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  1. feeds are on animals, dangit. I guess they’re not gonna let us watch the picking.
  2. If you’re wondering why no one is recapping, it’s probably bc all feeds are on Daniel and Terrence in some bedroom talking about nothing. For the love, something else has to be going on somewhere…
  3. Michael says Brittany was cornered by Jasmine, blah blah blah ig all the reasons that the whole house wants Monte out, and when it comes down to it, who cares what the HOH thinks. Okay, Jasmine. There will be drinking tonight! Monte says they gave them booze “for no reason” when I’m pretty sure the reason is “omg these people are boring.” tbh I’m bummed that I have to get up early and can’t stay up to recap the shenanigans.
  4. Finally, a feed that isn’t the kitchen. Monte is in HOH talking w Michael re: the veto. Michael reiterating that he hasn’t committed to keeping the noms the same, people are believing what they want to believe. By all indications the plan is still to put up Daniel/Kyle and get rid of Daniel. Michael is still trying to figure out how far to go in his speech. Doesn’t want to draw a line/reveal the leftovers if the rest of the house is still too dumb to figure it out.
  5. All feeds are on the HGs at the table talking about their weddings. Daniel is there, but moping aggressively. Terrence tells the story of someone showing up to his wedding who he didn’t invite - a different guest couldn’t make it so instead of telling Terrence he just offered his seat to this other guy. Jasmine is talking about some fraternity/sorority drama at her wedding, and I’d need some booze in order to recap that nonsense.
  6. I check in to find that all feeds are on Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa in the BY talking about plastic surgery. No thank you.
  7. Taylor, Michael, Turner, Brit and Jasmine outside, discussing CBS reality shows. Taylor couldn’t do Survivor, too vain. Much talk of who could do TAR with their significant others. Michael - maybe. Brit - absolutely not, they joke about it every time they travel, how awful they would be. Turner - yes. Turner would go on any show cbs asked him to. Something interesting must be happening elsewhere as BB keeps issuing smackdowns.
  8. Say what you will about Kyle and his dopey showmance, but he’s done an amazing job of hiding his connection to the leftovers. He in the HOH (with Michael and Turner) expressing his amazement that people just came up to him and spilled the plan to evict Monte, without even feeling him out first.
  9. Taylor just recounted how she asked Daniel why he was targeting her from the beginning, and his weaselly answers. Love that she totally saw through his crap.
  10. Poor Britt - the doctor still hasn’t arrived to stitch her up. Seems like a really long time to wait…though I guess it’s on par with how long you’d wait in the average US emergency room…
  11. *waves to bookwhore* Michael, Brit, Taylor, Kyle and Turner in HOH rehashing the absolutely delusional plan to vote out Monte. Looks like the *real* plan is to put up Kyle and Daniel. Michael has cover bc he did promise to protect Monte bc he kept him safe last week.
  12. Daniel’s whispering is unbearable so I return to HOH. Jasmine is doing the vote math, they all agree that they need a min of 4 votes to get Monte out. Can’t wait to see what Michael and Brit say after she leaves… on her way out, J gets the ok to talk to people and get their opinion on voting out Monte. she’s REALLY GOOD at talking to people, according to her.
  13. Kyle in the bedroom with Indy and Alyssa playing Bible Roulette. oh Kyle, Bible Roulette never ends well. Kyle is generally kissing up to them, discussing plans to be roommates next week. Thrown to Terrence and Daniel. Daniel relaying his and Kyle’s amazing strategy of offering allegiance to the HOH in exchange for safety. omg, Daniel is so smart, I just can’t get over it. Incredible that no other HG in BB history has ever thought of this exact same strategy!!
  14. Jasmine is in HOH pushing hard for Michael to target Monte. She really wants him out.
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