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  1. Shamir was the whiner in the window cleaning challenge... Floyd is the one who passed out from dehydration and they called medic in and they got eliminated... he also lost his passport near the beginning of the season
  2. Tribe Swap!

    Too soon... the Davids will get picked off... :(
  3. I'd love Ross as host...I've loved his antics since his Tonight Show intern days...
  4. I don't know what sort of mascara she's wearing, but I'm pretty sure I need some... all that "crying"and not a single smudge.. :-/
  5. POLL: RoboSam

    I think if it were anyone else it might not be so cute... but that accent.. lol.. cutest darn robot on tv!
  6. I thought the same thing, that there wouldn't be a chance of a showmance there... he cracked me saying he needed subtitles to understand her..
  7. I'm calling a house meeting...
  8. Chrissy: Likable or Shrew

    I started out liking her... I keep seeing her and Ryan as the Tina and Colby remix... he's going to follow her to the end and give her the win...
  9. Alan Ball - Levu: Heroes - Eliminated Week 4

    he's paranoid Josh on steroids! call them out, blow up their game, crazy!
  10. Watching those clips on TMZ, they're complaining to each other about her - but no one seems to be addressing her. When she poked Matt, he just laughed it off while she and Raven laughed...with Paul he's playing, running, laughing with her - at no point does he confront her to stop - and then Alex is telling others - has she says this to Jessica? Paul and Kevin are discussing, but is anyone discussing it with Jessica and telling her stop? As long as you are laughing and playing along, why would she think you are offended? I hate when people won't speak up to the offender, then complain behind their back...tell them! I'm condoning her behavior - but no one I've seen in a video has told her to stop doing it, they just laugh like it's a joke - which is what she says it is...
  11. She isn't a DJ, she's a phone screener, who occasionally does a bit. We listen to that show, its local, and I had to go look her up to see who she was...she's that much a non-entity.
  12. Live Feed Recaps, Week 2 - HOH: Paul

    Paul's plan is put two people he can trust up on the block... they all three get to play for veto... then he takes one off and puts up Cody and he's gone. He wants Raven to be the pawn because who would send home the girl with a terminal disease? (his exact words...)
  13. I'd hardly call her a "radio personality." She's a phone screener who does an occasional bit...