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  1. I don't quite understand why both Kaysar and Janelle went for the Safety Suite. What would happen if ONLY one went? Would they be the automatic winner?
  2. I think that the girl who won HOH last week, hosted the HOH comp says more than any dress.
  3. RS is in the kitchen with KC and Sam. Sam is pontificating to RS. Color me not shocked. Back to Tyler and Scottie and it seems like general chit-chat, comp rehash, stuff like that. I apologize about these unclear posts but BBAD has a habit of going to commercials at the wrong moment. "For the best night sleep in the whole wide world, my pillow.com"
  4. Tyler and Scottie in the HN room. It's hard to get what they are talking about because Scottie speed-talks and mumbles. It's some rehash of how Rachel wronged him (Tyler). Tyler is trying to mist Scottie, not sure if he is falling for it or not. A short cut to RS crying. Like I said, I don't like RS, but I would be crying too. Bay was harsh.
  5. It seems as if (commercials) they didn't vote but have broken off into groups discussing the pros and cons of Sam's very strange idea. Switch to Bay and RS, Bay is freaking out on RS. She is PISSED at the vote. And she is being very aggressive and blaming RS. I don't like RS but she is taking this verbal assault very well. Bay walked off in a huff. RS just shaking her head.
  6. I am watching BBAD and Sam has called a house meeting. Apparently, they know about the hacker thing. And, Sam wants the house to throw the hacker comp to her. She is trying to convince the house that they have they power to negate the power. She went on for a LONG time (I was even able to pee). While giving her speech, I could see Tyler and Angela going WTF? They are going to vote using M&M's and cereal as a blind vote to go/not go along with her. Now people are speaking up, the vote might not happen. I thought the hacker thing was America's Choice, but I could be wrong. If you want to see Sam in super-control model. Look for the video.
  7. So, late last night I was watching BBAD and almost everyone had gone to bed — except Sam. She was cleaning the kitchen like a maniac. THEN, she got some cotton (like the kind you take out of a medicine bottle) and started rubbing it into little balls and putting it into a coffee cup with some water? THEN, she got chopsticks and labored over those cotton "balls". Then she went into one of the bedrooms (where everyone was trying to sleep) and got glass jars out of a closet. AND, very carefully used the chopsticks to place the "cotton balls" into the jars. This chick is STRANGE. We will see Sam again… on America's Most Wanted.
  8. There is NO way that BB will allow Sam to disclose the power before the live show. That's Julie's job. We will go to a vote and one will be evicted and THEN (before the evicted house guest leaves the house), Julie will make the announcement. Much shock and awe.
  9. I think the show might be going on public hype, adding in the "glug, glug" sounds. I watched the shows and a couple of hours of BBAD (the thing on POP) and she didn't seem drunk to me. Also, I don't think she's had a ton of "plastic surgery", I think she OD'd on fillers. But what the heck do I know, I don't have the money for either.
  10. WOW! She's gone from EXTEMELY MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT to… crappy embarrassment.
  11. He looks VERY annoying (god bless the recappers) which mean he will win or come in second.
  12. Ok, I'm old so bear with me… is this the girl that was announced as Miss Universe when Steve Harvey screwed up?
  13. I think he'll be interesting to the mix of so many people I don't care about.
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