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  1. POLL: Celebrity Big Brother

    I completely stopped watching this season a month or so ago because I couldn't stand looking at these assholes any longer. Celebrity BB probably won't be any better, but at least it won't get worse. Who's ready to root for Verne Troyer and Mario Lopez?! (Assuming Candy Crush hasn't been cancelled by then)
  2. General House Analysis and Discussion

    I honestly think I may be done with this season. It's just not fun, at all. It's not even fun to hate these people, I just want them to go away.
  3. False. I don't have anything against the show, but I only ever saw probably 2 or 3 episodes of it due to not having cable The next poster owns far too many flashlights (and likely has no idea how they accumulated so many)
  4. Look, you just don't understand. Paul getting his temptation and three weeks of safety is a noble and righteous act because Paul wanted it to happen. Jessica keeping herself safe and not falling into an obvious trap is a horrible heinous act to treachery that must be punished, because Paul *didn't* want it to happen. It's simple really.
  5. General House Analysis and Discussion

    Based on my knowledge of the situation, it was Raven as a "joke."
  6. General House Analysis and Discussion

    So you have to imagine that Paul is going to command EVERYBODY (except himself, of course) to play in the safety comp, to make Jody's odds worse, right?
  7. General House Analysis and Discussion

    This is the darkest fucking timeline.
  8. Can't really hold that against Kevin, because something like 7 other people also hit the button
  9. I'll give Paul his credit. He's playing a great game and has everyone eating out of the palm of his hands. But I can't respect it because he's playing a dirty, vile game along the lines of an Evil Dick, with the main exception being that Paul doesn't even have the balls to do most of the dirty work himself, and sends his minions out to do it.
  10. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    10:12 PM HT I come back to see Josh and Matt playing pool with Kevin standing around the table, and the other 2 are still on Jess/Cody. This is fucking fresh hell right here. I remember why I was gone for a few weeks. The winner of this game plays Jason, and the winner of that goes onto the championship game (vs Kevin?) so they're doing another one of their tournaments. I guess I can't criticize that too much because what the hell else are they gonna do? Matt is absolutely decimating Josh, but not really because of any impressive skill of his own, just via a complete lack of skill by Josh. Josh manages to hit two of his balls that were gimmes right in front of the pocket and send them flying off in the complete wrong direction. I'd like to think that Josh isn't actually terrible at pool, and was just doing an interpretive performance of Jess and Cody's HOH reigns. Skippy cuts to Alex getting out of (or maybe into?) the shower, but no dice, the towel was wrapped up nice. Kevin, Elena and Christmas are all on/around the perv couch as well doing absolutely nothing. Kevin and Josh are getting their fingernails painted by Elena. Kevin and Josh start talking shit to each other and Josh tells Kevin to not "embarass me in front of my crush." With Josh I'm actually not sure if he's just trying to be funny, if he's actually going to try and cozy up with Elena as soon as she breaks up with Mark. Actually, I think I've decided. I don't care.
  11. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    9:45 PM HT Cody leans up to kill a fly, and I think that might be the most enjoyment I've seen out of him all season. Cody asks Jess if she's worried that he'll go home before jury and forget about her, but she says she's not worried because people won't let him forget about her. Jess claims that 49 days (is that really how long they've been there?) is the longest she's ever been away from home. Those are rookie numbers! I've been away from home for over 8 months away before, thanks to work. They start talking about the HOH blog and how weird ti felt to be on a computer again, leading to Cody saying that typing was one of the things his dad told him he had to focus on in school, along with math. They start talking about penmanship, and Cody says he writes in all caps. Yeah that.....actually sounds very Cody. Ok at this point, my options are Cody/Jess in the hammock or Josh/Elena in DR. I'm so bored with this convo I'm actually going to willingly watch the later. Pray for me Dominique! Elena says that people might think she's a bitch for breaking up with Mark. I don't think that's the reason why Elena. It sounds like she's just retelling the story of their breakup. Great. Elena is talking about how old and wise she is, and Josh being Josh, just nonchalantly agrees with how smart she is. Elena says she's turning 27 in 19 days, hopefully she gets an eviction for her birthday. Elena finds some kind of frozen slop treat in the freezer that was left there by Ramses. Raven comes by with a tray of peanut butter cookies that she made and Josh immediately dives in before claiming he's going to go on slop next week because he's eating too much junk food. Skippy follows Raven now, and she winds up back in the kitchen with Kevin and Paul's Birthday (soon to be the biggest BB holiday!) Kevin tells Raven to go wake Paul up and force him to eat a cookie because they're just that damn good. Elena comes in eating the...whatever the fuck that was, and this looks like the perfect time to take a bathroom break! (Don't worry, I'll wash my nasty ass hands)
  12. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    9:30 PM HT Raven is still pissed at Matt and he's trying to calm her down(but also keeping the baby powder with him because he wants to keep pushing her buttons), but she keeps rebuffing his attempts. BB yells at Matt to put his microphone on so he takes that time to walk away with baby powder in tow. Alex comes back into the kitchen and asks Raven what's up, and she calls Matt a "fucking loser" who got the powder everywhere and starts banging the pots and pans everywhere because she needs to make noise to show how mad she is. Cody comes out of the DR a few minutes later and tells Raven the hot tub session is over cause BB said it's not safe (que?) Skippy cuts to Mark and Elena in the bedroom on FFF, but he must realize how little I care, because now it's Paul sleeping in the HOH room. Look guys, I care as little about Marlena drama as anyone else, but I'm not sure this is the answer. Now it's back to Marlena again having what appears to be their 841st relationship talk. Josh interrupts them saying he wants to take a nap, so Mark gets up and walks out. Elena says she has a headache and blames it on her body adjusting to slop. Josh starts asking her about when the last time she went to the bathroom was and if she has gas. When the fuck did Josh turn into my grandmother? Josh says the first time he was on slop he would just constantly accidentally eat real food, and BB just kept telling him to stop it. Cut to Cody/Jess in the hammock where he tells her he has a problem having sex on national TV, especially in the rose room where there's constant interruptions. Cody says that their schedule got too easy and predictable when they had the HOH room, knowing that the live feeders probably watched them at 10 PM every night having sex up there. Jess says not to worry, they don't know that on the live feeds, cause all the good BB porn comes from BBUK. No really, she says she Googled it to see where all the sex was coming from.
  13. Live Feed Recaps, Week 5 - HOH: Paul

