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  1. Totally agree. The food comps (and the resulting aftermath) were totally entertaining. Slop is not entertaining. At all.
  2. We all got a strong Jen Widerstrom vibe from her tonight. As soon as I said it, everyone in the room said "YEEESSS."
  3. "I'm a HUGE COMPETITOR" ...he says right after he quits the game. Sigh. I'm tired of these quitters.
  4. I tell you, the only thing worse than watching Paul mist all these fools is watching it in a roomful of teenagers who think Paul is the Best. Thing. Ever. I'm seriously doubting my parenting skills, y'all.
  5. Every time we watch,, my kids comment that he resembles Wreck-It Ralph. Good eyes, those kids.
  6. Funny - my profile says May 2006, but I came over waaay back in season two (!) when we broke the TWOP.. eta: I had a tiny baby then and now she drives my car.
  7. It's up: http://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/television/2017/06/30/megan-lowder-ptsd-previous-assault-reason-she-left-big-brother-house-early/444830001/
  8. Personally I voted Kevin because of course, they will vote the old guy out early, and that's boring. To me, anyway.
  9. I would have been ok with it if it hadn't meant Cameron leaving. My daughter, on the other hand, leapt ten feet out of her chair and screamed for a full four minutes.
  10. During the last ep, I said, "Nicole is so freaking beautiful until she opens her mouth." My entire family: true dat. This season goes down as the season t=where the most HG voices want to make me stab my ears with a skewer.
  11. I just want to share with the only people who would understand this: on 9/11/01, one of my kids was 11 months old, and the other wasn't born yet. Today they are both BB fans, and so I finally showed them the footage of the BB2 houseguests being told about 9/11. Honestly, it choked me up. Do y'all remember that? How we were like, "dude, do you think they're going to tell them?" And the HG knew something was off, because there were no planes in the sky? Mad love for It'sOnica. That's some hard, real-life stuff she had to deal with in the BB house.
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