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  1. Well, how about when Chenbot asked her "Do you think God planned for you not to win the game, then?"...and Amber replied "No, I just made some mistakes in the game." If it's all pre-determined, how does THIS argument work?? I don't get that.
  2. Yep. So far, the week's looking GOOD!!!! Start squirmin, vermin!!!
  3. *changed avatar accordingly* I see him putting up Dick and Eric, and backdooring Daniele. Let's see if he's got smarts.
  4. *shakes Magic 8-ball...no, not THAT kind of 8-ball, Amber..back off!* All signs point to "Yes"!!!
  5. Hmmmm...is it POSSIBLE, just POSSIBLE...that Eric's family said what they said about Eric's other realtionship being over in order to help foster Eric's game?? In other words, with all those Jess-Eric showmance fans...they wouldn't want to rock that boat and have the voters turn on Eric????
  6. Gotta add my cheer in for Zachadoo!!
  7. Nah...I think the laws of physics, via resistance versus no resistance, would dictate that the 'popping' will be the natural inertia the silver balls will take once the liquid is high enough. *pushes up spectacles*
  8. 6:18pm HT Thanks for coloring the "tea", BB!! Zach, from my angle, appears to have a slight lead with Dani and Dick hot on his heels. Eric looks like his is lagging considerably...although across the board, the spheres look about 10% full, give or take...so I am not sure this will run on all night...maybe 3 or four hours. And...we go to FOTHole...why, i dunno!! "Tea" colors, in case you really care...Eric is orange, Dani is green, Zach is pink and Dick is blue.
  9. Did anyone else get a psycho-"Fatal Attraction" vibe from Eric's "on again/off again girlfriend" (read 'f*ckbuddy') tonite?? She creeped me OUT.
  10. Hope springs eternal...so, again, I vote DICK!!!
  11. Speaking of voting...do we know against whom Eric has been mandated to cast his "vote" tonite???
  12. I am praying like JamAmbore that Zach wins the next HOH and gets rid of D or D!! He's the only one with the nuts to do it, it seems.
  13. After all that weepiness over not seeing Nick on Power of Ten....does ANYONE besides me wish, wish, wish that CBS would interview Dani's [future-ex???]"boyfriend" NOW???? Surely, Kris has dumped Whinele by NOW, right????
  14. My hubs had to point this one out to me...but,, yes, it had to have an effect. After all...you always take the SURE money, right?
  15. He's busy voting AP on her ass. Right. Now. Power of Ten, indeed. Ten VOTES.
  16. Resistance is Futile....Vote Amber x 10. *end transmission*
  17. I can't help but think at some point they will let the others in on the whole AP thing and get their reactions for the audience. That's what CBS sees as the payoff, viewer-wise. No?
  18. Ok, now this CRAP with Jam telling Amber that Amber should MODEL????? WTF is THAT about??? Jam am DELUDED. Maybe if Jameka was referring to an "Alice the Goon Lookalike Contest"...Amber'd be IN there.
  19. So, I guess that means we have no vote as to who (if anyone) Eric vetoes on Tuesday????
  20. Regarding Dick's "aging." I think it actually has to do what his activities are the night before...and also if he shaves. Sometimes he looks 64 years old, rode hard and put away wet...and other times he looks only 52-54. I wish I could understand how the deep lines in his face seem to deepen-plump-deepen-plump. Some fabulous anti-aging cream? Fill us in on the brand name! He often looks like he's been on a two-week bender. What kinds of meds are there in the house? What kinds has he stolen from other houseguests? Love, A mother of two guys 38 and 40...who can't BELIEVE he's only 44 (me too) It's absolutely the SMOKING that has aged him beyond his years. Smoking dehydrates the skin (and, now they know...increases gray hair sproutage) and makes the face looks like, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, 'an old catcher's mitt'.
  21. I'd like to go with Eric....but, only if we [America] can take the full credit for the win.
  22. Definitely no 'shades of gray' when it comes to DICK!! Well, except for his soul[less] patch.
  23. I also thought he did it to take satisfaction away from Jen. But, it didn't bother me. If the person I hated the most got to dunk me, I would dunk myself to take away their satisfaction. Yes! I also saw it as a 'kettle-pot' situation....he did nothing but rant on about how Jen did everything for attention....and voila! He needlessly jumps in another's tank!!
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