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  1. I sort of hate the fact that I'm saying this, but I almost want Ronnie to win the veto and take himself off (as long as Jeff gets his wizard powers). From the sounds of it, Russell thinks that Jeff would be completely fine with Jordan going up as a "pawn" against Lydia even though he knows that Jessie is now gunning for Jordan (and Jeff). The votes Jessie controls in a Lydia/Jordan battle would be enough to send Jordan home and I think Jeff is more than aware of that fact. The pawn nomination of Jordan would give Jeff enough cover to use his wizard power to shake up the game on eviction night. Imagine if he takes them both down and puts up Jessie/Natalie. At that point, the breakdown in votes would be interesting and they would get rid of one or the other (preferably Jessie because Natalie can't win crap and he should make that case to the floaters) and Jeff would still have the ability to compete in HOH. This is the week to make a move against his fellow athletes. I'd like to see him do on Thursday either way, but Jordan being up and likely to go home might be the only reason he'd be willing to do it this week instead of saving it for next week. Like it or not, he has won comps and come close to winning comps (and I suspect that TPTB may make it impossible for J/J to lose HOH this week now that they know how popular they are and there might be sex in the HOH room). If he can get Jessie out this week, Jessie's minions will be without their anchor and they may spin off into other directions. It would be worth it to keep Ronnie around since he's not that well-liked or trusted anyway.
  2. The thing I love about Dan (and Memphis) is that unlike previous houseguests and their "We've gotta win HOH and POV" constant refrain is that they're actually following through on it and that's how they're making it through the game at this point since the social game doesn't matter anymore. Even the comps he doesn't win are comps where he tends to come in second (like last week's HOH comp with the freak ball jumping 11 slots and the Morphomatic). It's sort of scary to see how hardcore he is now that he's so close to the end and it makes me admire him all the more for his original strategy to pretend to be a weak player since it must have killed him to suck at most of them on purpose.
  3. I have to say that in listening to the Jess/Eric chat, I'm even more impressed with Eric's gameplay as America's Player and the way that he had no say in the game. The revelations that he had to make the effort for every task or he would get fired and that he wasn't allowed to use the veto is really enlightening. I'm actually amazed now that he lasted as long as he did.
  4. I'm also going to disagree with the idea that Zach hasn't played the game. I don't think he's been aggressive and I don't know that I agree with his gameplay (for one thing, he whines that no one talked to him for 40 days, but I don't think he made much of an effort until Jameka to get to know anyone in the house which is why his social game is somewhat lacking - he spent a lot of time lecturing). I also wish that he had had the guts to use the veto at F5 and get Dani out, trusting Eric or not trusting Eric - at least he knew Eric wasn't winning comps. But he's playing the game now when it matters most. If he wins this final HOH, he'll have won 3 of the last 4 HOHs and kept himself in the game by virtue of winning comps, the same way Daniele has kept herself in this game.
  5. It's kind of disconcerting but (and I say this as an atheist), it's still a lot less unpalatable than watching the alternative duo of hacking, phlegm-horking, cursing and bitchfacing. I'm not going to get my hopes up but I would love to see this new Zamaka alliance make it to the finish line, just because it would kill the Donatos. I want it to be Zach/Jameka for a couple of reasons. 1. I want to know how America will vote for two people they haven't had much of a chance to like or see since it was the Dick show all season. 2. I want Dick to realize what a mistake it was to evict Eric since Eric has been carrying the Donatos for the last few weeks. 3. For karma's sake and after the JEDD alliance talk of having a final 4 and a final 2 that rocks, Dick will have to suck it up and vote for one of the two people he didn't want to win the game much less make it to the final 4.
  6. This is entirely my hope as well because Eric will be able to control who goes home in the event of a tie and America wouldn't be able to affect it at all. And if Jameka wins the F4 HOH, then he's in a very good place to get to F2 since his competition is Dick and Zach.
  7. I wish Daniele would turn on Dick and talk Zach into putting up Dick after she takes off Jessica with the veto. That would blow the game wide open. *puts on the list of things that are never going to happen*
  8. Are you KIDDING me? ...this.. he ... WOW. How do you make it to your late twenties and not know how to talk to girls? To be fair, she's been very open about her period with him and what it coincides with. They've had many a conversation about her period, the timing, and her supplies. In fact, she offered him a heating pad for his back on Thursday/Friday and said that she would be starting soon. I'm just chalking it up to the usual conversations about their bodily functions. That being said, Eric should just leave her alone for right now. When she needs him, I'm sure she'll find him - she hasn't had trouble with that in the past. I get the feeling he sort of feels like everything is crumbling around his ears and he's clinging to her as tightly as she's clung to him.
  9. I dearly hope that the hamsters don't get America's Choice at all this season. The way I see it is that Eric is America's Choice for them which is funny in its own right, but watching them beg and beg and beg for it just makes me laugh. What do they expect to get from America's Choice anyway? Someone has gotten a phone call, someone has gotten a trip outside the house, someone has won money and a trip to Barbados. What do they feel is left? They're going crazy and they still think that they have a few more weeks rather than just two weeks and a few days. I'm looking forward to their reactions to the double eviction especially if it results in a Donato leaving on Thursday.
  10. If ever there was a week for Eric to win HOH prior to the final 3, it's Thursday since America will have no say in his nominations, POV, or anything else. Unfortunately, it's also dependent on Jameka winning HOH for final 4 and choosing to stick with Eric and pull Zach into their alliance which is shadier. I agree that it's game over with Dick as the winner unless Eric wins HOH and takes out a Donato or Dani screws him over and takes Zach. If she does that, Zach may win because America's allegiance may change depending on how much they love Dick.
  11. Sarafu


    Wow, my indifference for Zach is rapidly turning into disgust. And it's not even his decision to put up Jess and Jameka rather than the Donatos (without a final 3 promise). It's his bashing of Eric for being smug while being a pompous ass at the same time. Dani is giving him attention and that's all he cares about. Bah.
  12. From the way Dick and Dani are talking, I think they're planning on sticking with the F4 plan. Dick isn't planning on helping Zach backdoor Eric if he wins the veto. That's good news for the Little Julie Chens (I admit it - I love the alliance name).
  13. For Zach's sake, I hope one of J/E/D/D go home this week. Because if it's Jameka, he's got four people with an alliance who will be gunning for him the night of the live eviction and one of them will be HOH and the other three are strong competitors fighting for their lives. That being said, I'm hoping it will be a Jess/Jameka nomination where Eric wins veto and pulls Jess off, forcing Zach to put up a Donato. If that's the case, I could see Eric/other Donato/possibly Jess voting Jameka out and Zach still being the odd person out. If there's a double eviction next week, doesn't that mean we might actually get a say in F3 if Eric's still there? That could be interesting and horribly sad unless America decided they didn't want Dani. As of this morning, Jess had pulled into the lead for the grand prize on CBS.com and was beating everyone except for Dick in popularity.
  14. I have a feeling that Zach won't nominate the Donatos. It's going to be Jess and Jameka unless Eric wins veto and takes Jess off.
  15. Well, for the three seconds we were back, it looks like they've given them more teacups to carry. As near as I can tell Dani has three and Zach has two. Plus, Eric got hit in the eye with something (probably the butter). My only regret about Amber's eviction is that we didn't get to see her falling all over the place and praying to OGG. *sniffle*
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