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  1. They're not even unlikeable at this point - that would make them somewhat interesting. Brenchel are warming up to be utterly hateable.
  2. STAMP all of that. With permanent ink. It's all about what gets you further in the game - all bets are off. Matt's using the tools at his disposal - deceit and sympathy. Well played, for now.
  3. if Moan-ay gets the boot come Thursday...Bitchney will either shut down...or rise like a phoenix [from Arizona]. We need some knock-down drag-outs here! Voting for option 2.
  4. STAMP. THAT. STAMP. THAT. Looking forward to Bitchney's reign of terror...then implosion.
  5. I cannot waste anymore IQ points on Brenchel. Please tell me that neither one of these [four] boobs is gonna make jury. Please.
  6. Exactly what I'm counting on as soon as she wins herself an HOH. I paid $40 for THIS? Could have had a nice mani/pedi.
  7. I posted this possible connection (part of it) on the 'House Analysis' thread after a couple cocktails last night. I realize in the harsh light of day, I should have posted it to the correct thread, so my apologies on that, kind moderators. I'm a Texas girl...so, I also see the possibility of the pair being Ragan and Lane..."Lagan"?? Spotted a Dallas Cowboys tattoo on Ragan (copyright? - Jerry Jones is usually super-protective of that star)...not to mention, Lane is never seen without his shirt. Is it possible that Lane sports an identical tattoo? I also noted Ragan donning a "Texas" shirt from time to time. Conspiracy! Did you notice Lane and his red wine on the feeds or BBAD last night? Not many good ol' boys swirl their wine to get the "nose" of it, nor hold the glass by the stem. Superficial? Yes. Stereotypical, certainly. But, just the sort of thing he might pick up from a more 'metropolitan' pal...such as Ragan...???? Lane also suggested to Matt that Ragan needs to be targeted for eviction next week. Interesting way to throw others off the scent of a secret alliance, no? Not that many would put Lagan together just from appearances, anyway...almost overplaying one's hand, there. Feel free to dissect this theory at will. Grasping at straws here, if for no other reason, to distract me from the 'Brenchel' Show.
  8. Because a conspiracy theory is about the ONLY thing holding my interest so far this season... It may be the Crown & Coke talking, but I'm seeing the possibility of the secret duo turning out to be...Lane and Ragan. Ragan has what appears to be a Dallas Cowboys tattoo on his upper arm, and I have seen some footage of him wearing a "Texas" shirt in a DR session and whatnot. Wondering what that Texas/Dallas connection just might be. That sure would be a pairing out of way-left field, which has me second-guessing myself, since CBS is not usually bright enough to put that much thought into the twists. Shoot theory down at will...and, speaking of shots...cheers!!
  9. I'm hoping against hope that "Brenchel" are, in fact, working one another to advance in the game (no, not like THAT! - remember...the GAME?)...and one will eventually throw the other under the proverbial bus, or fall on their respective sword in a "noble" bid to save the other from eviction. This would be the ONLY justifiable reason to subject we poor feedsters to the endless bed-in/love-in/smoochyfest/canoodle. Showmances suck. Unless they implode.
  10. I think the lifelong pair is real. We know (and production MUST know, by now) that the twists implode just fine on their own, so why would they purposely set one up for failure? Doesn't make sense to me. I'm still subscribing to the "Laneden"-is-cuzzins theory.
  11. She was my early choice for the win, which should have told me she was the mole AND would be the first out. Duh!
  12. Chenbot mentioned that the saboteur's identity would be revealed to the HG's and we would see it on Sunday's show, which probably means they'll be informed tomorrow.
  13. I think you're on to something there - they just seem very similar. And, didn't hayden originally suggest bringing Lane in on The Brigade? Cousins, I'm thinking.
  14. I think the lifelong friends are Hayden and Lane, for completely superficial reasons. Hayden can work a lasso...Lane's a cowboy.
  15. With virtually no evidence to support, Annie is my early selection for the win.
  16. I thought I saw someone in the bedroom with Brendan when Brendan was fumbling for his toothbrush. Appeared to be one of the thinner guys...I thouhgt must be either Matt or Ragan. Matt is the stature-challenged fella of the bunch, and I didn't notice the mystery figure being so, so I voted Ragan.
  17. Couple seasons gone Since visiting Hamstertime Missed the snarkiness!
  18. This fella reeks of early evictee. I'm not knocking the orthodoxy in and of itself, but the Mazeltov-to-the-rafters M.O. can only serve to be his undoing in The Cage. For as we've seen again and again, the "sore thumb" is usally the appendage most swiftly amputated from the BBeast.
  19. I feel myself getting dumber every minute I watch this season!! Christ on a crutch we've got us some boney-fied MO-RONS!!!
  20. I voted DICK!!...as some one so eloquently stated earlier in the season...since he was able to show his ass all summer and still make F2, he deserves the money.
  21. Hmmmm...hardly makes the season worth it, does it? *dreading Nick & Danielle reunion sure to be on the finale*
  22. Dick has got to be the most un-gracious winner I've ever seen. No, wait...there IS his daughter...
  23. My only reprieve will be a thorough roasting by the jury...but hope for that is minimal.
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