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  1. Raises a fist in solidarity with MrsGryn.
  2. elizabethann


    Looks like I just decided on what to binge watch. I also have loved O'Hara and Levy since the SCTV days. They were also fabulous in the Christopher Guest films. (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, Waiting for Guffman..)
  3. Yeah, I watch it. Swaggy,Baylie, and Josh need to get off my screen. Now.
  4. I'm getting a serious Lord of the Flies vibe from thoughts of Teen Survivor. Great season of recaps, Gryn. However, I am disappointed that, after seeing the bag the BALLS were in, you didn't mention their resemblance to BALL sacks. I'll be around all summer. I have no [strikethrough]place[/strikethrough] life to go back to.
  5. It's finale time. BALLS lots of BALLS! The only question: will the Marvelous MrsGryn work "ball sack" into her recap?
  6. I thought Jamesuh was the fun gi of that season.
  7. I belong to Reality Blurred. This link showed up on a post about Survivor Behind the Scenes. Yeah, I'm just a little crazy. I'm reading a book a day, and catching up on all my DVRed shows. Oh yeah. Netflix too. It is nice having good restaurants delivering my favorite dishes to our door.
  8. @MrsGryn, look what I found for you! https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2009/04/survivor-tocantins-jeff_probst_shirts_pants/
  9. In this time of quarantine, it's important to have a space like this to talk about our health and losses. I don't know any of you personally, but many of you feel like family. Shannon, when you were away from HT, people were worried and asked about you. A. Lot. tlh9 , a lot of us feel like we knew your beloved aunt through your posts. We're all feeling a little frightened, a little frustrated, and maybe a little alone. Keep sharing, everyone. I care about you.
  10. So sorry. Hit me up back channel if you want to chat.
  11. For sure, Tony sucks, but my most hated winner is the porn star who beat out the racist misogynist. I don't remember his name, which is fine. I'm very happy he wasn't invited to participate this season.
  12. Yes, @Magpie, I'll edit the post. Thanks!
  13. Is anyone else watching The Challenge on MTV? BB alums have been contestants for a while, but this year Season 20 is well represented. Our faves Fessy, Swaggy and fiance Bayleigh, and the winner, Kaycee. Also, Jay from Survivor, and Jen Lee from TAR.
  14. My money is on Natalie. Not only is she in fabulous shape, she's been mostly quiet this season. I attribute this to her intestinal fortitude (aka BALLS). That being said, I do love my homie Boston Rob and would love to see him win.
  15. Now that Yul is gone, Denise is the only one left I give a shit about. And that's only because she outplayed Sandra. I might also like Jeremy because he's from Massachusetts.
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