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  1. That calendar looked like maybe they made it with the paint Denise and Michelle were using... As much as Natalie annoys me, I hope she gets back in and wins the whole damn thing. Denise is the only person left that I could tolerate winning... And Natalie has kicked ass on Extinction!! And how has she lost no body mass? For someone who drove me insane with her "twinnie", I'm totally turned around now! And I think the jury would give her the win after seeing how she's worked and played at Extinction!
  2. The votes for Sophie were Tyson and Kim. Votes for Denise were Sarah and Sophie. Votes for Tyson were Nick, Ben, Sarah (second vote) and the turncoat Michelle! Video on CBS All-Access
  3. For much the same reason. They have to know this is coming to an end, no chance to catch up to the others, get some food! Only flaw I can see is if somehow they need a token to participate in the get back in challenge... Or could buy extra time/help/advantage with their tokens... And now he has none.
  4. It says something about your game when I can remember both the people who were in the final with her and have zero recollection of her... Even after watching last night I don't remember her...
  5. No way I'd have let Sandra survive that first tribal... However, in my discussions with friends last night, we decided we'd keep Rob around until he got a fire started, built a shelter and caught some fish... Boot him just before the merge...
  6. Yul for the win, because I like him more than the others... And, depending on which is the first losing team - they're idiots if they don't oust Rob or Sandra first. I picked Sandra...
  7. I know itv would never happen, but I'd have voted Noura just because to be as annoying and bat shit crazy as she is... She still schmoozed and connived her way to the end...
  8. I kept thinking these all look like real people, not models or "want to be celebrities via reality TV."
  9. We were thinking the same thing. If you feel the need to lie, keep as close to the truth as possible... "There were some people there who showed me how to make fire, then gave me a chance to win an idol by building fire in a challenge..." And leave it at that.
  10. if you're old like me, or love old TV... he's the embodiment of Carmine Ragusa, Shirley's boyfriend on Laverne and Shirley... The Big Ragu..
  11. She's a fairly popular plus size model, so you probably have... I like her a lot! She has a great attitude, at least in her modeling life...curious to see her in the house...
  12. ugh... hate this stupid head to head
  13. Shamir was the whiner in the window cleaning challenge... Floyd is the one who passed out from dehydration and they called medic in and they got eliminated... he also lost his passport near the beginning of the season
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