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  1. Tyra Banks. She seems to be the replacement host of choice these days. All the wife wannabes will be smizing up a storm.
  2. My husband tried to explain his "system" for handling our finances. He's in a rehab facility for physical therapy and I just wanted to pay our current bills. (We don't have any investment accounts.) I took one look at all the spreadsheets and sub-sheets, and seriously considered bringing the desktop to him. Back to topic: how did Swaggy manage to confuse me? Bottom line: what @MrsGryn said.
  3. I think we should take up a collection to buy Victor some earplugs. Nicole's whining is going to be off the charts.
  4. BB fans ROFL...whenever Nicole pees her pants.
  5. Grumble grumble...Tom Bergeron never changed outfits between dances. Just saying...
  6. That link doesn't take me to the vote page. Does anyone know how to get there?
  7. Is Tyra pregnant? If not, she's been using Chenbot's stylist (on crack).
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