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  1. It seems so wrong that Keesha is the one wearing the mask here. Keesha is the one that's been quarantined and tested multiple times, and then spent her time locked inside the BB house. Julie is the one who's been existing in the real world. Where the hell is HER mask?
  2. Just a comment on the actual house itself, but the BB bathroom couch is always so strange to me. Seriously, if you went to someone's house and they had a full on couch in their bathroom that they sometimes just hung out at and talked to people on, you'd NOPE the fuck out of that house immediately because they're clearly a serial killer.
  3. So tonight's episode is where I realized I'm completely DONE with the "I'm feeling good in this competition and I know I can win thi - " OUT edit. Yeah, it was amusing the first few times you did it BB, but now 700 times later it's just so damn dull and predictable.
  4. It looks like it's gonna be on Tues/Wed/Sun next week as well due to the 4th of July, all at 8, and then after that Wed/Thur/Sun and both Wednesday and Thursday will be at 9.
  5. Well, having to climb a damn ladder should give the HOH plenty of warning that someone is coming. Also, probably means there will be a few lazy people that never go up to the room.
  6. So it wasn't really touched on during the episode, is the space up the ladder where the HOH room is as well?
  7. Good luck to all of you sick bastards who are willing to watch these people the entire summer. I'll likely do my annual burnout of the feeds somewhere around week 2.
  8. His DR sessions make it seem like he studied the delivery techniques of all the shittiest streamers out there. Because of that and his crappy generic tattoos I hate him already.
  9. I only had to look up who three of the celebrities were. That's way better than last year!
  10. Here's hoping he brings those types of drunken antics into the house then!
  11. My biggest interest in CBB so far is whether or not Eva Marie's DR sessions will manage to be even more robotic and monotone than Angela's were.
  12. Pretty sure he has to use it before the ceremony, not after
  13. No, but only because the stupid facebook bot has been overloaded and unresponsive both weeks when I tried
  14. Eh, I'd say Survivor has sufficiently mucked up their game with the overabundance of "hidden" idols.
  15. Oh man, fazzle better not refer to himself in the first person any more. He hears that gypsy hates that so he'll be sure to try and use only the third person from here on out to keep the peace.
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