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  1. Based on this season, I don't think Xavier was as "good" as Dan but part of that is because he didn't need to be. He always had 5 other people looking out for him, steering people in another direction if they suggested putting X up, voting to keep him safe, etc.
  2. He might bore her to death if he's allowed to speak.
  3. I don't understand this - how is she protecting the rest of the females? The only person she protects by staying is herself!
  4. I think Britini will go, and I really really really want Britini to go. She grates on my nerves, even reading about her in the live feed recaps.
  5. I find it highly unlikely that Frenchie knew about the Cookout and didn't say anything. He couldn't keep any secrets in the house, his loose lips is part of what got him sent home. There is no way he knew and didn't make some kind of nudge nudge wink wink comment to Cookout members about the alliance and how much he was an ally and supportive of them and they should keep him in the house because he would do everything in his power to make sure that alliance was the last group standing, at which point he would gracefully DOR so one of them could take the win. Not a chance that Frenchie would skip the chance to paint himself as the white saviour of that group. I wouldn't be surprised to hear him say on a podcast that the Cookout was all his idea! None of the cookout will around anytime soon to contradict him.
  6. Anyone who would put up Alyssa and Christian. Je suis Frenchie, down with the showmance!
  7. This line perfectly illustrates my feelings about Britini / Big D / Azah's whining about who "deserves" to be on the block. It's BB, if "deserve" had anything to do with it, Boogie wouldn't have won BB7 (or any number of other objectionable winners). You don't want to be on the block, win the damn HOH!
  8. I would like them both evicted, but Frenchie needs to go first. Britini is Sofa King annoying that I'm sure she'll be back on the mac soon enough.
  9. I like Rachel, I hope she does show up!
  10. Quirky and looking forward to interacting with the cameras? Pre-hate activated!
  11. The end of Chilltown (and good riddance to Booger)
  12. Cody probably cut Nicole in order to get himself uninvited.
  13. Agreed @Magpie! I really appreciate the recaps @angelmi - thanks for keeping me entertained.
  14. This season is so bad, that I find myself hoping Enzo wins it.
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