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  1. House Analysis and Discussion

    I'm over this season. I don't: 1) particularly like anyone left, 2) find anyone entertaining, or 3) give a flying fuck who wins. How to tell I'm bored? When BB is on, I'm playing Words With Friends or Criminal Case.
  2. Diary Room - Off-Topic Discussion

    If I could have one miracle, it would be that my dog could live as long as I. Sorry for the loss of your beloved Possum.
  3. Food Shows

    She seemed like such a bright spirit. I agree, Gryn, this is very sad news.
  4. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    That dress reminded me of one of Santino's creations on Project Runway (season 2?).
  5. Tom Green - Nuts...well, Nut.

    Yes Tom, we know, you lost a testicle.... Get some new material.
  6. Broadcast Recapper Signups

    Are we still doing this? I was going to sign up for a couple more episodes, but I don't want to be the only one.
  7. I vote her most likely to give me a migraine. I hope Kandi smothers her with a wig.
  8. Ryan Lochte - One of our top ath-A-leets

    Call him Massengil, because he's still a douche.
  9. POLL: Pre-show Prediction

    I chose Jonathan, also. I wouldn't watch any of the others on anything but BB. Unless, of course, they were on The First 48.
  10. Julie Chen - Charged and ready to go

    I wonder if she had her baby yet. What is the gestation period for Chenbots?
  11. Bachelor/ette

    Yeah, I'm watching. But I'm not proud of this. It looks like the whole season is dedicated to getting Colton laid.
  12. He's such a blank slate vis a vis famewhoring, he could turn out to be douchey, or even worse...boring. But..I do love this boy.
  13. "...very, very frightening...!"
  14. She was also on DWTS but had to drop out due to "health issues". I seem to remember that she caused drama by saying that she was the best dancer on the show.
  15. Broadcast Recapper Signups

    I'll take the Wednesday the 23rd.