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  1. I only had to look up who three of the celebrities were. That's way better than last year!
  2. Here's hoping he brings those types of drunken antics into the house then!
  3. My biggest interest in CBB so far is whether or not Eva Marie's DR sessions will manage to be even more robotic and monotone than Angela's were.
  4. BB20 House Discussion

    Pretty sure he has to use it before the ceremony, not after
  5. No, but only because the stupid facebook bot has been overloaded and unresponsive both weeks when I tried
  6. BB20 House Discussion

    Eh, I'd say Survivor has sufficiently mucked up their game with the overabundance of "hidden" idols.
  7. Oh man, fazzle better not refer to himself in the first person any more. He hears that gypsy hates that so he'll be sure to try and use only the third person from here on out to keep the peace.
  8. Yeah but that could easily all be done via tablet, so she could be ANYWHERE. But mostly in a solitary confinement room off the side of the house.
  9. That's probably the biggest upset of the season so far, but yeah, he definitely seems more familiar with the game and the politics than I had expected.
  10. Yeah, except for the fact that either the camera feed from the robot is so bad or Sam is so bad at working the controls that it takes half the house to help her get anywhere.
  11. POLL: RoboSam

    It was incredibly stupid, but in a fun way, at least based on the first episode.
  12. Well if he did play in the last minute of the finals, that would have increased his playing time by 50%! http://saintpeterspeacocks.com/sports/mbkb/2015-16/bios/williams_chris_tbmm?view=career&pos=sh 2 career minutes played, 0s across the board for his one season he was on the team.
  13. BB20 House Discussion

    So, I guess this is the best place to put this: I was messing around with that dumb CBS Facebook bot and it called Janelle a returning houseguest. Is it dumb and old and hasn't had its lingo updated, or did I just get tonight's episode spoiled by a bot?
  14. Sam makes the absolute worst robot. It's pretty great. I get the impression that once she feels betrayed by someone she trusted and that people are trying to evict her, she's going to be *insufferable* although maybe I'm just unfairly comparing her to other welders I've worked with.
  15. For as incredibly dumb as he was, he seemed to actually have better situational awareness than a lot of the other people in that house. I expect him to make me regret saying that very soon.