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  1. You can eat it, drink it, and wash your face in it. Money is no object. Where would you go, and by what form of transportation?
  2. Yes. Sadly, some of them are dead. What would you have for your last meal?
  3. It is. I'm deep into Tell Me Everything. It's about a group of friends at a college in Maine. All of them have secrets; one of them is keeping track to use later. Fascinating!
  4. I'm just wondering who the #4 vote getter was. You know Just Jack(™Nicole) had to be in the top three. When he was voted out, #4 had to move up.
  5. I forgot he was even on the show. Gotta pay more attention.
  6. Putting that on my list. I'm going through a phase of voracious reading - sometimes staying up until the wee hours to finish a book. This sounds promising. And I always perk up at the mention of Martha's Vineyard.
  7. She's loyal. Say something nice about Jack.
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