    Oh god, what am I doing? I was clean for over 2 weeks! What kind of idiot would come back to this?! 9:20 PM HT Shot of a group in the hot tub - Matt, Raven, Alex and Jason, to be specific. It sounds like they're talking about the supposed deal between Jess and Paul, but Alex doesn't think she'll do it because she wants to keep her man in the house. That almost immediately gets interrupted by Jess and Cody themselves coming outside and getting in the HT. They make a few pervy comments toward Jess, and then conversation just completely stops. I don't think Cody told Jess they were going to the HT, because she's wearing what looks like a fucking blanket out there. Matt stands up like he's going inside, and Raven tells him to go get him some ice cream. In possibly the biggest upset since "Matt wearing a different shirt" Matt fights off his natural urges and DOESN'T immediately do what he's told. ....for about 2 minutes and then he goes in when Raven leaves him. The people in the HT are left talking about how they wish BB would show them movies, and Alex has NO CLUE what Porky's is, probably thinking Jason is making it up. Cody gets called to the DR after being in the HT for less than 5 minutes, and Skippy cuts to Matt, Raven and Josh in the kitchen. Raven is yelling at Matt to stop eating her food. Shouldn't she be thanking him? Isn't him eating her food going to help her live longer? Matt starts chasing Raven around with baby powder and they go into the bedroom where Mark starts freaking out about how they don't need to get near him with it. Raven starts legitimately yelling at him and yells at BB to "lock him in a fucking cage" which leads to Elena having her first actual funny moment of the season, where she just deadpans "We're all locked in a cage."
  14. I'm pretty sure the Hex is played before the voting, but I'm not positive.
  15. Same here. She was initially my clear favorite, but now she's pretty far down on the list.