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  1. I like Karla, too, but I think someone should take the word badass away from her, she must have said it ten times in her video. I'm glad she made it through the first episode at least. Well there goes, Morriah. I expected someone to jump out and complain about the optics. She seemed like a second Maryanne to me so I thought she would go far,
  2. At least Maryanne can say her, "Bunny having dinner in the mailbox," thing over and over without anyone getting too suspicious. They all just shrug like it's part of her normal chatter.
  3. The house design is one reason I've almost completely quit watching the show. Every year, it's all so bright and busy I get sensory overload even before the hamsters move in with all their clutter and mess. After a few weeks all that plus cereal bowls mixed with underwear on the beds, I have to watch through my fingers.
  4. If Vlad was as big and manly as he thinks he is. It bothered me last night that the young guys thought they should vote Tom out because he was breathing hard after some challenge. I breathe hard if I have to go get more Cheetos, but I'm not ready for the knackers.
  5. She passed three bar exams but tonight she looked at those puzzle pieces like she had no idea what they were for. I felt really sorry for her when no one was fussing over her injury, but then she went on to be so whiney about everything. I just don't know what to think about her.
  6. I'm fascinated by her legs. They aren't fat just really, really big and strong looking. I choose her to keep an eye on me the next time I swim in the ocean.
  7. I would love to see her win. A million would go a long way in Kentucky.
  8. So far he's talked about liking Elaine because she's not one of those "prissy, dress wearing girls," and he's surprised that a girl made fire before any of the men. His Canadian hometown must have been really remote with nothing on TV but "Leave it to Beaver" reruns.
  9. I want Christian to win but picked Alison. I don't much like her but I think she's playing a good under the radar game.
  10. Davie has a "secret scene" where he sounds like he was thinking long and hard about the numbers and decided he could not let the "Davids" go down to four against to seven. He was determined to save Christian and send John home, although he would have preferred to send Dan home. I know I would have.
  11. He may have sunk his ship by talking down Gabby to Christian. How could he have missed how close those two are?
  12. Her bio is just too braggy for me, but then most of them are. I can't help but wonder how a self-proclaimed Single Mom manages to run a business, work in finance, teach yoga, compete in triathlons, study Ashram, take back packing trips into the wild, teach English in Russia, and still have any time at all for her kids.
  13. Saying hurtful things under the excuse of "I'm just being honest." Bzzzt!
  14. Maya Rudolph lookalike. Wouldn't it be great if they cast a funny person for once? On purpose, I mean.
  15. She lost me as soon as she said, "Just to look at me everyone would think I'm a super girly-girl," like she was just the prettiest little feminine thing since Arianna Grande.
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