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  1. GoT SPOILERS: I think the series finale was better and actually more satisfying than I expected, though it DID NOT AT ALL EXCUSE any narrative sins of the past “two” seasons. As much as I really hated episode 5, I actually don’t object to Dany’s turn. Rather, that it wasn’t earned over the past 2 seasons. Foreshadowing and “hitting” plot points on an outline are not the same as writing actually convincing character development. GRRM had suggested 4 full seasons post-season-6/A Dance with Dragons, but instead we watched an extended single season with a really long hiatus in the middle. I’ll guess that Dany’s turn happens in the forthcoming books, but with a much more believable descent. Ditto with the whole Night King threat thread. And given GRRM’s reputation, he may very well go beyond the outline he gave the show runners (I refuse to refer to them with the same abbreviation as a venerable tabletop RPG) for the characters we saw on-screen. Time to see if any of my friends have the audio books I can borrow. As far as what happened on-screen that I haven’t seen expressed elsewhere yet: Seems to me that the Iron Throne itself lost the Game of Thrones to a wheelchair. One take I have seen, tho not as wide as others: for all practical purposes, Tyrion ultimately “won” the Game as Hand of the King to voluntary figurehead Bran the Broken Plot Thread.
  2. Arya all gonna watch the GoT series finale or have you Cersei’n enough? That last episode was Varys unsatisfying. I could barely make Sansa it. Definitely damaged the Bran as far as a lot of fans are concerned. Jamie they’ll Tyrion the plot around for the better, but I don’t see Dany way that can happen at this point. Still not sure whether I’ll miss it when Aegon. And perhaps I’m Drogon this post too long.
  3. It’s been a while since the aftermath of a character death on a genre TV show hit me with the feels. Well done, The Magicians (SyFy). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58lhyncLoBU
  4. *SIGH* So here’s the reason I wasn’t in chat this evening… While I was running errands this afternoon, I discovered that my family’s landline was out of service when I called it from my iPhone even though the number was getting incoming phone calls as early as this morning. I called our provider and apparently a competing provider was authorized to port out the number. The number has been in my mom’s name since the mid-1970s which means that sometime in the past 2 weeks, my mom—with cognitive, memory, and hearing issues—answered the phone and inadvertently authorized the number transfer probably by saying “okay” after everything that a fast-talking predatory telemarketer told her. Which of course she has no memory whatsoever of ever doing. Since we still have other services with the pre-existing provider and I’m authorized on the account, they were able to put through a transfer back after several departmental transfers to try to find out what happened, but the inter-provider admin process means we won’t have the number back until Friday at the earliest (it’s Tuesday as I type this). On the upside, our number has a “currently unassigned” message when called, so hopefully we’ll have a drop in robo-callers/telemarketers once we get the number reactivated. Also, the telemarketer for the competing provider won’t get his commission off the deceptive order he put through for my mom.
  5. I considered posting this in other threads, but this really felt like a DR post because I think it will resonate with the mix of emotions and struggles we all bring to this thread. I was winding down my day with some AGT viewing last night and then… This SONG!… I NEEDED to hear THIS SONG! ♫“And I feel the pressure to be perfect forever— that’s just how I feel…”♫ — It’s as if they reached into my head and somehow miraculously set the jumbled contents to music! I don’ think I’ve cried emotionally in at least 6 months, so this just opened the backed-up floodgates— not quite sobbing, but chest definitely heaving and sinuses swelling. I quit counting replays after the fifth rewind. To quote Søren Kierkegaard (Either/Or): “What is a poet? An unhappy man who hides deep anguish in his heart, but whose lips are so formed that when the sigh and cry pass through them, it sounds like lovely music.... And people flock around the poet and say: ‘Sing again soon’ - that is, ‘May new sufferings torment your soul but your lips be fashioned as before, for the cry would only frighten us, but the music, that is blissful.’”
  6. Brace your slowold-ness triggers: Heck, even Glee’s target audience knew who she was, and Glee just ended 2015.
  7. It’s nice to know someone else shares me taste in televised escapism. Apparently Holden is a whole lot more a detestable character in the books, but from posts I’ve read about the difference between the books and the show, The Expanse is mostly faithful to it’s source material with no egregious departures thus far. The Magician’s modest budget really shows, but the characters keep pulling me back. They’re all flawed but not completely irredeemable… yet. I still haven’t decided what to think of the Eliot reveal during the season 3 finale. I count on the Margo-Eliot dynamic and meta comments to keep things from getting too grimdark, tho I did really like the Quentin-Eliot timeline quest and the fact that they still remember it. I’m wondering if Penny Prime is truly out of the story despite being replaced by Alt Penny in the Unity link. If one thing has annoyed me consistently since season 1, it's Quentin’s hair.
