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  1. Correct on both. They do make that much per hour. They are paid on the time that the plane is "locked". They are still required to prepare it for a flight, board it and unload it. And then the checklist post flight. They also receive per diem, on layovers for meals.
  2. I wondered because I am one of those people, who have been waiting for "one of us" to get on the Show and send us messages. And yes, it originated on Dan's season. The greatest comeback story evah. The way he included us in the game was awesome. Scottie made a big game move this week. I don't know that he cared which of the bromance left.
  3. Re: misting, is this a term that CBS uses? Or just us folks, hamster watchers?
  4. She really doesn't understand how these shows work, does she? You stick with your alliance, even if you hate them. What you don't do is trade down to no numbers. Two L's in her alliance, that she freaking named, in 2 weeks purely from her actions. Just.so.stupid. And we're stuck with her until the pretty get rid of her.
  5. I voted Yes; but, now I am on the fence. Does he really want to expose his alliance? ETA. Just watched the show, yup. Winston.
  6. How long before she cracks??? I don't think she can keep that vote a secret.
  7. Didn't he call Bayleigh his little sister? And now he's macking on her? Oh, so that's how he gets down......hmmm
  8. Nice work recapping Chris @gforce. Reminds me of an old Married with Children and all of the twists on Bud's rapper/gangster name by Kelly.
  9. Didn't one of these CBS shows have two evictees the first day? This is one of those times that I could say goodbye easily to more than one.
  10. Hershey's Cacao and the other ingredients to make my version of the Starbucks Chocolate loaf, espresso (goes with the loaf), my favorite grocery store Cabernet, which I can only find at Total Wine now, and goat cheese and crackers to go with that. Then leave me alone, I am eating.
  11. She got way too worked up about Chris (Swaggy C, um no) not saving the fitness model's group; therefore, I hope she is gone first.
  12. I voted for Frankie here to represent the contingent of Amanda Grande worshippers/groupies. If he wins, he will contribute a fraction to charity and the remainder on short shorts.
  13. I find them vile. In the words of Nina Garcia, they are vulgar.
  14. The only time that it worked, in my memory, was when Lisa won. Which season was that? 3?
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