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  1. No predictions, but I want Janelle to win. All these years later this is still a Janey stan account.
  2. Knowing he did that on purpose, I have no choice but to hate him.
  3. I’m just now getting to watch last night’s ep, and just noticed that.
  4. Right, no one will ever expect a girl being aligned with the guys. *insert eyeroll here*
  5. She's "very" nocturnal. Is that something one can be in degrees? Hate.
  6. Ahhh Pre-Hate old friend, it's so good to see you again.
  7. A self-styled storyteller extraordinaire? The end.
  8. So here I am at work today scrolling thru FB cuz, at work. Duh. And there's a post about the new Hammies. Meh, I'm really bored. Lemme go look at the freaks. CHRISTMAS FREAKIN ABBOTT!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm in till she's evicted. She is BADASS!
  9. He had me at cosplay, he lost me at "I'm not black, I'm Dominican"
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