  8. I’m glad The Expanse got picked up for another season. I gotta say, though, that despite the cramped narrative rush to the finish, the SyFy run’s finale would have been a satisfying series finale with most of the more immediate character arcs resolved-yet-open-ended. I haven’t read the books, but I hope Amazon gives them the budget to do the next arc justice. I just realized: the Martian state reminded me a lot of Babylon 5’s Martian colony narrative, but the finale took Deep Space Nine’s concept up by a factor of 1300 with a touch of Stargate SG-1 mixed with Game-of-Thrones-ish complex intrigue in a visual style more lived-in than the BSG reboot. Yet for all those tropes, it stands on its own quite well at least to my sensibilities. While I’m typing about finales, I loved the Sense8 series finale despite the flaws inherent in tying up such a big ensemble story in a limited runtime. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but among the things that drew me to it was that despite the gritty violence, there were hopeful human moments (admittedly some more awkwardly cheesy than others) that really made me want the best for the characters and their supporting casts. And while I’m typing about shows I may be the only one on HT watching, here’s a taste of the appealing weirdness of SyFy’s The Magicians:
  9. So Survivor introduced Kevin Hart’s summer show TKO on CBS. It looks like NBC’s American Gladiator (and later American Ninja Warrior) meets ABC’s Wipeout. I gotta wonder if there are any IP lawsuits getting filed.
  10. It’s a good thing that Big Bad 50 Shades of Grey Wolf died back in season 1, considering how many sheets of green he might have asked for a cameo appearance. Speaking of wolves, I don’t think Ruby showed up either, but I don’t remember whether or not she was written out. The doctor is busy in the realm of iZombie. And outside of Granny, Grumpy, and Jimmeny, I can't think anyone else from season 1 actually warranted a cameo. I mean, did we really need to see David Charming’s ex-wife? And of course no one acknowledged OUaTiW since that was a circle no one could really square into the main series. And I gotta ask, did the appearance of Maui’s hook make anyone else wanna Moana? Yes, that’s How Far I’ll Go for a pun.
  11. So I watched the series finale of OUaT after basically skipping the season after episode 3 after finding out this season’s Hook was actually Wish-Hook from the parallel wished pocket universe/realm of recent seasons. It’s kind of telling that although it’s obviously the last part of an at-least-2-parter that this wasn’t a heralded 2-hr series finale event. The finale seemed like it was all about resolution for the die-hard fans while not too critically plot heavy with the finale cameos for casual viewers which I didn’t really mind and found myself mildly enjoying. I think all the characters got decent if milquetoast send-offs. I can’t really say if Rumple/Gold’s resolution was clever, but I found it satisfying. Speaking of milquetoast, even the appearance of a twisted young Wish-Henry was more of a passing disinterested “Oh that’s where they were going with the family-man-Henry arc; how very ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’” Also, I like the acknowledgement that if anyone was a core character of the entire series from the pilot episode, it wasn’t Emma or even Henry but ultimately Regina. Mild positives aside, as curious as I was after realizing Wish-Hook had a tweenty-ish-year-old daughter dating Zelena’s somehow tweenty-ish-year-old daughter, I’m not sure I really want to bother rewinding the season of mostly new characters. On a tangential note, I watch SyFy’s The Magicians, and watching OUaT’s Blue Fairy is weird for me because the actress’s supporting character in The Magicians started out similarly but was OH!-SO-VERY UN-OUaT where we find her in the most recent season of The Magicians. Granted, it’s fair to say that part of the appeal of The Magicians is it’s commitment to being a dark sexy bitingly-sarcastic completely anti-Disney/OUaT, anti-Narnia, anti-Hogwarts, anti-dumbed-down-YA/Shadowhunters take on a fictional magic-universe set in a contemporary world which I think narratively hits more than it misses. YMMV
  12. I was glad when they announced that the show was “saved,” but with the way things turned out (the petty kewl kids getting to the end) I can’t even enjoy typing “we’ll always have Paras.” Still, it’s not as bad as the annoying petty bros winning. Consistent visual production values aside, I really dunno if this cast will be the nail in the BBCAN coffin, not to mention some valid criticism of production (via RealityBlurred.com).
  13. I’m more pissed off than either surprised or shocked: The Expanse cancelled: Syfy drops 100% Rotten Tomatoes-rated sci-fi No reason given for the “difficult decision" despite the network supposedly being "massive fans of the show” … now why does that sound painfully familiar? Will the network even keep it’s 2-season commitment for Killjoys? Or renew Krypton (which is better than I expected so far)? It needs to drop the pretence of being a genre fiction broadcaster of original content if it keeps killing off smartly written genre shows that have decent ratings (edited to add: and how long has this argument itself been going?). I’m hoping for a Netflix pick up since the other streaming services haven’t made it out of the U.S. yet.
  14. Not sure if Johnny would have survived playing nice, so he just decided to use what he saw as his last week in the house to pour wrath over Daela. With Ali and Liv out too, the only ones left who I remotely like are Paras and Will. But hitching their wagons to Daela will probably bite them back unless they start winning comps which their track records speak against. Unfortunately I see Daela and Maddy in F3, so I’m indifferent to results for the rest of the season.
  15. Just checking in for those wondering about the news coming out of Toronto https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/04/23/van-strikes-as-many-as-10-pedestrians-at-yonge-and-finch.html The affected stretch is only 3km/2miles from where I live, so I’m a bit shaken by the proximity. Because there are still unidentified fatalities, I’ve been frantically msg’g friends in the area to mark themselves safe on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/crisisresponse/the-auto-pedestrian-collision-at-yonge-st--finch-ave-north-york-canada-apr23-2018/
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