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  1. Watched the show with Dick Wow didnt see that coming at all..
  2. I just wanted to Thank everyone that helps keep Hamstertime going. Everyone is Great in what they bring each and every year.
  3. Atleast she gets to tell her family hi every week in her stupid speeches. But he was funny.
  4. My sons and I crack up at it, one of my sonstold me last night Rev. Hurt his hand and going to have surgery. And has already water Baptized two people.
  5. Congrats it was beautiful. Gave me me chills at all the love, Hope you have à long happy life together.
  6. 8. Tell him his sister lost her voice and can no longer sing, since that's all he talks about.
  7. Monday at 9:00pm is more to compete with. Wrestling for one, I personally do not watch it anymore but members of my family do in the house.
  8. That is too funny gforce my first thought was OMG not them then I see your post.
  9. The only reason I knew it was Ariana Grande in the audience when the camera was on her was my ten year old said hey there's Ariana Grande.
  10. What HOH do the hammies think is coming every Thursday? Zankie
  11. FUG came up with a twist another of a long list As always it failed. Now everyone has bailed.
  12. I guess he didn't get enough kicks in the ass to do the right thing for himself. Bring back out the foot.
  13. There once was à surfer named Hayden Whose game needed some serious aidin' He wanted to sex up a frog But had better chances with à hog.
  14. I picked Donny and Frankie because I feel you never truely know what there thinking, and want to make them show themselves. As long as TA didn't vote to put one of the three. That would be to easy of a task if Donny and Frankie won. But that is just my opinion.
  15. Oh that Caleb, he sure is a creep. He watches Amber while she sleeps. All we hear is he was on the Voice.
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