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  1. Oh, Spartini, no. Please, no.
  2. I greatly enjoyed Rachel tonight. She was cute and funny with Pinhead (is this the second time he's been used as the "Evil" portion of Pandora's Box?) She wasn't all whiny and pouty when she didn't get to meet Tori. She was reasonable, and logical when working with Jordan to plan their future in the house. She wasn't all gloaty during the nomination ceremony. If THIS Rachel had been in the house last year, and earlier this season I would have been rooting for her all along. Right now I am provisionally hoping for an R&J final 2. The only reason I don't want her to win is that I don't want Herman anywhere near the 500k. I feel like my world has been turned upside down. Day is night, up is down, I like Rachel. What's next? Cigarettes are good for you and broccolli causes cancer?
  3. I don't know, I think the only way that an appearance by Jessie would redeem the season would be if they boiled him in oil in the backyard, or something equally gruesome. Or if Tori Spelling announced that as the daughter of Aaron Spelling, and Princess of Television she is formally and officially banning Jessie from appearing on television ever again. Jessie's pretty hot from the neck down, but he is so incredibly annoying
  4. Not looking forward to seeing Adam's reaction to Tori (unless his head actually explodes) but I do loves me some Tori Spelling. Anyone who is willing to mock herself the way she did on So NoTorious is aces in my book. And her freak-out scene in Trick was a thing of wonder.
  5. In my opinion the worst part of this twist is that it made for an absolutely suspense-less hour of television. Now granted, we are all spoiled here anyway, but from the point of view of the TV only viewer there was not question who would be nominated. Once it was revealed that the veto was an endurance competition you could be certain that Rachel would win Veto, and once she did there was no question she would use it, and there was only one option for replacement noms. Zzzzzzzzz....... Now, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I found Rachel pretty pleasant tonight (I'm not watching the feeds this year) and I almost liked her. This is the Rachel I was hoping for last year. Nice to see that she can be a fun, reasonable person without Brendan around. I think her skin even looks better. Maybe she's allergic to him? It would be great if she realized this and dumped his ass on finale night (yeah, right.) Her DR voice still bugs, though.
  6. I don't know, if I was on the Big Brother jury, and there was someone in the final two who had never won a veto or an HOH, I would seriously have to consider giving them the win. Why? They never won a tool that allowed them to secure their own safety for a week. That means they had to secure their safety through other means, making alliances, jumping at appropriate times, manipulation, appearing not to be a threat, etc... Winning lots of competitions puts a target on your back, and gets you viewed as a threat, but also gives you control over the game. Not winning competitions doesn't mean that you didn't play the game, it means you had to play it differently, and in some cases more subtly. I'm not saying that Shelly deserves to win, but I wouldn't rule out voting for anyone on the basis of not winning competitions
  7. Brendon and Rachel's relationship is unhealthy at its core. She thrives on drama, and if there isn't any real drama she will create it. He enables that behavior in her, I believe as a method of binding her to him. No one understands Rachel like Brendon does. Her friends and family get tired of her constant dramatics, but Brendon is always there to support her. He will criticize her, but if anyone else does he will jump to her immediate defense, even if what they are saying are things he said to her earlier. This again demonstrates to her that she needs him. He is the only one that is always on her side. If he criticizes her it is because he wants her to be a better person. But he defends her against the barbs of others because he is her white night. This is why she will forgive him for cheating on her multiple times, and humiliating her in front of the entire internet. She is convinced that she cannot live without him, and that he is the only one that can ever understand her. She strikes me as one of those people who bases their entire sense of self-worth on their relationship. If they are alone they must be worthless. She can't see that unless she is happy with herself no-one else will truly make her happy. I know a lot of these people, and they make me sad. No-one else can provide you with a sense of self worth, it has to come from within you. It is a sick codependent relationship, and both of them are in severe need of therapy. The best thing that they could do would be to run as far away from each other as possible. Their relationship is inherently toxic, and they feed each other's neuroses. It would have been better for Rachel in the long run if someone else had come back into the house, forcing her to rely on herself instead of her "bukie." I have a lot of thoughts about Brendon as well, including my theory that he was picked on a lot as a child and is over-compensating now, and his need to see himself as a rescuer, and mentor, because he also has a low sense of self-worth, but this isn't his thread. Rachel seriously grates on my nerves, but I feel a little sorry for her. She is a really damaged person and needs help. Of course, I am basing all of this on her behavior on an extreme situation, it is possible that she is a well-balanced delight outside of the house. I doubt it, though
  8. I guess I am sheltered too, because I had never heard of that either, and may I say how much I wish that I had not googled it! Uhm, Jordan, I like her (God, I feel so traumatized) I think she is a genuinely nice person. (I think I'm going to hurl.) I don't know that I want her to win again (please erase my memory) but.... I'm sorry, I can't finish this post, I have to go wash my eyes with bleach.
  9. Eeew, eeew, eeew! I was so rooting for anyone but Brendan. He goes back into the house on the same day my cat died? The universe hates me! What did I do to you Universe?
  10. Can't old Voldemort give Rachel a job in one of his restaurants? Wasn't she a waitress in Vegas? Don't fame whores help each other out when the fame-whoring doesn't pay the bills? Plus there's always porn. Of course, old Booger has his own problems with the recent accusations of embezzlement, and -hee- hiring older men to fulfill his sexual fetish fantasies. I refuse to feel sorry for Rachel, she has brought all of her problems on herself due to her poor decisions, and unpleasant behavior.
  11. I finally got around to watching the Michele eviction episode, and I have to say that Michele was very gracious in defeat. Which is a nice thing to see. She was also always gracious in victory. I was also pleased to her her not only use the word elicited in conversation, but also use it correctly. That may be a first for a hamster!
  12. I think that Natalie is a deeply insecure person (possibly because she is not accepting of who she truly is.) The nastiness, the pettiness, and evil little crap she pulls are all signs of someone who is not comfortable with themselves, so they lash out at others. But really, Natalie has a great deal of personal power. Not only does she create her own cloud of funk, she is capable of violating the laws of physics. No matter where she is, when you look at her you are facing seaward. Not to be offensive or anything, my hamster-watching lovelies!
  13. Goodbye, Michele. You remind me of the many somewhat nerdy, but very cool, fake red-haired girls I have been friends with from high-school onward (do you own a pair of cat-eye glasses? Many of them did, and I can see them working for you.) You were too good for this season, but you held up very well under the heaps of abuse piled on you all summer long. Soon you can go back to your husband and your lab, while they continue to wallow in their shallow little lives, and try to cling to any last vestige of "fame" they think they have earned this summer. And hopefully you will be taking the $25k AC prize along with you. You have joined Amy, Nokomis, and Janelle on my list of favorite BB players ever.
  14. Maybe they are just beards for each other?
  15. Oh, Kevin. Are you starting to wake up? You have played mean, gone along with the coven, and thrown unnecessary nastiness at Jeff during his eviction. You have shown yourself to be petty, and willing to be a little bitch for no reason other than to make someone else suffer. But I will forgive you for all of that if you come to your senses, evict Jordan (sorry Jordan) and throw the final HOH to Michelle so that she can evict Natalie. Your hands will be clean, and you will be in the final two with someone who is irrationally hated by at least half of the house. Whatever it takes to get Michelle to final 2. She deserves at least 50k after what she has put up with this season. I, of course, have no faith that Kevin will do the right thing, but maybe, just maybe, Gnat's idiotic Final 2 reversal lie will be the final straw that gets Kevin to flip. If so then HOPE truly was at the bottom of Pandora's Box.
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