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  1. OK...who threw Wamber the sympathy vote???
  2. Granted, her "OGG" schtick is WACK...but, she's a 'Jen'uine person, and probably the least loathsome at this point.
  3. How do you suppose the Branch Davidians would have done if David Koresh left? Sadly, he's not going anywhere. He's becoming a cult of personality. I wouldn't be shocked if BB printed up larger than life billboards and statues and put them in and around the house. I don't know if that's giving DICK!! too much credit, or the others not enough. I'd like to say that he's gonna last because everyone wants to be F2 with him. I'd LIKE to say that.
  4. [VOTE DICK]Resistance[VOTE DICK]is[VOTE DICK]Futile[VOTE DICK]!!!
  5. Well, of course not...what I meant was..."who is everyone voting for???"...with my 'subliminal' message of 'Vote DICK!!' so strategically placed...in plain sight.
  6. Holy schnikey!! You can't BUY that sh*t!! Not even for a dollar!!!!
  7. I'm looking at the list of names, and I am honestly, honestly, at a loss. Who is the least loathsome?? Sadly, I think she just left.
  8. I liked when she burst DICK!!'s bubble, just a little...when she assured him that Daniele was NEVER going to get her vote in the F2, should Dani make it that far. Of course, now the ultimate dilemma for Jen is...what if it's a DICK!/Daniele F2?? Well hell, that's THE ultimate dilemma, period.
  9. Is it wrong that I read that as "Kimmie am smart."???? Tee hee!! Tonite, I was just SURE he threw it, since the answer was SO clearly 'Jessica' (coming from Carol, after all).
  10. We ARE pushing for an Eric-induced DICK!! nom for tonite's vote, aren't we???
  11. Does anybody else think that Eric is throwing HOH comps expressly out of fear of who we might tell him to put up? (assuming if he were HOH, he'd HAVE to put up whomever we voted)
  12. Just a note to add...I think [THINK] the comedian to which DICK!! was referring would be Christopher Titus.
  13. Can you think of a more unstable hamster in the history of BB?? Because I really cannot.
  14. Yes!! He was SO sure when Julie called his name that he was going to hear 'you are safe...DICk! you have been evicted'. When Dustin DIDN'T hear that...you could see the SLLLOOOOOWWWWW grasping that he got the boot...then, the jaw drop. Priceless!!!
  15. I dunno...I just don't think she's a good enough actress for that...I truly think she is manic. Clinically speaking.
  16. I couldn't hear it, over the cheers heard in the Just Kimmie abode!!
  17. I would have preferred Eric or Dick to Daniele getting it again. She may be HOH, but she'll still be as whiny as ever, becaue the decisions are SOOO HAAARRRRDDDDD...and they SUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!
  18. Why is it now I wouldn't mind if DICK!! won another HOH???? *swigs bourbon*
  19. DICK!! and Eric F2?? That would be pretty damned entertaining!
  20. Still luv DusButt for the most part, but that move was MONUMENTALLY stupid, and he deserves the boot for it. ETA: Don't they know that you NEVER put up your own alliance????
  21. This just in from The Bloody Obvious....DICK!! will only me more tolerable if he, Dani, or whomver he's aligned with as long as the HOH comp lasts actually wins HOH and doesn't put him on the mac. If he and Dani end up on mac again...all bets are off.
  22. No, but that and her waggling between her prayers and slamming other people leaves a horrible taste. Also, one would think that now that the drama in the house has quieted down a bit that she might find it within herself to apologize to Dick (and Danielle) for what she said. Given that she thinks that Dick is going to be voted out and go to sequester, having this conversation with him would also be a very good tactical move. Points taken. Good call!
  23. I don't know...I mean, I don't care how pious or righteous a person is....I can't blame Jameka for blowing up at DICK!! Humans are fallible...and that place would test the holiest of souls, it seems to me. Jameka's mistake, if you can call it that, was trying at any point to REASON with DICK!! He's like the Terminator...you can't reason with him, you can't bargain with him...and he absolutely. will. not. stop. You could pinpoint the detectable moment in the entire tirade where Jameka's anger got the better of her...but that doesn't make her a bad 'Christian', or a bad person.
  24. Not to be off-topic....but I can't chalk up America's vote to loving DICK!! or Daniele...as much as hating ERIC. To be ON topic, let me remind you that this is the Danielle thread ~tooletta
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