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  1. rappy

    Memory Book

    Smiff, you guys. Just... smiff. I remember the secret language we invented during show chats. I still use smiff and smrt. ETA - Hahaha! Fisty's Momma!
  2. rappy


    I find it kind of funny that he was just as shocked at being sent to Redemption Island the second time as he was the first. Also, calling it RI makes me wonder why they keep sending him to Rhode Island :).
  3. I continue to really enjoy this season. Rob is playing brilliantly and I'm kind of hoping that he keeps defying the odds because by all accounts he should have been out ages ago. It was daft of the other tribe to target Grant - they should have gone straight for him and the longer they put it off the less likely they'll be to get him out. Seeing the other tribe react to the phillipisms at tribal council was pretty priceless. As was the endless samurai lecture. I love the fact that no one, least of all Peachy, even attempts to disguise their amusement.
  4. rappy


    Ok, surprised that he's still around and have learned that everything shown is the opposite of what will happen. He'll be hitting Rob up for an alliance as soon as they merge next week.
  5. rappy

    Boston Rob

    He was really angry in all his interviews this week. I wonder what brought that on - perhaps a confrontation we didn't see?
  6. rappy


    Ressell, Stiffinie. Is that how you "sound it out" in hick? His spelling is atrocious, and he doesn't even have to contend with complicated names, like say, mine. He didn't say more than a couple of words in the last episode.
  7. rappy


    David=Twat. The only thing he's done successfully so far has been to throw that first competition. Even his attempts at manipulating to get Sarita out via Stephanie fell completely flat. I predict he'll be the next one out on that tribe. I think the rest of them would pick Sarita over him because even though there might be something wrong with her (which I haven't noticed yet), she's a bit less aggressive than him and seems to fit in with the crowd a bit better.
  8. Loads of red herrings in the editing, implying that Matt was on his way out and making Stephanie look like she'd turned the tribe around and Sarita was on her way out.
  9. rappy


    I noticed that he qualified that he "served his country" for four years. So he was a special agent doing sanitation during peace time, for four years. Dude, I've had pimples older than that. He really is all sorts of amusing though so I hope he stays for a while.
  10. rappy

    Boston Rob

    I'm in the like camp. Even though he's arrogant I find him funny and kind of charming. And all that aside, there is nothing that he misses. He is playing absolutely everyone and not one of them is aware of it. I actually hope he wins.
  11. rappy


    Did anyone catch what he said about the medal he got? Second highest honour in peace time for... sanitation work? What the hell does that mean?
  12. I was really pleased with how this episode turned out. Stephanie got to eat some serious humble pie, Julie's smiles and vacillations were well edited and Russell learned that it won't always go his way. That said, I'm fairly certain he'll beat Matt at the next duel.
  13. rappy


    Pet peeve: There is no such thing as pre-med. You are a biology student. When you get accepted to medical school, call yourself a med student. Same for pre-law. You are a political science/history/whatever other humanity student. Get into law school and then call yourself a law student. Twat.
  14. rappy


    Rappy is unemployed due to visa problems for at least the next three months and Survivor can be streamed in Merry Olde England! Rappy needs to stop playing on FB and start talking in the first person again. *Waves back* How are y'all doing? I'll bet he's always been the bad cop in the good/bad scenario - I don't think there's a shred of nuance to him so he'd never be able to pull off good cop. He has zero understanding of this game and after 21 seasons there's no reason for anyone to be that daft about it.
  15. rappy


    This douche has far surpassed "We lived in Paris for two years" territory. The good thing is that he makes for an excellent drinking game.
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