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  1. The end of Chilltown (and good riddance to Booger)
  2. Cody probably cut Nicole in order to get himself uninvited.
  3. Agreed @Magpie! I really appreciate the recaps @angelmi - thanks for keeping me entertained.
  4. This season is so bad, that I find myself hoping Enzo wins it.
  5. Looking for the "none of the above" button. I hate all these people.
  6. Was it extremely poor lighting, or does Dr Will need to lay off the botox and fillers? He looked like a wax figure. (Option 3, I need a new tv).
  7. I picked David, because who knows what that guy would do? I think it would be hilarious, he is clueless but full of confidence.
  8. I saw this posted on Twitter and wondered what others thought of it. To me Paul really kicked the "new school" mode of play described here into overdrive, and I agree the fun of the game has suffered because of it.
  9. I voted for Ian. He won't put up Nicole, but maybe he'd put up some combo of Cody / Tyler / Memphis / Enzo and that would make me happy.
  10. I am also finding Enzo much less objectionable this season, could be just in comparison to the rest. Can't remember why I hated him the first go round! I'm sure he'll remind me soon enough.
  11. I thought it was good game play, or at least worth a shot. And yes I agree the first time he has been entertaining.
  12. Based on tonight's episode, I'd say Tyler has really bought into his own hype.
  13. It's not terrible because it's saved people I like so far. I like that it only lasts 3 weeks. Would be terrible any longer than that.
  14. Glad I'm not the only one confused by her "gameplay"! Couldn't agree with your analysis more @dana k. How does she believe Janelle is only using her for a vote, and not see that Dani / Nicole F / Tyler / Cody are also looking at her as a vote?
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