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  1. When I first started watching BB16, I actually liked Frankie. I enjoyed most of his DR's, he seemed funny, and I actually LIKED his eyes. (I know!) Not too much later into the season, I came to realize that what I like about his eyes is that they remind me of one of my favorite film characters. Pinhead. (link since I'm not sure people actually wanna see Pinhead) http://cdn1-www.shocktillyoudrop.com/assets/uploads/2012/12/file_171381_0_doug_bradley_pinhead1.jpg
  2. Was the milk comp a have not comp? Remember that one? They had to jump into a kiddie pool full of milk and soak it up then run over to their platform and squeeze out the milk? OhMyGod. The hilarity. That was a good one. *sniffle*
  3. Apparently around 6:30pm HT someone with a megaphone announced: "Frankie is the Saboteur. The Saboteur is Frankie. He's lying to everyone and can't be trusted. Christine is hated by America. Derrick, stop being the fun police, you're not on duty." and then the HG's were put on lockdown. Derrick for sure heard it, Cody heard at least some of it, thankfully .. Frankie didn't hear any of it. I hope that Derrick and Cody now use this as an excuse to get rid of Frankie.
  4. Donny, Donny, Donny. You came so close to a genius move to save yourself with the Team America "challenge". Too bad you didn't think it through and put an unneccessary deadline on it. soclose
  5. Does the cuddling bother him? Yes. Is he worried about the marriage? No. You know why he's not worried? Because even if Christine fell deeply in love with Cody, nothing is going to happen because Cody would never "lower" himself to be with someone like Christine. He's too in love with himself, anyway. If I were Tim, I wouldn't be worried either.
  6. I miss the pulling of the keys as well. I enjoyed the HOH putting the keys into the spool in a specific order. "Oh, your key was pulled last? You might be going up if the Veto is used!". Yes, that contraption was big and heavy and awkward to carry down, but it was good for the viewers. Plus: sound effects! I also wouldn't mind seeing implementation of the grocery list type of competitons they have (or had, not sure if they still do it) in BBUK. You not only have to perform comps to get your food, you have a specific grocery list with limited quantities. I love a good fight over who wasted eggs or bogarted all the milk. My favorite BBUK feature for the viewer (which would be a nice US add) is the morning show/recap with that lovely British voice over saying: "4:45am. Cody is in the backyard hammock with Christine" .. and then video of whatever was happening. Just the highlights. Or .. lowlights, as it were.
  7. I forgot about the twins season. I actually liked season 4 because it gave us "Thwacka-Thwacka-Thwacka" and Mime and it was my intro to HT and recapping and live feeds and, and, and...
  8. Adam needs to make up his mind about why he voted for Porsche. He told Dick in his post-show interview that he voted for Porsche because he saw Shelly's key and he knew Rachel had won, so he tossed a vote to Porsche. What an asshat.
  9. TVJunkie


    Dick's interviews should go up on RTVzone today if they didn't go up last night. I watched his instead of the superpass ones. Despite having to hear about his frikkin' gallbladder surgery with every single person, I think he did pretty well. I liked that he told Brenchel that they are better apart than together. He told them he didn't want to see them on his TV together again ever, and complimented Rachel on her gameplay after Brendon left. Dick's interview with each house guest started the same. He warned them all that he talked a lot of shit about each and every one of them, and none of them were surprised at all .. they all knew it would be coming. He did talk way too much, though. Except when it came to Kalia. There's no shutting that girl up. And the look on Dick's face when she said she didn't eat all that much while in the house was priceless. Dick's best tidbit in each interview was to warn them all that there are some awful things on the internet about them, and that they should ignore it all (that's what he was trying to warn Kalia about, but she cut him off). And Rachel's face was hilarious when Dick told her that a Superpass interview with the BB winner should go for $5k. Apparently, Superpass only paid Hayden $800 or so for his interview, but they paid Dick $2k? I couldn't follow what he was saying between him flipping off the camera and telling Superpass to 'fuck off'. Good for him, though, for basically telling Rachel not to let Superpass low-ball her on the appearance fee.
  10. I think the only thing they see are the competitions and nothing else. And the edited versions of the competitions at that. I may be wrong, though. It's happened before.
  11. Isn't Fox making another Alien movie? She'd make a good "artificial person". She's like a female Bishop.
  12. TVJunkie


    Hind sight is 20/20. Sure, we all sit here and judge people on what they did wrong knowing information that the Hammies don't know .. and it's easy to Monday-morning quarterback with all that information available to us, but it doesn't mean Dick would have fared any better this time, nor does it mean he really *did* lay out any sort of plan for the Vets that they obediently followed.
  13. Is Part 2 where they ask the Jury Hammies questions and they have to guess who said what? I think that's why Jordan told Rachel she'd try to make her answer 'obvious'. Porsche giving up so soon on the mixer is embarrassing. I assumed that Adam would be out quick, but for Porsche to give up the ghost so quickly just smacks of 'throwing it'. At the final HOH competition, you should be willing to endure pain and humiliation. Pee on yourself like Dick and Danielle (?) did. (Who peed in the boat?) And didn't Dr. Will even pee on himself? And didn't someone else pee on themselves in some sort of cage? Was that Alison or Maggie? Whatever, point being that you don't give up after 40 minutes. Lame. I hope Rachel smokes whoever goes up against her in the 3rd leg of the competition. Speaking of smoking .. Jeff was a smoker when he came into the house, just not a particularly heavy smoker, and he did suggest to Adam and Shelly that they should take the opportunity of being in the house to quit. He was shot down.
  14. I'm so fine with Rachel winning, and I hope she pulls it off. I don't even care anymore that she's going to spend all her winnings on marrying that turd, Brendon. Go Rachel!
  15. Actually, I thought Jordan's comment to Porsche was that she didn't know much about her except that she looks good in a bikini and likes to host Veto comps. That's not mean, and it's a fair and accurate statement. I didn't find anything mean-spirited or snarky about it. That's Jordan, and that's all she really knows about Porsche. It is what it is. I doubt that Porsche found the comments to be mean, either. In fact, Porsche probably thought "See? Even Jordan says I look better than her in a bikini, and I do love to host Veto comps. Maybe I'll get another acting gig out of it?" Oh, and what demgirl said.
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