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  1. Thanks for the useful comments, I agree with you all, you clarified it for me nicely. Very good points. And it's not as if I liked any of the people that they kicked off as they steamrolled forward. The group of 6, each having a special person outside the Cookout was genius, as was the rule to nominate the pair against each other (when possible). I liked Tiffany but felt she blew it trying to save Clare. And being bossy of course. Would like to see Hannah win, but Xs game has been flawless. I am probably more annoyed that women can never get it together like the Cookout.
  2. Is it me or is this season worse than ever? This stupid alliance with 2 completely useless patsys (Derek + Azah) and 2 guys that will steamroll the other 4 remaining players. They had X on the block, for weeks and he will win the game so they could get their 6 to final 6. I understand wanting that to happen and why. I know the history of BB. But to make this point, at the cost of winning the game? This has really really been the most boring season, I know we say that most seasons but honestly. I give credit to you all that are watching the live feeds, thank you and you are amazing. X deserves the win.
  3. We were talking here in my family about the Cookout alliance. Which I think is just fine, who cares, I don't like or dislike any of these hamsters in particular. But we were discussing how in the past, people noticed if all women were leaving, or all people of color. The women would be saying, "hey they are sending out all women". All white people? They don't even notice, it's amusing. Like it does not occur to them, that they are the undesired, unlucky, unwanted. It will be funny when the remaining non-cookout people notice that alliance. I have not watched feeds or kept up because I struggle remembering what team people are on, why not make then wear team colors or something, haha.
  4. Oh I want Enzo for sure. But, the other 2 will take each other, or so it seems. And Enzo would take Cody if he somehow had that choice? Would love to see a surprise this season. Still waiting.
  5. I know we often say this, but I really think this was one of the worst seasons ever. No surprises. Pre-season alliances (?) No real interesting twists. Predictable final 3. Predictable winner. OK I guess the seasons with the racist cast was worse.
  6. To have so many of these people who were never even nominated for eviction, make it to final 4 (most likely) is unprecedented isn't it? Cody, Enzo and Memphis? Is that right? Oopps forgot Memphis is up now.
  7. IF Nicole had nominated Cody, she would have had my vote to win the whole damn thing. Because that would have meant she was serious. And not an idiot, too stupid to realize NONE of them would beat Cody in a final 2 (or even 3). I would guess they all want her as their final 2, because they can say former winner should not win again, etc.
  8. It was clear to me that Cody won, in the first few days of this mess. I hope I am wrong, because I hate how predictable it has been this whole season.
  9. It will be boring for next few weeks as they pick off the "weaker" players who can't get their shit together and think they are in the main alliance. No "big moves" coming from the dominant side. If a weak player wins HoH, it could be interesting. But they would likely be swayed by the stronger players to do their bidding anyway. The end might be ok as they need to turn on each other.
  10. Why am I the only one who hates Tommy?? UGH. Cannot stand him. He is so annoying to me. I thought he would win if he made it to the end and it had me going nuts. I wanted him to stay over Holly, in a way, but I was also SO glad to see him gone.
  11. Isn't Holly just the perfect one to bring to Final 2 or 3? She is almost completely useless, (won one HoH comp? that was a luck/skill combo?) She does not talk to other HGs, has not strategy, nothing. So easy for Jackson to stay loyal to her; if she had ANY shot of winning, he might think differently. Plus the whole sex thing, of course, BONUS. I sometimes wonder, does she think she actually HAS a shot to win? Or does she care at all at this point? She is just such a blah person. Nicole KNEW it was foolish to leave a showmance in the game this late. Cliff really talked her into keeping Holly, against her best judgement. Her shock hearing Cliff spill his personal "deal" with Jackson (and Holly, surprise!) was classic BB. Jackson deserves the win, unless Nicole can keep winning her way to the end and takes Holly, of course. Very interesting season, with a showmance lasting to the end.
  12. Why am I the only one who cannot STAND Tommy and has wanted him out since Day 1? He has this game in his pocket and none of the others seem to realize it. So glad they are all focused on the huge threat of JESS this week.
  13. I am sorry for posting this here if not the right place. Any locations to watch tonights episode live if pre-empted by football tonight? I have CBS all access but cannot figure out live streaming, maybe because it is thru Amazon. Had to use Amazon approach because I have an old Tivo, and an old plasma (!!) TV, not a smart TV. I use to see websites that had it from west coast or something. NEVER MIND! Apologies, NYC has it on another station. All is good.
  14. I want Tommy to go so badly, he irritates me the most, well, next to Christie. We watch and should STFU every time Christie opens her mouth. Michie got a good edit, and I found myself LIKING him the last 2 broadcasts.
  15. So far, I am loving this Jessica HoH. FINALLY. Someone saying, lets put up 2 strong players who do not give a shit about me. Not listening to Cliff, and trying to make a deal for "safety". Just pointing out that the all the "other side" weaklings did not choose each other, that they were the leftovers. Cliff makes a fair Bosley.
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