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  1. *cracks knuckles* I turn on the feeds for the first time in Idontknowhowmanyyears and I’m treated to the sound of Terrance eating an apple while he laps the backyard. Then he has a banana. Now he’s on to an orange and I swear to OGG there is no reason to make this much noise eating a freakin orange!!! Passive Aggressive Skippy at the wheel this morning trying to wake the rest of the hammies. No one budges. Terrance fusses with his sleeping bag and sits down. He’s finally done with his deconstructed fruit salad. Looked like he was about to put his socks on, but instead pulled his earrings out of said sock and put them in. I am irrationally squicked out by this. Minxy now remembers why she sucked at recapping. Alyssa and the One Stroke Wonder are now also awake outside. No signs of life inside as yet. Terrance has moved to the hammock and proceeds to pick his teeth. Kyle is sitting amongst a bunch of cushions and pillows staring into the void that is his game. Alyssa washes her hands and brushes her teeth at the makeshift kitchen sink. Alyssa doesn’t have her mike on, so I can’t hear her real well, Terrance chuckles about the “fort” someone built last night becuz they had too much time on their hands. Dude, that’s pretty much the whole point of this gig. The feeds are even more boring than this recap. Kyle tells Terrance he’s ready to play for the Veto. Terrance muses to himself that that’s what he wants, his boy waking up with the veto on his mind. Alyssa tells Terrance they need to win this veto. Terrance confirms she’ll leave the noms the same if he’ll freezes over and she wins. Terrance and Alyssa discussing game, Alyssa wonders how they ended up on the wrong side. Discussing how “he” needs to get in line once the house reunites. I’m assuming it’s Michael. All 4 feeds go inside to sleeping hammies. I really dislike Terrance.
  2. I said Joseph cuz I’m curious who he’d go after…
  3. Taylor, her first week with no time spent on the block.
  4. Jasmine's definitely down first, if she plays. If she doesn't play, Terrance falls first.
  5. Taylor, because I fear she's going to become an easy target again once Daniel is gone and I want her to get to have the power first.
  6. Never take advice from someone with bad eyebrows.... Words to live by kids.
  7. Daniel will probably go, but I'd much rather he stay and be miserable a little bit longer. Take the shot and get Kyle out while you can.
  8. Can we get a moratorium on the hammies using the whole "blood on my hands" thing cuz it's being waaaaaaaaaay over used.
  9. What Mags said, with an evil cackle added on at the end.
  10. Brittany and Michael for me. Michael's comp-winning ability is a big plus on both sides - keeping us safe or hanging him out to dry - whichever option is necessary to save my bacon.
  11. *brushes cobwebs off avi* Hi! Haven't watched in I don't know how long, but for some strange reason decided to give this season a shot. I don't know, still making bad choices I guess. Anyway, *waves*
  12. No predictions, but I want Janelle to win. All these years later this is still a Janey stan account.
  13. Knowing he did that on purpose, I have no choice but to hate him.
  14. I’m just now getting to watch last night’s ep, and just noticed that.
  15. Right, no one will ever expect a girl being aligned with the guys. *insert eyeroll here*
  16. She's "very" nocturnal. Is that something one can be in degrees? Hate.
  17. Ahhh Pre-Hate old friend, it's so good to see you again.
  18. A self-styled storyteller extraordinaire? The end.
  19. So here I am at work today scrolling thru FB cuz, at work. Duh. And there's a post about the new Hammies. Meh, I'm really bored. Lemme go look at the freaks. CHRISTMAS FREAKIN ABBOTT!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm in till she's evicted. She is BADASS!
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