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  1. Well, that's the whole ball game...at this point, who can one root for?? -The one who hasn't done anything, but has all the friends on the jury -The one that's a Johnny-come-lately, but still a bit of a dunderhead -The whiny, spoiled, no-social-skills-but-all-the-strategy, or -The heinous, vile, obnoxious, strike-the-fear-into-their-hearts bully ???? I ask you. WHO???
  2. Surely not, after just having gotten rid of Jess. He couldn't have felt safe, could he?
  3. Oh, I hate, hate, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate to admit it, but her gameplay (with the exception of the Nick shenanigans) has really been spot-on. She's taken advantage of everything thrown her way (Dick, Nick, Zach...Amber's total lack of strategy) and worked it all in her favor, all without very well developed social skills (let's face it...she gloated or she sulked the entire season)...but, strategically, she is brilliant. Or just lucky. No, brilliant.
  4. D & D ...and, ANOTHER season of disillusion comes swiftly to a close.
  5. I agree. I would've gone for that Final Four over the current one. Why did Eric not try to sway Zach before the Donatos? Or even after the Donatos? Did he ever try to barter a Final 3 deal with Zach when he won HOH before or after noms of Jam/Jess? I really gave Eric more credit than that...he had nothing to lose by saying "Hey, Zach, veto ME, and we'll have the votes to evict whichever Donato you choose." I guess he was SO rattled over Jess that he couldn't think on his feet.
  6. Not a diss to anyone here, honestly, but I just don't get the appeal of a 'showmance'. Never have, never will. Guess I have a cold storage locker where a heart should be!!
  7. Good LORD, Vincent sure resembles his Dad.
  8. Keith, that's egg-ZACH-tly how I see it playing out. Sucks ASS!!!!
  9. A D or D is one thing....but D AND D in F3?? Why not just give the Donatos the $500K NOW????
  10. This bitch IS gonna win. She's got 2 dudes that are gonna fall on their petards and/or cast their final vote for her.
  11. I don't get his "true to my word" philosophy as a strategy, but Dani is sure using it to her advantage. That NEVER washes with the jury, anyway. The jury usually votes for whomever has played the best game...not whoever lied the least. He truly is clueless. Is Zach Dani's new Nick, ready to fall on his petard???
  12. I knew he was a big dumb dolt.
  13. AND, she'd be gone. Zach and the veto-ee would have had the votes!!! IDIOT!!!!
  14. Well, the 'maybe there's more to Zach that just a big dumb oaf' theory just got blown out of the water. Welcome to third place, Zach, you dolt!! You could have gotten DANIELE out!!! He just handed all the power to the Donatos.
  15. Looks like America voted Daniele for Eric to target tonite. Ummm....task FAILED, methinks.
  16. If you put up one from each pair, you're guaranteed to have three people gunning for you. What he should have done is put two people from one pair up. That way, he definitely breaks up one pair and the other pair isn't necessarily out to get him. Perhaps that was what he was trying to do and he sees Jess and Jameka as a stronger pair than Jess and ratboy. Certainly, Jess and Jameka are the two people that he wouldn't want to go to F2 with. I don't know....at this late date...everyone is gunning for everyone anyway, so I'd still put up one from each pair...and whichever one vetoes, if anyone does...put the other's cohort up as replacement. I mean, if Eric had won veto, he would have taken Jess down, and a Donato would have to go up (and, presumably, out) anyway.
  17. I still remember S6's Jen's damned wink-and-smirk when Kaysar relinquished HOH to her in the sweatbox from Hell. HATE. HATE. HATE.
  18. Wow!! Jam-packed, then. I hope you're right!! Thanks!
  19. Do we know yet which way the majority voted?? I assume he's not going to campaign against Jess if it turns out he does have to vote for her, but I was curious.
  20. Could I interrupt this thread to pose a question about this Thursday.... I can?? Ok!! So, Thursday...will two people be evicted live...or, will the second evictee be shown on Sunday???? I can't remember how this works!
  21. I just don't get Zach's logic, which leads me to believe he has none. You've got two strong pairs in the house...tell me again WHY you don't put up one from each pair??? Oh, yeah...because you're thinking with your d*ck. No, not that DICK!! Well, I guess so.
  22. Of course, now my fear becomes that Eric makes F2 with a Donato..because that all but ensures Donato victory.
  23. I think I have to resign myself to the fact now that at least ONE of the Donatos will make F2. *shudder* *retch*
  24. Um...anyone else think it would be hilarious to have Eric vote Jess??? The look on Jess' face after a 30vote to evict would make the 'Dustin' shock look tame by comparison.
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