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  1. On the one team, both have dyslexia. I was spoiled with a few of the teams ID during filming and researched those then. And to have valuable international travel backpacking skills for TAR is something we haven’t seen before in the 31 prior seasons. And yes, it is ridiculous that this set of Racers had to wait nearly 700 days for their season to air. Blame the pandemic, at least in part. CBS really wanted 33 in the can before airing, and then there’s the Survivor filming mess to consider.
  2. Based on media and social media spoilers on finale filming day in Detroit the tasks and the 99.999% outcome, I decided to say nothing here this season. But as soon as I saw the news from the Manhattan Beach startline the Colin and Christie had finally returned, I knew two things, this season would be their redemption arc and that they would win. It’s funny how many people forget what great racers they were their first time around, notwithstanding oxen, taxi drivers, and what not. The only thing one could wonder was how they would manage the 6 roadblock rule and the UTurn, both introduced after their original season. Once it was clear early on they were a strong consistent and competitive team and they’d get Christie through her share of roadblocks and overcome cows in place of oxen. I had no reason to doubt that finish. The tasks and routes were the best TAR has had in quite a long while, and those factors overcome the reality clash silliness. i did enjoy Rachel having to eat crow this time not having Brendon racing with here. In a normal season Bret and Chris and Victor and Nicole would have held their own, but it did serve to demonstrate that Survivor an BB aren’t the pressure cooker TAR is.
  3. I’ve been keeping up with these two for years online and on social media. The primary reason why neither had returned until this season had to do with raising their kids, but when they were contacted for TAR 31, they were ready. As soon I heard they were st the start line, I felt in that instant they would be my sentimental favorites to take it this time around.
  4. BBAD so far has been a rerun of Sunday’s broadcast episode.
  5. I had a strong feeling in the force as soon as he won the first HOH and saw him in action on the live feeds. The tip off was how he quickly realized what Steve was doing, and wanted to target him first. That told me what I needed to know. And he hasn't disappointed at all.
  6. I wonder if Megan's departure has to do with the Temptation we're to learn about on Sunday's broadcast show?
  7. Word is that season 30 will be cast, and they have a unannounced green light as to filming. In effect, TAR is the designated hitter for CBS to replace any faltering series on the fall schedule. Meanwhile season 29 finished filming on Saturday.
  8. well, I'm one of those who had wished they had used season 25. But Phil has said going into filming this season that they are listening to the fans more, and the push to have the show return to its roots in how they cast the teams, and the route and tasks got through. The openness about the teams (open start lines) and the locations is something Bertram Van Munster has recently said he's all in favor of because it adds to the interest level and does not distract from it. The season 25 open start in Time Square at 3 am on a Saturday morning apparently convinced CBS that the openness helps the show worldwide. There are several previews out (including one at people.com, and a couple on CBS.com that look fantastic. I think you'll find that your fears are not justified by what we'll see/ Four Racers from this season have signed into RFF and they're peomising to comment about what happened as each episode airs; these are "superfans," so CBS casting has finally decided that should not disqualify interesting teams. I really am looking forward to this season. I feel a strong positive vibe, unlike the blind dating mess last season. (And I will bet we won't see that sort of mess again anytime soon.)
  9. It was reported by various people at the open start line, with several past Racers in attendance, including Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain, that Phil asked them if they remembered Songwe Village (the first season, first leg pit stop. At the time no one caught on to what Phil was actually saying (and Songwe Village as such no longer exists due to a fire, but as it turns out teams went to a close nearby village on the Victoria Falls legs, supposedly as the pit stop. That was a tip off about what this route was all about. It is a trip down memory lane to some of the great places TAR visited in those early seasons, especially season 1. When the teams went from Victoria Falls to Paris, as happened on season one, it was possible to guess Agra and Jaipour, India would also be there, and many of us suspected after the lengthy delay following the two India legs and teams went to Hong Kong/Macao (right out of TAR 11) as the 11th leg, that they'd be headed to JFK for the final leg; there weren't too many places to the US out of Hong Kong with direct non-stop flights.). To this day, afaik, we still don't know where the finish mat was on Long Island, just that it was somewhere between JFK and the Hamptons.). We also suspect several famous tasks will show up again this season. And CBS confirmed a couple of them in the preview clip today (Batoka Gouge) and there is a suspicion that the famous meat eating roadblock of season 7 will show up again in the same place in Argentina. (You know, that's the one where Rob of Survivor got three other teams to join him in quitting the task, and thus, forcing a later arriving team into last place and elimination.) Like I said this is perhaps my favorite Race course in a long long time. They also toughened up the tasks and the travel to bring back the challenging feel of those early seasons. For the past several season Bert and Elise and the producers have been going back to those early seasons in tasks, routes, and casting, and the qualitative effect has been noticeable. We're not going to get a lot of all-new countries in any one season with all of the regional conflicts that have broken out in areas TAR has visited in the past; and I doubt other countries will be on the list soon because of changes in the political environment. We almost got Nepal,but the twin earthquakes clearly delayed that ffor a few seasons, and I doubt Russia will be on TAR's itinerary any time soon.
  10. CBS has released the list of destinations for TAR 27: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/CBS-Reveals-THE-AMAZING-RACE-Destinations-for-New-Season-20150916 I'm not going to tell the order, ince CBS hasn't, but I am going to identify the prior season(s) for the destinations, and that will tell you ehat the theme of the Race course is this season RFF is pretty certain that at least one leg was a back-up leg as teams spent a long time at the prior destination while a large area of east Asia was under threat of tropical cyclones, and air traffic was also disrupted by a major volcanic eruption at the same time. (And that too, is a throwback of sorts to the delays in TAR 1, TAR 8, and TAR 11.)
  11. Gail Pennington of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported today (Tuesday) that at the CBS party Monday at the TCA summer tour, she spoke with Bert and Elise and they confirmed that they have the green light for caasting TAR 28, that will air in the spring (2016).
  12. Without saying too much, I think people are going to love the route for season 27, and when y'all figure out what Bert and Elise did, you'll understand why I said that.
  13. Per Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross, season 12 winner Hayden Moss will compete in season 27 of Survivor: Blood v. Water with his current girlfriend, Survivor:One World's Kat: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/08/20/big-brother-hayden-moss-survivor-blood-vs-water/
  14. The season finished filming during this past week. Won't say much else here about that until CBS does,
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