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  1. Well, I'd rather see Dick win than Daniele...but, I'll be so blind stinking drunk by that time that I won't be able to tell which one is which.
  2. Should be live tonite, with immediate eviction.
  3. They're not exactly the same but they both involve having a high degree of emotional intelligence. Basically, what Zach perceives to be happening in his social environment is largely governed by his own thoughts, feelings and emotions. He's not capable of realizing how his actions affect his social group. This sort of thing requires that you are able to pick up on non-verbal clues being given off by the people around you. Dick is surprisingly good at this. He hardly ever uses it for "good" but has an innate ability to figure out what pushes other people's buttons. And he almost always knows how he is affecting those around him, he just doesn't care. *TRIPLE STAMP* to this!!! DAMMIT!!!! Back to thinking it will be a Donato F2.
  4. More than two, methinks!! MEE-ow!!!
  5. Wait. Dick thinks he can beat Zach in F2, but Dani CAN'T?? Is he HIGH?
  6. Now here's a point to ponder... I'm surmising that since DICK!! won part 2 of the HOH comp, that Dick and Dani actually COMPETED, as opposed to one conceding to the other. Now, since we reasonably KNOW that Daniele would never, EVER concede a comp to her Dad, that DICK!! actually had to fight to win part 2, correct? And, if THAT's true....could it be true that DICK!! actually wants to win the $500K himself, as opposed to letting Dani win it. Could it be that should DICK!! win part 3, that he takes ZACH to F2 over Daniele, figuring he can beat Z in F2 and also figuring he can't beat Dani in F2?? Now, that might be worth tuning in for...to see DICK!! win final HOH and boot his own daughter to the jury.
  7. Zach/Dani: Zach Zach/Dick: Zach Dani/Dick: Jack Daniels
  8. I agree. I am not convinced that Zach's "game play" would not have been radically different, had he not been shunned/ridiculed/disliked/unfairly convicted by nearly everyone in the house all summer long. Hmmm...is that a paradox, then? Just to play devil's advocate - if your original idea for game play (i.e. - to align with others) isn't panning out because you're being ostracized by the rest of the house might you not switch to plan B? Maybe that was his plan B. If so, then he's done a great job! My point egg-ZACH-tly. Paradox!!
  9. OMG, I cannot believe I'm defending DICK!!, but rereading my prior post, I guess I am. Point noted, Keith.
  10. Just a broad-blanket THANK YOU to all recappers this week. Biblical Job envies your nonwavering patience. (I know, OGG told me)
  11. I agree. I am not convinced that Zach's "game play" would not have been radically different, had he not been shunned/ridiculed/disliked/unfairly convicted by nearly everyone in the house all summer long. Hmmm...is that a paradox, then?
  12. I *stamp* all of this, EXCEPT the bit about Jen's being "judgemental" towards smoking/smokers. The only judgement she made was that she didn't want to be around the smoke, which is as much her right as it is for Dick TO smoke. (also former smoker...smoke-free since May 16, 2007)
  13. Either way, Team Donato will get at least $50K. That's a depressing thought. Rewarding bad behavior.
  14. Maybe, but Zach doesn't KNOW that about the jury, he only suspects. I should think he'd play it safe and take DICK, of the two.
  15. Why is it that CBS doesn't do a 'reunion' show after the finale, like Survivor does??
  16. Regardless of WHICH Donato he takes?? Surely, he would take DICK and not Daniele, right? Oh, yeah...we're talking about ZACH here. Don't hedge your bets. He is a big dumb oaf, after all.
  17. OK, with Zach now winning part one of the three-parter...if you're Dick, don't you just let Dani win the part 2?? I mean, isn't Dick going to the final 2 regardless?? I can't imagine Zach taking Dani or vice versa.
  18. Again, in the illustrious words of Rodney Dangerfield, regarding our DICK!!...."he really tells like like it AIN'T".
  19. I do actually think that Zach has just as much a chance as either of the Donatos for winning the HoH. The problem is, that makes his chance 33%, compared to a Donato's 66%. Therefore, I, too, am extremely pessimistic about Zach's chances of getting to the Final 2 because he is outnumbered 2:1. Right. Which is WHY Zach should have used the veto and gotten Daniele OUT on Thursday. Poor bastard is always a day late and a dollar short. I haven't been able to watch the broadcast OR the feeds since last Thursday. Deja vu all over again.
  20. She's got two facial expressions: smirk and pout.
  21. All five of these people in my office that watch BB (none subscribe to feeds) are SO excited that it looks like a D & D F2 is a lock. I've tried to explain why this is such a horrendous (and manipulated) outcome, but they're not buying it. The all think D & D are "awesome" and two of the best players, EVER. Yikes. Moved ~tooletta
  22. Anyone still think it won't be a Donato-squared F2???
  23. But if he had gotten rid of Daniele yesterday then it really would be a one-two punch. He has no idea how any of this will work out now. I guess I just don't understand why he didn't get her out when he knew it would happen. He took a huge chance, which is great and all but if his plan all along was to get the Donatos out then why didn't he get rid of one last night? Did he really hate Eric that much? In a word... ...WORD. I just don't get why you take your chances with TWO Donatos instead of one. At f4 the alliances can change SO quickly...but not this time, since there's NO chance D & D will turn on one another. I still think Zach bought a ticket straight to third place.
  24. Sooo....are Dick & Daniele not speaking to Zach now that he has put the pair up?? I mean, WTF is Zach supposed to do?? Put HIMSELF up???
  25. I'll believe it when I see it.
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