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  1. I'm still on board with this latest cast list. At this point I'll watch pretty much anything they want to roll out.
  2. If that list is real then I am kind of okay with this. They really need to get rid of Bailey and Danielle D right away and then I'll be able to settle in and coast the rest of the way with several cases of wine by my side.
  3. Is he going to be the guy that doesn't realize he is the token 'old guy'?
  4. I agree with all of you. She seems cute and nice but there is nothing worse than someone who has to tell you about what they eat, what you should eat, and why what you eat is totally wrong and bad. The lady in the cubicle next to me is this person....only not a nutritionist.
  5. I chose Diane's House with April's Clue a close second.
  6. My daughter was sitting there watching that part with me and I had to pause the tv. I don't need this slut giving my 10 year old tips on how to talk about guys or saying she just wants to hop into bed with them. Normally I don't bother but I was skeeved out and just wanted her to stop talking.
  7. Oh god....I apologize. I grew up one town over from Marlborough.
  8. Is there going to be some sort of twist involving noses this summer?? I think this one will annoy me.
  9. Oh my god....is this the season where I finally tap out???!!
  10. I find myself really liking the 'loved ones' tribe. The 'returning players' tribe looks awful and annoying. I was really surprised they won.
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