. Bathroom
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