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    When I'm posting, I can guarantee I'm firmly planted in a chair in front of my computer. Ahh the involuntarily-retired life.
  1. Cutthroat Kitchen! I'd LOVE to see how those guys deal with Slop week. It might be cool too, for Alton to host an episode dedicated to the Big Brother show and it's odd cuisine.
  2. In terms of "strategy", Frank is top of the list this week in terms of his sneaky strategerising (but loses one star for telling his teammates that he got "RoadKill". I admit it- I ain't sad to see him back. But then, I'm weird and attracted to fictitious rock stars and IRL Pizza Delivery guys. But in terms of entertainment- my vote lies far from the Jozea side of the spectrum where he still hasn't realized that loose lips sink ships and he has clearly never had a history lesson on such an occasion. Over in the land of "Not a Target, let's have fun!" side of the spectrum, my vote goes to James for his little shenanigans. Definitely more interesting than a political discussion, root canal or the Kardashians, any day.
  3. In an obscure way, he sorta looks like a very blonde/paler version of Greg Rikaart, aka Kevin Fisher from Young and the Restless... Or maybe it's sleep deprivation. Either way...https://instagram.com/p/yqPP3iShlO/?taken-by=gregrikaart
  4. I wasn't sure... until I heard the scream over the fake rodent.... Frankie has a cartoon twin!! See....http://drawntogether.wikia.com/wiki/Xandir
  5. Victoria- Your agent called. Turns out California Chrome needs a stunt double and you're their first choice ZING
  6. Raindrop Frisbee - For that shower on the go after a hard, not-so-fresh day or when you need a little transient moistness in your life.
  7. I'm just amazed how people play this game, how they just "give" all the power to the "people who have the power". Never appearing to actually stop and THIS that THEY are the reason the other group has power and the cajones to actually stand UP for themselves and vote Brenchel off. She was tolerable in her last season, I now know in part due to heavy medications. What's her excuse this year. I truly hope a backdoor is in the works. where Chelly comes off, RacHELL is put back on the mac, and wanna wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.....Chelly is safe another week. Is it just me this season that feels that the vets.vs.n00bs- the n00bs are just cowering in fear of the righty PMS Queen, but is what they're call game playing. It's pretty much the first week I'd have figured out who shoud go and if I kept my attack list, others might apply that to their play and then badda bing badda boom baby, the house is far more interestin, It'd be nice it it were free for all, with no alliances allowed - now HOW crazy would that get??? If this show does not get dramatically better, the camera guys could get some good stuff, I'm afraid I will have to teach myself Gaelic, French, Germam
  8. You could be thankful she's not donning an evening gown and croaking "Thanks for the memories" on the show's finale... Oh. Wrong host.
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